This is a work of fan fiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No insult is intended and no profits were made from this story.

The Greater Antilles
Part Twenty-Four
by Ili

Once Ili was sure that her fic was safe from prying pilot eyes she headed back outside, this time with a sarong wrapped around her waist. Wandering around she spotted Tycho at the same time yet another new girl did.

Having already fainted once today, Ili didn't again...even if her knees were a bit wobbly as she walked over to him. She didn't see that the other girl was staring at Tycho as much in awe as she was or she would have been a bit more discreet. However...taking a scene out of "Sleeping Beauty" Ili knelt down and kissed Tycho gently to wake him up.

Tycho, of course, automatically wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss...until he fully awoke. (what do you expect a guy to do? push her away? ;) ) He smiled at her, "You're the girl that fainted when she answered the door right?"

Ili was immediately embarassed..."Uhm...yeah..." she said a bit sheepishly, looking at the ground..."My name's Ili by the way."

Continued in Part Twenty-Five