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Round Robin
Part Twelve
by Diamond

Dia's thoughts were anything but excited as they got into Corran's speeder and headed off. Ili couldn't have possibly set this up. There's no way she could have known when I was going to get here. Besides, even she isn't that cruel. Okay, maybe she is, but I don't think she could have pulled it off. Glancing over at the profile of the pilot beside her she sighed again. I mean why couldn't it have been Tycho, or Hobbie, or even Wes. Hell, I'd have settled for Runt or Grinder over....him.

Corran looked over at her briefly as he drove. "You don't seem all that excited to be here."

Dia muttered. "Well, I was kind of excited until I actually arrived."

He quirked an eyebrow. "Oh? What was it that changed your mind?"


Obviously surprised by this response he glanced at her again. "You've never even met me before today. What could I have possibly done in that short a time span that would have upset you that badly?"

"Who said it was since I met you?"

"You're judging me before you even know me?. How fair is that?"

Dia snorted softly. "I know enough."

Corran's tone was definitely annoyed now as they pulled up outside the place were the reception was being held and he turned to face her. "Oh really? Well please feel free to enlighten me on what it is you think you know about me."

Dia could sum that up in just five words and she glared at him. "You were mean to Tycho."

He blinked at her for a second then sighed in exasperation. "Am I ever going to live that down?"


He sighed. "Look, there was a lot of evidence that pointed to him as being the spy in Rogue Squadron. It all added up at the time."

"A lot of circumstantial evidence you mean. Besides that, didn't you ever for one minute think that it was awful convenient that all that evidence kept popping up?"

"The though occurred to me a time or two yes." He shook his head. "I get this all over the place you know. You all act like I hated Tycho, like I wasn't being manipulated just like he was, like I never admitted I was wrong or apologized to him or anything else. Well, let me point out in case you missed it in there somewhere that I was being manipulated. I admitted my mistake and apologized and he and I are actually pretty good friends all things considered." He looked at her and she could see that this really did bother him. "Don't you think that if he could get past this and accept it, that maybe the rest of you, who I didn't do anything to, can as well?"

Dia looked down for a moment and thought about what he had said and then about what she had read and came to a realization. He's right. Here I am blaming him for something that really wasn't his fault, and that's just as wrong as him jumping to conclusions about Tycho was. Boy, don't I feel like a first class heel.

Looking back at him she smiled apologetically and blushed just a bit. "You're right. I shouldn't have jumped all over you like that. If he can forgive you for what happened then that should be enough for me too. What do you say we start over and I get to know you in person rather than basing my opinion on the books that I've read."

Corran hopped out of the speeder and grabbed her bag before going around and opening the door for her, offering her his hand and smiling. "I think that's a good idea."

Dia returned his smile as they headed into the reception. Maybe this won't be so bad after all.

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