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Round Robin
Part Two
by Aggy

"Selina, are you done yet?"

Wes' voice bounced around the `fresher. I scowled at the mirror and counted to ten in Bothan...such a great language to convey anger, too bad that most of the Bothans I met were more annoying than Jawas. "No, I'm not done yet," I said sweetly as I tied off one of my braids.

"Hurry up, Sel, we've got to get to the spaceport soon."

Inspecting my braids, I was finally satisfied with the style. A braid resting behind each ear, the style I always tried to wear whenever I entered a conflict situation. And by the Force this was going to be a conflict situation.

Somehow some girl from a planet called Earth had managed to contact Wedge Antilles and asked...begged...pleaded...on the behalf of her fellow WAASers. At first, our great and illustrious leader had been uncertain of the situation, but then after learning the NAME of the organization the girls and guys belonged to, he couldn't deny the request.

The Wedge Antilles Admiration Society...When Wes had heard about it, he'd pouted for days. No matter how much I explained it to him, he couldn't understand why there wasn't a Wes Janson Admiration Society.

A little bit of Cherry Ice lip-gloss and I was finally ready to go. I leaned against the sink and looked at my chrono, counting off another five minutes before emerging from the 'fresher. Couldn't let Wes think I was actually doing what he said.

"Now, I'm ready!"

Wes lolled his head against the couch, muttering "Thank the Force" before focusing on me. "Um..." He blinked and tried again. "Um..."

I leaned against the door, trying not to preen, but it was damn difficult. Wes is so cute when he's dazzled. Sort of reminds me of an ewok. "I assume all those 'um's mean you like the outfit."

"It's a bit...plain...for you," he managed to sputter. Simple but from the looks of things, the outfit worked. Tight black trousers, matching low boots, and a white shirt with a Rogue Squadron logo blazing across the chest. He REALLY seemed to enjoy the placement of the logo…

"Wes, you'd like it if I wore nothing but a plastic sack!"

He stood and gave me THAT grin. "I'd prefer it if you wore nothing at all."

"Nuh Huh, Flyboy. None of that till after we meet the WAASers. We have to be good until they're safely ensconced in their hotel suites."

Wes stood and began stalking me. "Ensconced is a good work. I could ensconce you in a hotel suite. I think you'd like it." I giggled and bolted for a door.

He gave chase, pretending to be unable to catch me until we made it to the garage unit. Where he promptly caught hold of me, spun me around, pressed me against the side of my 'car, and kissed me senseless.

By the time I could think properly, he was sitting in the passenger seat, giving me an innocent look. I slid into place and started the 'car. "You can give up the innocent look, Wes. Not even the WAASers will believe it."

"They might," he protested hopefully.

"Wes Janson, the day that anyone believes you're innocent, I'll give my entire wardrobe to charity."

The flyboy snorted in disgust. "As if that would be a great hardship for you. You'd just buy more clothes."

"True," I grinned. "I wonder if any of the WAASers understand the therapeutic value of a great shopping experience."

Wes tugged on one of my braids. "If we don't get going, we'll never find out."

"Er...right..." I powered up the 'car and headed out, hoping that Wes wasn't right and we wouldn't be late.

Continued in Part 3