Downtime in Las Vegas
Part Seventeen: Waiting...
by Aggy

Something had happened. He knew it the moment her face flickered on to the monitor of his laptop. Jaln gritted his teeth as he watched the redhead throw herself upon her bed. His hands flexed into fists as tears spilled from her gray eyes. She murmured to herself, but her words were too quiet to be picked up by the microphones that had been embedded in her suite. He should have followed her, instead of listening to the ramblings of the cripple. Then, perhaps, he would have witnessed whatever sin the traitor had committed against Ms. Hart.

They were bespelling her, there was no mistaking that fact. The traitors’ charms were too much for the innocent young woman to withstand. Even if Erin had possessed the strength needed to see through their lies, Loran’s physical attributes would easily distract her from logic.

To think Garik Loran, "The Face," had been prized by the Empire. An actor that glorified everything that was strong and right with the Imperial cause. Representing the ideal that the Empire represented. The man had even been favored by the presence of Madam Isard. A brief flash of envy warred with the rage that was simmering through his blood. Loran had possessed the fame and power that Jaln could only dream of. Loran had had it all

But now the favored one of the Empire was an abomination. Turning against his people, his government, and supporting a pack of rebels that had no moral or legal right to rule the Galaxy. Jaln counted Loran as a greater traitor than his partner. Phanan was nothing more than an idiot. Despite his claims of intellect, he was blind to the true power that governed the Galaxy. After being injured during the Battle of Endor, he should have seen the errors of his loyalties. Such an accident could only be a warning that he had aligned himself with the wrong beings.

Traitors they were, and they were trying to harm an innocent. Erin’s emotional state made it clear that their words were tormenting her. She was too fragile to know the dangers her companions represented. But soon she would know the truth. It would only be a matter of time before Erin was alone, and then Jaln would show her the truth.

Using whatever means were necessary…

Continued in Part Eighteen