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Round Robin
Part Twenty-two
by Verlaine

Jevir dropped her off at the hotel, helped her to carry her luggage up to her room, and left. Verlaine wondered what she had done to get a chauffeur (sp?), or were all of the WAASers being given a ride?

Once upstairs in her room, 612, she put the news clipping on her nightstand and began unpacking. 'Ahh,' she thought, 'a week in paradise.'

After that, she took a shower, deciding to try the sonics out, leaving the water for later. It was strangely refreshing, and felt like being tickled ever-so-lightly. Then, she got into bed and fell asleep, even though it was only three o'clock in the afternoon.

The Next Day...

When Verlaine awoke, it was seven AM, Galactic Standard Time. She threw the beeping alarm clock on the ground, and it sparked and went dead. She would have to call downstairs and have it replaced.

She had just finished getting dressed--silver-grey button-down shirt and khaki pants, nothing fancy--when there was a knock on the door. No voice called out "Housekeeping!" so she figured it must be her host for the day.

She opened the door and said, rather shyly, "Hello."

"Hello," the man replied. He had a light accent that might have been called--mislabeled--British back home.

It was him. It was really him. His blonde hair was still wet-- obviously he preferred water to sonic showers--and his blue eyes shone as he smiled slightly.

"I'm Verlaine," she said, still somewhat in shock. "Please, come in."

"Actually, I came to take you to breakfast. There's a little place just off the Promenade that's especially good. After all, it seems we're both early risers, and no one else is here yet, and won't be for another two hours."

"Certainly. Let me get my purse." As she grabbed it, she moved to flip over the photograph, but a hand with long, slender fingers stopped her. Verlaine froze.

"Out of the Terran news?" Tycho asked.

"Yes," Verlaine replied, blushing both over him seeing it and over being afraid.

He pulled a pen out of a hidden pocket and signed the picture in English.

Verlaine stared.

"We all learned," Tycho said, by way of explanation.

"Ah. I was wondering how we'd cope with that little difficulty. I have other pictures, if you'd like to see them later. They're still packed."

"Sure. Obsessive, or madly in love?"

"Both, I think."

Still laughing, they headed downstairs and enjoyed breakfast.

Continued in 23