The Greater Antilles
Part Forty-One
by Leda "Jaded" Skywalker

Jaded walked into the woods, looking around at all the greenery. Having lived most of her life either on Coruscant or in space she was in awe at of the woods. She heard the strange rumbling sound, but chose to ignore it, her danger sense not even tingling. So she was surprised when it started raining, she looked up at the the rain falling, sighing she turned and started to make her way back to the mansion. It wasn't long before she was soaked through, and cold, So much for a nice little leave, she thought to herself. Walking she heard the sound of someone calling her name, she turned and began walking in the direction she heard the voice. She turned a bend in the trail, and was suddenly wrapped in Wedge's arms, smothered against his chest.

Continued in 42