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Round Robin
Part Eleven
by Nic

As we talked, I found it hard to feign ignorance at the obvious Force use between this different Anakin and Paula. I wished I could help her out and Force shove the guy or something, but alas, I decided against it. Force knows that there'll be other Sensitives here...I've managed to hide this long, and it would be a shame to blow it now.

I watched in amusement as Anakin picked up my bag and started walking ahead of us. I sighed and called out, "I believe that we're supposed to meet up with -" but I never got to finish, as Anakin flagged down what passed for a taxi on this planet and we all climbed in. Anakin slid in first, then Paula. I sat on the seat opposite from them.

Before I could close the door, however, I felt a tickle in the Force and paused. A very haggard "Wait!" filtered to my ears moments later as two men came running towards us. They were both tall, both had dark hair - one with brown, the other with black - and yet that's where the similarities ended. The brown-haired kid, for his features screamed his youth, stepped over me and sat on my right. The other, much older than his companion, sat on my left. I got a good look at him as he shut the door; half his face was actually a metal prosthetic, but it made him look no worse for wear.

"My good sir!" The one with the prosthetic called to the driver. "The military base, if you please, and be quick about it!"

With that, we were off.

Paula looked at the newcomers with a strange expression on her face and then pointed and said, "Gavin and Ton??? I don't believe it. Not again.[1]"

Anakin raised a brow at the pilots and then shook his head. "Impossible. Gavin's not some weenie kid..."

I gave Anakin a hard, sidelong glance as I tuned him out. He was turning out to be as annoying as his namesake. I felt warm breath on my neck and, had we not been stuffed into some small speeder-cab, I would have decked the owner of said breath. But alas, I merely turned my gaze back to center and listened to the deep voice in my ear.

"Sorry for holding you up, but we were your guides. Gavin noticed Paula as the three of you were walking out of the space port and we were scared that we'd lose you. Wedge would kill us if we showed up with no WAASers..."

The sudden silence in the cab caused us both to gaze at the others. "What?" Ton asked in a semi-hurt voice.

Gavin shook his head. "You couldn't have waited till we got them back to HQ?"

"I wasn't -"

"Sure you weren't."

Ton gave a mock-dramatic gesture, reminiscent of Face Loran. "You wound me..."

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