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The Greater Antilles
Part Thirty-Four
by Commander Wedge

Jaded sighed softly as Wedge released her lips. Smiling at Emote, she patted his paw, "Your right Emote, Wedge shouldn't scare me like that," she said, "but I forgive him," she finished quietly, brushing a light kiss across Wedge's lips. Looking around at where they had found themselves, "I don't have a clue where we are, but it is beautiful," she whispered, thinking this would be great for some leave time. She followed along as Wedge and the others headed for the house, and hopefully food, as her stomach was starting to complain about not having been fed.

Emote struggled to get out of my arms, "Food smells good. Emote hungry."

"Well hold still, if I set you down someone may step on you," I tell him, trying to calm the hungry Ewok; I can hear his stomach and mine growling at the smell of food coming from within the room we are entering. "It does smell good," I whisper to both Jaded and Emote, "And for once I'm hungry." We find a place to sit, I hold a chair out for Jaded but there isn't a chair for Emote so he sits on my lap after I fill a plate with food for him. "Slow down, Emote, there's plenty of food to go around," I tell him as I fill my plate with food as well. I reach over and enfold Jaded's hand with mine as I slowly eat. "So, someone said we are in the Antilles Islands; what is the name of this planet and solar system, it doesn't appear on any of our charts," I say to some of the women who are not staring starry eyed at my pilots.

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