The Greater Antilles
Part Four
by Ili

***as the roar overhead is heard***

Suddenly a shriek was heard from behind the group of girls (mish, arwen, etc) and Ili was seen standing there dripping, in a bathing suit. She'd been partaking of the pool...she was now staring up into the sky in awe....She murmured, "X-wings....oooohhh...I want one mommy..."

Suddenly, she realised she was being stared at and shook herself out of her reverie. Grinning at the others she introduced herself for the benefit of Mish-n-Katrin, "Hi...I'm Ili."

Ili then got everyone to partake in a rousing game of Marco Polo in the pool until the knock at the door came. Somehow, she was the person nearest to the door and was able to get to it before everyone else. (the Force! :) )

So, when she opened the door to see who was knocking, and registered just who exactly the group was that was waiting she summarily fainted (still dripping from the pool and in her bathing suit) dead away onto the floor.

"That's an interesting welcome," Hobbie quipped.

Continued in Part Five