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Round Robin
Part Sixteen
by Aggy

I leaned against my 'car and scowled at the crowd around me. A few people gave a few admiring glances, and I absentmindedly patted a fender. The Speedster was a pretty little thing. A few beings tried to touch the carefully maintained 'car and I growled menacingly.

There are two very important rules in life...never touch another woman's man or her car. If being can follow those rules, then they can live a relatively trouble free life...

Relatives causing trouble...that reminded me....

"Yo Rish, where are you?"

A burst of static errupted from the comm, then cleared to allow me to hear Risha's excuse. She was probably spending hours in the 'fresher getting ready for the party. It was a trait all Moonfires shared.

"No I am not in the 'fresher." Oooh She was annoyed. "I'm in the spaceport looking for WAASers."

"No luck?"

"None. I can't seem to find anyone."

"I can't find any of the WAASers." I played with one of my braids, twising it around my finger. "And I seem to have lost Wes."

"You lost Wes...What did you do to him?!?"

"Nothing! He went to see if the shuttle from Earth had landed and then he disappeared."

"Maybe he found one of the girls and escorted her to the hotel."

"I dunno...Why wouldn't we take the 'car?"

"I dunno, Sis. He'll show up. What's the worst that can happen?"

"Oh please, Rish, don't say that. The Force will decide to whammy us." I tugged on my braid nervously. "I have a bad feeling about this..."

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