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The Greater Antilles
Part Seventeen
by Nige

His warm smile became even warmer, he was indeed very curious about this place and the woman was very pretty and friendly. "I'd be delighted to join you. I was about to ask you myself what it was you did around here instead of going to tapcafes. I didn't see one on the way in, and I wouldn't be surprised if there wasn't one."

His own stomach was having an argument with his mind as it entered freefall. What the Hell is going on? You're on a planet far from home, you don't know why you're here, and you're ogling a girl? Yeah, but she sure is cute! I mean... that smile... He then remembered her apologizing and what for. "It's okay--the CorSec Cutie name. Original, I have to admit." He smiled lopsidedly; he actually quite liked the name coming from her. The truth, he didn't quite know, but he was beginning to like Feni when he realized he was staring into her eyes and not letting go of her hand. Belatedly, he remembered how to let her have her hand back and reconnect the wires between mind and body. "So... when were you planning on leaving?" He managed, unable to tear his own green eyes from hers.

She giggled nervously, and just stared at him a moment. "I asked you when we'd go for that exploration?"

Fen came back to the real world, blushing a bright crimson, and responding. "Well, as soon as you're ready. If you want to leave anything here, you can keep it in my room."

He nodded as she didn't quite point him in the direction of her room. "And where is your room?"

"Oh!" She giggled again, then simply stated, "I haven't picked one out yet." She mentally chastised herself for being so giggly. What's come over me? It's just a guy... but he's so damn cute...


After he'd helped her pick out a room, one done in a green motif, but done so as it was still attractive and lively with different shades of green, they left. He had left his helmet in her room, along with his flightsuit, leaving himself donned in his olive muscle shirt which revealed his well-toned upper body, and a pair of tight shorts of a darker green persuasion. Feni watched him peel off the flightsuit with deep interest.

Corran switched off the tone for his commlink, pocketting it. Corran went to grab his lightsaber and blaster, and she spoke up, "Corran? I don't think you need to carry those around. This place is as harmless as an Ewok."

Corran shrugged, setting his weapons with his folded up flightsuit and helmet. "All right, then. I'm ready to go. Lead the way, Feni." He wasn't surprised to find that she'd been watching him. From the look she had on him earlier, he knew she was thinking of him like some sort of food. He turned around, his green eyes bright and looking her over. He gave her a warm smile that melted her the whole way through and made her want that ice cream more than ever to cool her off.

They left the mansion together, Corran asking questions about her and her planet, and receiving answers and becoming thoroughly disarmed by the girl. The Force hinted nothing to him. No sense of danger, not even of any rocks that wanted to think they were moved. He realized fate had brought him here. He had no idea why. Feni asked him almost nothing, for like the rest of the WAASgirls, they already knew the history of their favorite Rogues.

Continued in Part Eighteen