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This is a work of fan fiction. Star Wars is the property of George Lucas and LFL. No insult is intended and no profits were made from this story.

The Greater Antilles
Part Twenty-Nine
by Aggy

Aggy scanned the crowd quickly as she led Wes away. Food or steal him away from the others. Just wait till Sis finds out. "Sis!"

Wes gave her a confused look. "What?"

"My sister. She isn't here. She'll be heartbroken if she doesn't get to meet y'all." Suddenly she realized she was being rude. "I'm sorry, you must be starving and wanting to shower." NOT think about gorgeous Rogue in the shower. Too late...

Wes grinned at her as if he knew what she was thinking, and she wondered if maybe th books had forgotten to mention he was Force sensitive. Or maybe it was that obvious from the look on her face. She blushed brightly. Gods am I ever NOT going to embarass myself in front of him.

"We'll find your sister first then we'll get something to eat." The pilot struck a dramatic pose, causing all embarassment to disappear in a fit of laughter. "We must rescue the fair damsel from whatever evil is keeping her from the glory known as Rogue Squadron."

"The egotistical Wes Janson."

"Too true," He grinned, wrapping her arm around her waist. Aggy was sure she could die now and be perfectly content with her life. He kissed the top of her head and the pair walked from the group milling around the Manor. Vaguely, Aggy wondered if she should feel guilty if she didn't want to find Paddy too quickly. She wasn't quite ready to share her Muse with the rest of the groupo.

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