The Greater Antilles: Round Robin
Part Sixty-One
by Paddy

Paddy looked at the woman that seemed to be stalking Wes, smiling to herself she leaned over to Kell.

"What's say we have a little fun" she whispered winking at him.

"Uhoh" he chuckled "So that's why i'm feeling like i'm gonna get in trouble". He turned and smiled as Paddy leaned over and whispered her plan in his ear. His eyebrows raised when she finished and seeing the grin of mischief on her lips he liked the way this girl thought.

Giving her lips a light brush he climbed up from his sitting position and walked over to the woman, and before she knew what was happening she was straddled over his shoulder in what to the WAASer's around an old fire fighters lift. The woman concerned started to shout obscenities to everyone especially Paddy, who by this stage was giggling herself at the sight before her.

Knowing she had to get her idea into play of Kell may end up being a trophy on Aggy's wall, she walked confidently to Wes and grabbed him by the ear and practically pulled him down the hallway to his room. All the while he was grunting and telling Paddy what he would do if he ever got his hands on her again. Reaching the room in question she pushed him into the room and moved out of the way and Kell unceremoniously dumped Aggy in with him. As the door shut and a key sounded in the lock Paddy called "until you can be mature and act like adults I'll treat you like children so until further notice you are both in time out!"

As she walked away with Kell all she heard was a snide remark from Janson "I've been a bad boy, so now I have to go to your room."

While the reply came "If you ever live that long"

Continued in 62