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Round Robin
Part Thirty-one
by Nigel

Nigel has had crazy ideas before. Any WAASer knew this. No WAASer knew this better than Feni or Ili. Of course, in Feni's condition, she probably wouldn't have remembered not to leave the boy alone in a place with anything. And Ili wasn't there yet, so as sure as Mauri Povich will be the end of Terra, Nigel will do something as crazy as jumping out of the HHG HQ with nothing but sunglasses on.

This is where the overwaxed floor by the food prep area comes in. Now, in any good circumstances it's not a good idea to try and slide across such an area.

Nigel was squeaky clean at this point. He'd found the 'fresher and 'freshed up. With his clothes back on he was returning to the reception when he smelled it. Food. He took a detour into the food prep area and nibbled here and there while puttering about. With the size of the reception hall, the sound system and lighting system were placed on the wall of the food prep area. Which, combined with a CD player and an errant thought process, gave Nigel an idea.

All errant thought processed would raise a flag in any monitoring system, which aside from any Jedi, were not present. Nigel's first act was to remove the cover of the sound system and wire his CD player's headphones into the output. Next, he located several rolls of tinfoil. This is key for an entrance. Making himself to look like... well, he made a bodysuit of tinfoil. There's no other way this can be said without offending either the Wizard of Oz franchise, Styx, or Black Sabbath, or Face Loran. Though, this was without thinking of Face, and more so in admiration than anything else.

Removing his sneakers, he walked over to the swinging doors that lead back into the reception area. Sliding the lights down to dim, and turning on the lights for the disco ball, he took a deep breath. Well, he figured, it's now or not at all. Hehe! He hit play and waited the 8 seconds for the first guitar riff to play and ran through the doors sliding across the nicely overwaxed area. 4 seconds later, in the middle of the floor, with arms spread wide, having just mouthed "I AM IRON MAN", his introduction to the rest of the WAASers, Rogue and Wraith Squadron was complete. Giggling maniacally, he was lead to a seat, by ... well, he wasn't sure. Someone stopped the music and restored lighting. There's no point in living if you can't feel alive.

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