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The Greater Antilles
Part Twenty-Seven
by Nige

They'd both heard Wedge's call for food, though they were down one of the trails leading to the clearing heading for one that led to the X-wings. Corran raised a brow, looking to her. "Are you hungry, Feni?" She clung to his arm, looking from the path leading to the X-wings and back to him, a torn expression on her face. It was then that she heard her own stomach growl. How long was she out there on the beach, anyway?

She nodded, "I am... but I really want to see the X-wings."

Corran smiled, reaching across to her to her cheek and caressing it softly. "I promised I'd take you to see the X-wings and I will. But we both should have something to eat first. Immediately afterward I'll take you over." He didn't tell her yet that he could not think of any way to get her into space other than teaching her to fly.

They turned around and walked back toward the mansion along the shaded pass, patches of shadow and light covering them. They pass Nawara and Paula with a silent nod from each person. Feni rested her head on his shoulder, and though he did smell like he'd spent a week in a cockpit, she didn't mind. He was really here!

They walked from the edge of the clearing to Wedge, where Feni stared wide-eyed until Corran cleared his throat, getting his commander's attention. Wedge turned around with Jaded in arm, and quirked a brow. "You, too, Corran?"

Corran nodded, then asked the question that was really there. "Where's the food, sir?"

Wedge tilted his head back toward the mansion. "Kitchen all the way in the back. Save some for the rest of us."

Corran nodded his thanks, and Feni did so verbally, and they left Jaded and Wedge. She leaned close, whispering in his ear. "What did he mean by 'you, too, Corran?'"

Corran looked to her, not sure himself, then he remembered seeing Nawara and the other girl. He whispered back to her as they walked through the halls. "I think that perhaps Nawara and the other girl and us are not the only two new couples on the island."

Continued in Twenty-Eight