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by Aggy

Ahhh . . . Springtime in Coruscant. There is nothing more beautiful . . . Well, Coruscant really isn’t all that beautiful. How can a city that encompasses a whole PLANET be beautiful? Okay, I will admit that the sunsets are spectacular but 98.99999999% of the time Coruscant is not the most stunning planet on the galaxy. But Coruscant, despite its lack of scenic beauty does house a beauty of another sort during springtime.

Springtime in Coruscant is when all the most famous (or infamous) designers reveal their couture to the wealthy masses.

Oh . . . such wonders. Gorgeous shimmer silks. Festive satins. Delicate laces. Plush velvets that feel as soft as a cloud. And leathers that are absolutely SINFUL against the skin. . .

And the colors! Exotic jewel tones that are dangerously seductive. Soft pastels that add a delicate flush to the skin. And of course, the usual black, white, and risqué red.

How can a girl choose from all that?

She can’t of course!

Which is why the racks at Lady Heather’s lingerie emporium were curiously bare. And why Wes’ apartment was strewn with thongs, bras, corsets, stockings, garters, and all the other decadent treasures that I had carted home from my little shopping experience.

But what to wear when Wes finally sauntered in? I stood naked in the middle of the naughty treasures, trying to decide which of my many purchases Wes would like the best.

The choices were dizzying.

I looked at the wild array of seductive nothings and wondered which would impress my flyboy. The supposedly innocent white silk? The flower bright satin camisole? The ruby toned thong and garter belt? The black leather corset? Or . . . Hmmm . . . I smiled wickedly as I finally made my decision.

//Gods, Wes is going to think he’s died and gone to heaven when he gets home!//

As if on cue, I heard the door open and the familiar sound of Wes’ footsteps. “Selina! I’m home. You won’t believe what Risha did to Kell today . . .”

Oh yes I could. After all, who else would help me empty the racks of Lady Heather’s?

“Selina?” There was a hint of curiosity in his voice. “You here?”

His voice died away as he poked his head into the bedroom. “Er . . . Uh . . .”

It took considerable effort not to smirk at him. He was just so damn sexy when he’s flustered and all his blood was traveling downward. I sighed, letting my lower lip quiver into a pout. “Wes, I just can’t decide what to wear.” I held up a miniscule pair of emerald panties, letting them dangle from one finger. “Should I wear this?”

Wes’ eyes glazed over and from the look of things, ALL his blood was traveling downward. “Or should I wear this?” The shimmer silk thong swung lightly from my finger. The butterfly front panel with its exquisite embroidery fluttered happily.

Wes was absolutely hypnotized. The motion of the shimmer silk drew his eyes to my bare breasts. Yep, he was caught. “No, no, no!” I groused. “Neither one is right. Maybe I should wear . . .” I turned away from him, bending down to pick up the next selection. I made sure to wiggle just a bit for the proper effect.

There was a low, purring growl and suddenly I was on the bed, pinned against the mattress by a very excited pilot. “I know what you should wear,” he growled. I looked into his blue eyes, dizzy and breathless from being thrown onto the bed. Gods, he had beautiful eyes. Especially when his body was pressed against mine.

“What’s that?” I breathed. Or maybe it was a moan. I wasn’t quite sure since he had begun doing amazing, completely distracting things to my body.

He looked down at me. Dark hair falling into electric blue eyes. Eyes that had a very sinful gleam. I knew that look. I wasn’t going to be leaving the bedroom for a very, VERY long time.

“Nothing at all. . .”

Mmmm . . . Springtime in Coruscant. It’s absolutely incredible if you spend it with the right man.

Especially a man with such an amazing talent for . . . fashion.


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