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Round Robin
Part Four
by Nic

Before you stands a young elf-maiden of five feet, eight inches. Her skin is creamy beige and compliments her deep, red-wine coloured hair. Her hair frames an oval face that seems as fragile as porcelain upon first sight. Upon closer inspection, her face is not fragile, but delicate. Her almond shaped eyes with long, thick lashes, are a stunning aqua colour that reflect the ocean's many moods depending on her disposition. Her gaze is unfaltering and purposeful: always taking in life with a grain of salt and reading in-between the lines of society. Her lips are heart shaped and pale rose in colour; they form words carefully, with precision and they are never without meaning. Adding it's gentle slope to her features, an aquiline nose balances out her face.

/On the same transport as Paula.../

Waking up is hard to do, especially when dreams and visions of pilots haunt your dreams, but waking up is all you can do when a transport lands harder than Hobbie can land an X-Wing.

With a groan, I tried to rub the sleep from my eyes and looked blearily around the cabin. I waited until most of the passengers had disembarked before even thinking of trying to get up. I took the time, instead, to straighten out my clothes; I was wearing a white, cropped tank with dirty gray trousers and boots. Running a finger through my short, reddish-brown hair, I winced as several bones popped and a couple of muscles and ligament protested and, after a few moments of stretching, and a surreptitious check for my concealed 'sabre, I grabbed my carry-on bag and made my way to that hatch.

Stepping out into the noisy Coruscant space port, I glanced around to look for a familiar face. Any familiar face. Nicoll's instructions and details on the WAASers was as clear as it could be, so I knew that I would know them if I saw them. After walking around aimlessly for a little, I finally spotted Paula, who was talking to someone I didn't recognize. She obviously seems to know him, if the expression on her face was any indication, and he didn't seem to be any of the WAAS-boys, nor was it anyone I knew that lived on Coruscant, (not to mention the members of the New Republic Armed Forces, whom I knew, if only from a distance) which meant I wouldn't even be able to guess at the man's identity. I knew I should have read all those novels that Nic suggested before I agreed to take this trip! He does have an impressive Force Signature, though...

I sighed heavily and made my way closer to Paula and her friend. I gave the hanger another quick glance and was about to speak when the girl's words hit me: "You're Anakin Solo!"

I failed to hear the final part of her exclamation as my mind reeled. That name and that surname don't belong...what the hell's going on here? Images of Anakin - the Anakin I knew many, many years before - flashed in my brain and I swear I felt my heart stop. Those images morphed into others and soon the unbidden faces of two of my greatest friends were swimming before my gaze. Qui, Obi...I miss you...

With an effort, I pulled myself together, and finally spoke; "Hi, my name is Alatįriėl. You must be Paula. Nicoll has told me so much about you."

Continued in Part 5