The Greater Antilles
Part Fifty-One
by Claire

We all followed the bedraggled blonde (Mish, to the initiated) back out to the porch sort of out of the weather, to the same extent that a fish can be out of water when riding on its bicycle- no, I'm mixing my metaphors. I stopped for a moment and wondered whether I'd managed to make any sense in that last thought. No... Reassured by the fact that my mental processes were still working properly (no sense being their normal state and all) I kept walking until I reached the edge of the porch. Mixed metaphors notwithstanding, the storm that had blown up was sheeting rain almost horizontally onto the porch, so it wasn't exactly sheltered, but it was better than nothing. Looming from the gloom mental grimace at the rhyme was a large, wooden looking dinosaur.

"Half right," I muttered.

Everyone was staring. Considering that a hunk of wet wood wasn't very interesting, and definitely wouldn't burn very well, I spent my time more productively by looking round the others. Holly had arrived finally with Han in tow. I spent a moment gazing jealously at her boots. Well, the WAASer- and-pilot show wasn't being all that entertaining, so I gave into crowd behaviour and stared at the dinosaur again. It was pretty cool.

The quiet chatter was broken as Wes, with a calculated shove, tumbled Feni into the mud, executing a class face-plant in the process. I moved slowly towards him, but she didn't need any help, as a clump of mud arched back to catch the unwary pilot. I sniggered along with the others as Corran then 'helped' Wes join Feni. Hostilities over, the three clambered back onto the porch, where Feni proceeded to give Corran a mythology lesson (which, ok, had me wincing, but I wasn't going to correct break in on a private conversation... well, not often, anyway...). I caught one more sentence of her explanation, and turned round, staring, and instantly broke my "not interrupting" vow...

"Uh, Feni? Did you get mud in your eyes? That's not a T Rex, its a stegosaurus!"

Most of us turned round and looked at the dinosaur again. It did look remarkably spiky.

Feni gave me an unreadable look.

"I'm sure it was a T Rex before..."

I frowned. Maybe it had been a t rex before. Maybe it wasn't even a stegosaurus now. I sneaked a peek. Yep, it still looked on the spiky side.

"Maybe there was another one?" Put in Katrie, "because I could have sworn it was a t rex as well."

"Or maybe it has an unstable morphic field!" Anti. I think she'd been reading Terry Pratchett again.

Huh. Oddity. Mystery of the universe. Shrug.

"Either way, I vote we keep it. We could call it Mr Pointy!" I said, and walked back inside. I didn't think Mr Identity-Crisis Dinosaur was going anywhere...

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