TML> The Greater Antilles: Round Robin

This is a work of fan fiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No insult is intended and no profits were made from this story.

The Greater Antilles
Part Eleven
by Nige

Corran was unsettled by the whole events, and very paranoid at their current position. They were far from home, in unknown territory for an unknown reason and at the whim of someone they didn't know. He decided he was going to be ready, and kept his weapons and shields in standby as the squads ran recon on the third planet. Nothing. No one coming to get them, no fleet exitting hyperspace all around them. Weird he thought. This just isn't like any ambush situation I've ever been in.

Corran stood in the middle of the core group of Rogues, staring at the edge of the clearing. This was not anything he'd been expecting. Especially not the young woman fainting at the door. He stood, watching for anything. Waiting for anything. This island reminded him of Thyferra, and he none too many fond memories of that place. The humidity forced its way in through his flightsuit, and he unzipped it halfway down his chest to reveal his dogtags and his green undershirt. Clipped to his belt was his grandfather's lightsaber, the silver blade deactivated, but ready at a moment's notice. On his right hip was his issue blaster, slung low and ready for a quick draw, also at a moment's notice.

He was paranoid about this unfamiliar place, was expecting anything, but the girls he saw so far made him second guess his original judgement. Maybe they were here by accident. He turned around to scan another portion of the surrounding forest, and he saw her standing at the other end of the clearing before Kell's massive figure stepped in the way. His glimpsed revealed a startlingly beautiful woman carrying a pair of green sandals. The green reminded him of his days spent in CorSec, it was that shade. He found himself waiting for Kell to continue on his way, wanting to make sure that she was really there and not a mirage.

As Kell stepped through, their eyes met briefly, and he forced himself to look to the forest. She was very beautiful. He'd have to learn her name later. Maybe even ask her to do whatever it was the people on this island did at night, because it looked like they didn't have a tapcafe to go to for kilometers, especially not one on this island. But he'd definitely have to get to know her, he decided, since it looked to him without using his Jedi powers, that they'd be here for a while. (Hungry? Why wait? Grab a Snickers. This was not an endorsement for Snickers, or any Mars company products).

Continued in Part Twelve