The Greater Antilles
Part Forty-Five
by Feni

Corran had deftly managed to keep himself and Feni out of the group hug, and as the thumping became louder, they too joined the group that went to investigate just outside. Corran whispered to Feni, a brow quirked at the giant knick-knack. "What is a T-Rex?"

Feni leaned closer to him to whisper back, "A dinosaur that lived about sixty to ninety million years ago on this planet. They were either scavengers or predators, eventually made extinct by an asteroid impact. That is definitely a fake." She shivered slightly as a cold breeze kicked up in the rain, and she hugged herself. Corran, also a little chilly, slipped his arm around her, and she moved closer for warmth. "Feni, what does WAAS stand for?"

Feni, not knowing that Wedge had already asked and been deflected, and not knowing any better, simply said, "Wedge Antilles Admiration Society. We admire all the Rogues and Wraiths, though." Corran nodded, rubbing her back gently as a particularly bright bolt of lightning struck on the other side of the island, the thunder rumbling loudly seconds later. She was suddenly pressed up against him, she fully expected the thunder, but not like that.

Corran was not nearly as impressed and intrigued with the T-Rex as the rest of the WAASers and some of the pilots, and neither was Feni. He pulled her inside and led her up to their now shared room, and together they sat down in a loveseat by a pair of sliding doors that led to a balcony to watch it rain. "It reminds me of Corellia like this. I'd spend rainy nights with my father out on the porch, just watching the lightning. They're some of my fondest memories as a child."

Feni smiled, leaning up against him, wishing more than ever to see Corellia. "I wish I could see Corellia sometime. It sounds wonderful, especially from the novels."

Corran looked puzzled for a moment, then said, "You keep referring to us, and novels or stories, as if we're characters."

Feni nodded, then began to explain. "That's because up until now you were nothing more than a group of words strung together to tell a story. Now you're actually here and... it's a little strange. I have to say they didn't make you quite as handsome as you actually are." She grinned, and Corran kissed the top of her head as she snuggled up to him on the dark green loveseat, her legs pulled up onto the couch.

To be Continued...

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