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The Greater Antilles
Part Fourteen
by Claire and Katrielle


Once Mish stopped Grumbling about her sudden demotion to Baggage Handler, and I'd shown her and Katrin their rooms, I figured - it being such a nice day and all - that it was past time for me to hit the pool. I snagged the newest Anita Blake from my table and wandered down to the pool area. I sat down on one of the deck chairs, but as tempting as the book was (mmm, Jason and mmmm, Asher) the water was even more so... I had taken about three steps towards the side before there was an earsplitting roar overheard, and I looked up with a yelp just in time to see the afterimage of something large and silvery. Several somethings, actually.

"Geez, trust someone to use our holiday place for hotdogging," I thought disgustedly and headed back up to the house again to see if anyone knew what was up.

No one seemed to know, but on the theory that no news was good news, I trudged back down to the pool again and proceeded to try and half-drown Kat in a waterfight. We'd been drying off and considering trying to get Mish to bring us out drinks - using our nonexistent force skills to place the order, of course - when we heard yelling from out the front. Both of us dashed up there again, round the corner to see a sea of orange-suited people.

I froze.

"Oh my gods. Pilots!!"

Then another thought occurred to me. Pilots. Fanfic. The computer in the hall that looked an awful lot like a datapad. And had the WAASpage as its default home page.

"Great good goddess!!! Millenium hand and SHRIMP!" The end of my sentence was somewhat cut off as I sprinted into the house to hide the evidence.



I surfaced in the pool, slightly disappointed. I knew I should have stuck with my original plan of action and gone out to the beach with Jewels of the Sun. Ah, well. I've never been good at Marco Polo--I always splash too much in the water. I thought with an internal sigh that it was perhaps a good thing that I wasn't an intelligence agent or a spy.

Which brought about yummy thoughts of the Wraiths....mmm, Face and Ton.

It was then that I noticed Claire and Katrin exchanging a worried glance, getting out of the pool, and heading in the direction Ili had taken.

I took a moment to glance up at the sky I loved the fact that the WAASers had been able to get together, finally, and that they were in such a place. The mansion was beautiful, with the pool, several bedrooms, and a spacious deck overlooking the sea. The view of the ocean was quite possibly the best thing about the island--it was crystal blue, almost as if it were untouched by man.

Then I saw Claire and Katrin running, which immediately made me wonder if they'd forgotten childhood 'around the pool rules'--one of which was always no running. And so I swam over to the side, climbed out, and grabbed a purple towel to wrap around myself as I walked over to where Claire and Kat now stood, in awe. I heard a few shouts, and headed towards the group of people now gathered beside the mansion, when the view and a cry from behind stopped me.

"Katrie! What's going on?" Mish asked, jogging to where I was now standing, watching the people a few feet away. Then I noticed the fact that many of the people were wearing flight suits.

I felt my heart stop momentarily. They were orange flight suits.....

"Gods," Mish muttered as she realized the gravity of the situation. "Is it a Thursday?"

Then I saw suddenly Claire run to the hall, and my brain clicked. Right. The computers, with....I grimaced. The Epic. Oy. And all the other fic...

And then I noticed a few of the pilots walking towards us. I recognized one as Nawara, the other as...Tycho? And the third...

If that was Gavin, I could now die a very happy Kitty.

Kat and Mish looked momentarily frozen, but then my Rarely Appearing Slightly Outgoing in Odd Times!Katrielle side decided to show up, and I put out a hand.

"Hi!" I winced at the sound of my accent. "I'm Katrielle. It's nice to meet you all. Welcome to the Greater Antilles Islands."

"No, no." Kat interrupted. "He," here she pointed to Wedge "is the Greater Antilles. These must be the lesser Antilles."

I shrugged. "Well, you're on the Antilles Islands, in any case."

The pilots exchanged another panicky look, then one turned back and spoke.

"Wedge? Do you happen to own the islands we just landed on, by any chance?"

Continued in Part Fifteen