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Round Robin
Part Twenty-seven
by Diamond

Corran led Dia through the maze of rooms and corridors that led to the place where they were holding the reception. No wonder they send pilots out after us. A person could get lost in here if they didn't know where they were going. Finally after what seemed like forever, but was probably only a few minutes, they reached their destination. Dia's eyes widened as she looked around the room and all the people. She saw Nawara and Ooryl talking over in a corner and couldn't help wondering to herself if that was a politically correct term around here.

Corran touched her lightly on the shoulder to get her attention. "We should probably get out of the doorway or you might get run over. Not everyone around here pays attention to what they are doing." As he said this Dia noticed that he seemed to glance in particular at a dark haired, blue eyed pilot talking to a rather large group of female WAAS'ers. With a grin like that it can only be Janson.

Once Corran had her safely out of the way he looked at her. "I need to go check in with the Commander. Will you be okay here for a little while while I go find him?"

I'm old enough I don't really need a baby-sitter Horn, thanks. She smiled sweetly. "I think I can manage. After all, I'm in a room full of fighter pilots, what could possibly go wrong?"

Corran got an interesting look on his face and shook his head as he turned to go find Wedge. "You have no idea."

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