The Greater Antilles
Part Eight
by Fenig Durak

Feni giggled as she sunk her bare toes into the sand. The warmth from the sun and from the sand warming her completely, banishing any thought of cold and snow in Colorado from her mind. (shiver, shiver, shiver) Her bright green flipflops swung in her hand a she trudged through the deep sand towards the mansion she knew was there.

***the roar overhead is heard***

All the drills and bad memories of military school came flooding back as she did a nose dive into the sand, covering her chocolate tresses with her sandals. She came back to reality and spit out a mothful of sand, grumbling to herself as she stood back up and finished her approach to the mansion.

She entered the clearning just as a girl grabbed an orange figure and kissed him full on. Feni stopped and stared, gape mouthed for a very long moment. All the figures were in orange. And they were all very familiar. She closed her mouth and started walking again, her empty hand rubbing her forehead in deep confusion. This had to be her second greatest dream, second only to meeting Albert Einstein himself. Too bad for her, as she neared the kissing couple and heard a very commander like voice booming, "Janson, put that young lady down. Now!" Her heart sank. Not here even 10 minutes and the enigmatic Janson had already found himself a playmate.

She shrugged and tightened the knot on the side of her sarong and pushed her way through the mob of pilots, humming the Imperial March to herself, thinking it very appropriate. A few hoots and whistles accompanied her and she grinned in the direction of each one. She stopped at the open door, looking down at Hobbie, kneeling on the floor, trying to revive the girl passed out on the floor.

"I'm sure there are some smelling salts in the kitchen or something. I can get them if you like." Hobbie loooked up to her with a grateful grin.

"That'd be great. Thanks."

"I think you scared her a bit too much. Maybe next time, you guys should all wear clown costumes or something. It lessens the shock."

Continued in Part Nine