The Greater Antilles: Round Robin
Part Fifty-Four
by Paddy

Paddy got out of the shower and dressed in the bathroom with the clothes that were there waiting for her. Finally feeling a bit warmer she walked into the bedroom to find Kell sitting on the bed flipping through a magazine that he found.

"Mhmm" Paddy cleared her throat as she walked towards him. He looked up and flashed the grin he had earlier. That brought a thought to Paddy I'm gonna have to watch myself with that grin.

"Have you had anything to eat?" he asked.

" Not in the past few hours" she winked as she replied also flashed him a big grin.

"Well follow me and we can get you fed" With that said he jumped off the bed and grabbed her hand and practically dragged her to the kitchen. When they arrived Paddy found some leftovers from the dinner earlier and started to tuck in. Kell looked on in amazement at first he had seriously never seen a woman eat that fast.

When she had finished they went to sit in one of the bay windows and watch the lightning. Paddy snuggled into Kell's arms and watched the flashes in the sky.

Continued in 55