The Greater Antilles: Round Robin
Part Fifty-Eight
by Paddy

Paddy woke up suddenly at the amount of screaming going on downstairs. " Can't anyone get a decent amount of sleep round here?" Her ear heard a low rumble what she picked as being laughter coming from her pillow. Huh how can my pillow make noise? she thought, then she remembered where she was and why and smiled. Kell looked down into her amber eyes wondering how he got this lucky. Their lips touched briefly but it made Paddy wonder if these feelings were what her mother told her about when people fell in love, but as fate would have it those thoughts were put on hold as the door was slammed open and what seemed to be a woodland creature entered.

All of a sudden a howl erupted "Risha!" The figure seemed to be really familiar with Paddy. "Where's your rifles I need to borrow one to kill a certain flyboy" Selina finished. Paddy just looked dumbfounded at the woman. "Aggy?" She asked tentatively.

"Whose Aggy I don't know her it's me Selina, Rish what is up with you?" Selina added while raising an eyebrow at the stunned girl sitting in front of her.

"I don't have time for a catch up chat I have to go put a laser blast in someone's head"

Paddy gulped, she pitied the guy that would be on the receiving end of that " I don't have a rifle and anyway even if I did what makes you think I would give it to you?" She countered this really angry woman.

"Sithspit" Selina grumbled under her breath "Why won't anyone let me have any fun" and made a sharp turn to see that a crowd of girls and pilots had come and crowded the doorway. Then Paddy saw who the target of the anger was none other than Wes Janson.

Continued in 59