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Round Robin
Part Fourteen
by Nigel

"-=CENSORED for expletive, expletive, bleeping expletive dripping expletive with extra expletive followed by _very_ descriptive expletive with a few more expletives=-!" I had nearly thrown myself out of my bed at the sight of the alarm clock. Having been launched into mid-air by a burst of adrenaline I landed in a heap, striking my head on a piece of furniture. After gathering myself up, I stumbled into and stubbed a toe on the same said piece of furniture. Normally, I'm very good at navigating nocturnally. But, then, I wasn't at home and that was when I realized the 'fresher was in the other direction.

I decided that I was already late enough for the reception and so I did my best "grungy, hasn't had a shower in a day, but makes up for it by looking GOOD like that" and ran out the door. I threw myself into the nearest lane of traffic, almost getting run down by an oversized tennis shoe in the process. Seeing an Italian bistro go sailing by at low speeds I decided to make use of its direction and cushy fabric roof to catch a ride.

Arriving somewhat unstably and in desparate need of a glass of OJ. I got several confused "wow, that's daylight?" blinks from the only people present. "I'm early, ain't I?" Receiving a grinning nod from Wedge, I growled. "How early?"

Feni wrinkled her nose from her seat and said, "Time enough for a shower, stinky pants."

I stuck my tongue out at her and said, "You're just upset because I look GOOD like this."

"Yeah, you're a real trend setter."

"The only reason this happened is because -=towel reference deleted=- I misread a digit on the clock. Had I read it correctly, I wouldn't be here for another 3 hours. Tell me there's a kitchen with a large sink."

Wedge chuckled and said, "I can do one better. There's a fresher with all the amenities three floors down and around the corner to the left. Or do you need help getting there?"

I heard, but ignored, Feni mumbling, "Yeah, he's a real Pathfinder."

"I'll be fine. I'm just glad these are clean clothes."

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