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October 29, 2001

How to Spend the Last Days!

As part of our ongoing coverage of the End of the Galaxy, the Times is bringing you a list of the best places to be when the end comes. From hopping discos to soothing beaches, this is our End of the Galaxy Top Ten.

10. The artificial beaches of Storinal. From the cool, refreshing waters at Dink-Vali to the crashing waves at Trei, Storinal has a stretch of sand to suit every mood. Rough Waves holomag listed Trei as one of the top five surfer's beaches in the known galaxy for 17 years running. While on-planet, visit the Silver Grotto at Dunmeer-- the depths of this natural wonder shine like polished silver under the water.

9. Cloud City. Site of the battle between Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, this city floats on skyhooks over the gas giant of Bespin. Rumor has it that a spectral hand haunts the city's corridors, leading unwary visitors to their deaths in the disposal shafts. Could this be the hand of the renowned Jedi master, or that of some other unlucky victim of Vader? Take the Ghostly Hand tour and decide for yourself. And don't forget to watch the spectacular sunrise, the Aurora Gloriosus, from one of the city's many rooftop cafes.

8. Yavin II. Less famous than Yavin IV, former home of the Rebellion and base from which the first Death Star assault was launched, this moon boasts an array of flora and fauna to turn any naturalist's head. Visit the Garbanzo fields and watch these famous beans open at sunrise to soak up the gamma rays. Just beware of the blood-sucking clover fish that lurk in the field's puddles. You don't want to die before the galaxy explodes!

7. The Shrine of G'lak the Cruel. This famous temple on the northern continent of Agamar boasts the galaxy's most impressive set of indecent friezes. Legend holds that if a visitor re-inacts each of the descriptive friezes in one day, G'lak the Cruel will reward him/her/it with a bantha paw that can grant three wishes. Don't miss the statue of G'lak in his third incarnation as a rampaging marshberry-- and pick up a marshberry shake while you're there.

6. Mount St. Maul. The highest of Tangere's Uslayme mountains, Mt St Maul is covered in a layer of crimson and black lava. Nearly two thousand pilgrams journey to Tangere each autumn to celebrate All Sith's Day, when the face of a fallen Sith appears on the bi-colored mountainside at sunset. This year will be your last chance to view the wonder, as the world will be imploding on November 7.

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