The Greater Antilles: Round Robin
Part Fifty-Eight
by Paddy

What the hell was going on? Rish was looking at me as if I had turned into a Bothan. And she kept calling me Aggy.

Whoever that was...

She, unlike myself, seemed perfectly content, even happy. Espcieally with the being who was warming her bed. Risha and Kell ... Oh ... My ... Gods. Wait until Celeste finds out! Celeste? Where the hell was Celeste anyway? If the rest of the Rogues were here, shouldn't sis be here too?

Whereever here was...

Doubt began to creep through the anger. Where was I? Why was Sis acting so strange? Who were all these people?

All questions died when I caught sight of my target.

"You worthless son of a bantha! How dare you do this to me!" My voice echoed off the ceiling causing most people around me to wince.

Wes looked like he was ready to run for his life.

He's smarter than I gave him credit for. I charged after him, pushing the strangers around me out of the way until I had Wes backed into a corner.

"Now Aggy," he gulped.

"Aggy? Why the hell is everyone calling me Aggy?" I growled.

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