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The Greater Antilles
Part Twenty
by Fenig Durak

Feni slipped her arm through Corran's, not really thinking about what she was doing, just something that she did to everyone, whether they were male female, handsome, Quasi Modo-ish, etc. Hell, if she were in a casual setting, she'd prolly do it to Fey'lya (::smirk::) himself, if he didn't choke her to death first. That's just the kind of openly friendly person she is.

He wasn't quiet expecting her to slip her arm through his so soon, it wasn't such a casual thing with him. He pretended not to notice that her arm was there, and that it was a casual thing for him as well, as it seemed to be for her. He actually found her presence this close comforting, and soon the momentary tension of having her suddenly hanging from him was gone.

Feni grinned and pointed ahead of them. "Look! Bird of Paradise! I love those!" She pulls her arm from his and runs up to the tall flowers, bending down a bit to breathe in the familiar scent.

He found himself watching her as he walked up to her and bent to breathe in the scent of the flowers. He smiled, the flower's scent reminding him of his grandfather. "It's beautiful. My grandfather would love it."

"I'd almost forgotten about that. My grandparents weren't anything special. One's a doctor in a small town, and the other was an Army pilot back in WW II." She glanced over to him before taking one last sniff of her second fave flower. She left the Bird of Paradise untouched and rejoined her handsome escort, taking his arm once again.

He resumed his place as escort for her, his brow knitting slightly. He looked to her questioningly. "WW II? What is that? I know what a doctor is, but WW II is completely new to me."

"Oh yeah. I keep forgetting. World War Two. It happened about 55 years ago and was quite devastating. It's a long story, and rather depressing. Lets not get into it." She licked her lips and looked ahead of them, not really knowing how or why she just killed their pleasant conversation. Her free hand nervously tugged at the elastic around the bottom of her bikini top, suddenly becoming very aware that for all intents and purposes, she was half naked.

He felt the conversation suddenly drop off and the awkwardness ensue. He felt it his duty to relieve it. "I see. Your grandfathers were both great men. One saved lives and the other saved your home for you. This is a very beautiful place." He absent-mindedly fingered his dogtags with his free hand as they continued walking. "What about you? What do you want to do with the rest of your life?"

Her answer came very quickly as she had her entire life mapped out before her. "I want to fly for the Navy then go to Mars in NASA." She looked over to him, "National Air and Space Association. So I guess in a way, that means I want to have your job." Her smile spread, almost from ear to ear.

"You're a pilot?" He was pleasantly surprised to hear this--they had something in common. "So you want to go into space, then? Maybe I could take you up sometime. Would you like that?" He smiled, knowing she would, and he was already thinking of how it could be done.

Her knees went weak and she caught herself on his arm. Her face upturned and full of childlike hope, "Are you serious? You can really do that?" She clutched his arm, reminding herself to not get so excited that her fingernails dug into his skin.

He nodded, and confirmed that he could take her up. "Yes, I think I can arrange that. I won't promise anything, but it's highly possible that we could go up." He smiled at how she was acting, but he knew she was excited by a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and he'd be damned if he didn't hold up his end.

She squealed in delight and threw her arms around his neck in a fierce hug, practically jumping up and down while hugging him. It took all her self restraint to keep from kissing him full on as she released him from her embrace. "C'mon! I don't think I can wait!" She grabbed his hand and started them running back towards the manor, never having been this excited in her life.

Continued in Part Twenty-One