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Round Robin
Part Eighteen
by Guinastasia

If it were possible, Face Loran was even sexier in person than he ever was in literature.

Well, d'uh, you say. He's in the FLESH. Not PAPER. In life, you can hear his voice. Which is soooo unbelievably sexy. It was hard to keep still. I was torn between bolting in fear and chattering on like a magpie. And he smelled faintly of some soft, subtle cologne. Oh be still, my heart!

"You look lovely," he said, as we excited the cab. I grinned. Good thing I had chosen my best top-pink paisley with big floppy trumpet sleeves and a v-neck. VERY LOW v-neck. Hehehe...

"Thank you. I do love a man in uniform," I said coquettishly. Then I winked. (Good GOD, I was becoming brazen!)

"So, where is this reception?"

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