The Greater Antilles
Part Thirty-Seven
by Paddy

Paddy woke up just as the first spots of rain fell onto her face. Spluttering a bit and getting her bearings she started to walk back to the mansion. The beauty of the forest with the drops of rain was beautiful, even as the thunder roared around her and after a time the lightning split the sky. Shivering against the cold she began to walk faster as the mansion came into view. Wanting to get out of the wet clothes she was in she practically ran past the group outside on the veranda watching the lightning, and instead walked inside to stand in front of the fire.

Suddenly someone tapped her on the shoulder thinking it was Aggy she swatted at the hand, when it didn't stop she turned round quickly to yell at her sister. Instead of finding Aggy there she found a tall athletic figure dressed in orange with dark hair framing his face and the most piercing blue eyes she had ever seen.

"Hi," she said unsure what else to say. "Um who are you?"

"Lieutenant Kell Tainer at your service," he said with an amused grin on his face.

THE Kell Tainer. Paddy felt her jaw drop and snapped it shut. All of a sudden she shivered, Kell looked at her and said "I'll be right back." All Paddy could do was nod that movement seemed to stop her teeth from chattering. He returned quickly and wrapped something warm around her. "We need to get you warm," he said, taking her up the stairs and ran a hot shower for her.

Continued in 48