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Round Robin
Part Ten
by Paula

Explanation: Time warp. This is Anakin before Tahiri. I'm a huge Tahiri/Anakin fan, but sometimes I want him all to myself. This is a perfect oportunity

"Congratulations," Anakin Solo said dryly, "you have proven that you can watch the Holonet."

"There's no need to be an ass," I grumbled, snatching my guidebook from his hands, "But something obviously went a little haywire with the space-time continuum thing."

Anakin through his hands up in frustration. "This has to be some sort of dream or Force-vision, or some other type of non-reality. Is everyone from Planet Three this annoying?"

I made tisking noises with my teeth. "Look, you thick-headed nerfherder, do you see any Yuzhan Vong? Does it look like these people are at war? Notice large numbers of refugees? No? If you go to the government district you'll probably find much younger versions of your parents." I paused for effect and he glared. Waving my hand in what may or may not have been the right direction, I finished, "Go ahead. I dare you."

Anakin's eyebrows creased together in a frown. "I'm in the past?"

My shoulders slumped as I let out a large sigh of relief. "Right."

"I don't know why the hell I'm listening to you -" he began.

" - because you can tell with your `Force-sense' that I'm not lying."

He grunted and narrowed his blue eyes. "Do you ever shut up?"

I cocked my head and pretended to think about it. "No," I answered after a moment. "Now do you believe me?"

Han Solo's famous son grumbled his acquiescence. I grinned in triumph.

I started looking through the maps in the guidebook and decided that it was hopeless. I might have to rely on Force-boy after all. "Um, excuse me," a voice at my elbow said, "you must be Paula. Nic told me about you. I'm Alatįriėl."

Anakin gave a long-suffering sigh beside me and started tapping foot. I pointedly ignored him.

"Yeah, she said that she couldn't make it and that she was sending someone in her place. Were you on the shuttle, too?" Anakin cleared his throat and I stepped on his instep. Hard. He stiffened behind me and I heard his voice in my head. Sort of, anyway. It was more like a series of impressions and feelings. You're so lucky I'm too confused to do anything about that.

The girl smiled. "Yes, as a matter of fact, I was." She tossed a head of red hair I was immediately envious of. "Were you planning to go to the introduction banquet?"

"What banquet?" Anakin's voice in my thoughts: Banquet? Food?

Alatįriėl looked puzzled. "Didn't you get the memo?"

"No, sorry." Anakin made a tisking noise behind me. I tried to shove my elbow into his gut, but, naturally, he caught it. Damned Jedi reflexes.

"Oh, well apparently Rogue Squadron is organizing a party in WAAS's honor."

WAAS? This whole in-my-head thing was getting irritating. Anakin heard it. Too bad, was the insolent reply.

I forced a smile. "Well then, let's go. Maybe Anakin here," I gestured behind me with a dismissive wave of my hand, "will find some people he recognizes. After all," I turned and glared at him; he looked at me blankly, "he's met them all before." In my head I added "pretentious git". The corners of his mouth twitched.

Alatįriėl shrugged. "Right."

I shifted my heavy bag on to my shoulder and grunted as the strap caught on my too-long hair. Anakin looked self-important and turned to Alatįriėl. "Do you have any bags?"

The tall redhead nodded. "Yes."

Anakin have me a look and shoved past me, making sure to knock into my shoulder. Bending down, he grabbed Alatįriėl's stachel.

Sanctimonious smart-ass, I said to myself.

Arrogant tart, he shot back.

I was really starting to hate this whole Force thing.

Continued in 11