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The Greater Antilles
Part Twenty-Three
by Arwen

no, i'm not going to explain where i got an ewok *snerk*

Arwen sat on the beach, gaping at the pilots when suddenly she felt something slam into her from behind, chittering.


"Arwen come play with Simi!"

Arwen sighed and heaved herself to her feet and looked at the female Ewok standing in front of her. "Simi want to play tag with Arwen now!"

At least if I ever have children, I'll have experience! Arwen thought, obediently chasing the Ewok. Simi ran out onto the beach, darting in and out of the pilots while Arwen chased after her, repeating, "sorry...sorry" again and again to her personal idols.

Suddenly she tripped. Over Simi. "Ow!"

"Sorry, Simi. What'd you stop for?"

Simi pointed at the Ewok clinging to Wedge. "Ewok! Like Simi!"

Seeing Simi, Emote let go of Wedge and came over to Simi, closely followed by Emic. The two male Ewoks suddenly began preening and chittering at Simi. "I think they like her," said a drawling voice.

Arwen looked up from the Ewoks into Wedge Antilles's face. "Oh!" She felt herself blushing. "Sorry, have we met? I'm Wedge Antilles."

Arwen shook his hand. "Arwen Ant- uh..just Arwen."

"Nice to meet you."


"Uh...I see that Emote and Emic appear to have gotten a femfriend. I've never seen her before- is she yours?"

"Simi? Yeah, she's mine. A real handful too. I keep telling myself that its good training- I mean, two-year-olds can't be worse can they?"

Wedge chuckled. "No, I don't think so."

Hobbie came wandering over and said hi. Arwen felt her knees wobble at the sight of the Rogue that she had mentally played with forever. When he shook her hand, she just couldn't take the...feeling and she passed rignt out.

Continued in Part Twenty-Four