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Round Robin
Part Thirty-three
by Nic

Ton and I watched as people started to file into the reception area. We were quickly joined by Nawara Ven and Rhysati Ynr; no doubt the two delegated by a group of pilots - consisting of Kell Tainer, Tyria Sarkin, Bror Jace, and Asyr Sei'lar - to find out who the red-head was.

"So, Phanan," Rhysati purred, sidling up to my escort. "Introduce us to your friend."

"Indeed," Nawara said with a smile. "Such beauty should not go nameless." He raised my hand to his lips and kissed it delicately.

I quirked an eyebrow and smiled in amusement.

Ton, with the added attention that my presence was seemingly getting him, preened for a few moments before saying in a self-important voice: "I, Ton Phanan - Pilot, Wit and Superior Intellect - have the utmost pleasure in introducing you to Alatįriėl Ancalimė."

Nawara's eyes lit up with laughter; Rhysati let out a snort, "You've been around Face to long."

"Who's Face?" I asked, looking between my three companions.

"Hopefully you'll meet him soon." Ton smiled.

Rhysati frowned for a moment, her eyes far away. She glanced around the room before looking at me. "I read all the dossiers on the members of WAAS and I don't recall seeing your name on the list."

"I'm a replacement. Nicoll was slated to be here but her plans changed at the last minute. She sent me in her place." I smiled sweetly. "I -"

I never got to finish my sentence as, whether by a Force-prompt or by sheer luck, my gaze flitted to the entrance of the room. There, dressed in black trousers, black tunic and lightsaber on his belt was Luke Skywalker. I stammered incoherently for a few moments, yet before my friends could turn to see the source of my paralysis, the lights dimmed and the music was turned up.

From seemingly out of nowhere, a shiny, tin-foil covered form came sliding into the room. I watched as the minor drama unfolded and as several people went to help the person, who I was later to learn was Nigel, into a chair. I shook my head and glanced helplessly at Rhysati, Nawara and Ton. Nawara gave me a wry smile and simply said, "Welcome to the GFFA."

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