Downtime in Las Vegas
Chapter 2—Duty Roster
by Aggy

Erin looked at Lisa, both glad that she was being giving the opportunity of a lifetime and displeased that she had been forced out of her self-induced seclusion. It was so much easier to just hide. Do the things that others expected of her, ignore the unhappiness, and pretend that nothing was wrong. This can't be any different than what I've been doing at the University. Do what Lisa needs me to do. Do what's expected of me, then go back to my quiet little dorm and lurk.

Resigning herself to her plan, Erin mumbled a hello, running a hand through her dark red hair as she eyed the crowd nervously.

"You ready to help?"

Erin shrugged. "Guess so, but I don't know what I'm suppose to do."

Lisa watched as the other hosts eagerly paired up with the pilots that haunted their fantasies and tried not to stare her friend in disbelief. Doesn't know what she's supposed to do? She DEFINITELY needs some fun.

She caught Erin's arm and began firmly steering her friend over to one of the transports. "I need you to make sure that the guys you're assigned to don't get into too much trouble while they're visiting."

Erin allowed herself to be led until she heard the word "guys." "Wait a sec, GUYS. As in more than one?"

"Yep," Lisa answered nonchalantly as she stopped in front of a transport marked with the Alliance logo. She gave Lisa a pleading look, but her friend only grinned, showing teeth that looks suspiciously like fangs to Erin's desperate mind.

Logically she had known that the visitors were going to be the members of Rogue Squadron, but it never connected with her. For some reason, she never thought she would be given a chance to meet the heroes. Here was her chance and she was panicking. These were the men she obsessed over…. And now Lisa was going to make either worst her nightmares or her greatest fantasies come true.

"Really, Lisa," Erin said hurriedly. I'm beginning to babble. I'm in serious trouble and there's no way in Hoth she's going to let me cut and run. "You don't have to do this. I'll just go back to the hotel and…"

"Mope like you have been for the past three months? I'm sick of it. You're sick of it. So today we correct the problem."


"No buts…" Lisa dragged her eyes away from the very fascinating derriere of Wedge Antilles. "Er…forget I said that." Lisa shook her head and grinned at Erin. "Now to introduce you to your new friends. Though how much you've read about them, they should be old friends."

"Janson. Klivian. Front and Center."

Lisa's voice rang above the swirl of eager conversations, dragging the two pilots from the young women they were trying to seduce. Janson saluted but was barely able to keep from grinning. Hobbie looked as uncomfortable as Erin felt as he, in turn, saluted. Lisa ignored the mischief gleaming in Wes' brown eyes, glad that Erin would have to deal with the pranksters and not her.

Then Lisa realized that Erin was hiding behind her. "Erin," she growled quietly, sidestepping so that the young woman was in view. "These are your companions during our stay in Las Vegas."

Erin swallowed hard and forced herself to stop staring at the silver caps on the toes of her cowboy boots. She found her courage and looked up…and realized that the god George Lucas had lied to the legions of female Star Wars fans. The pilots were incredibly attractive, more so than the actors portraying them or the drawings depicting them in the comics.

Just has he had been described, Wes Janson did not look his age. Youthful looking despite his years and his trials in Rogue Squadron, but he was definitely NOT boyish. Black hair framed his handsome face, looking tousled as if he had just pulled off his flight helmet. Janson's brown eyes reminded her of melted chocolate, which made her think of uses of the confection that would shock anyone that thought they knew her well. His broad shoulders strained against the seams of his flight suit. Erin's eyes slid down what she hoped was an equally well-muscled torso to narrow hips…

Pulling her thoughts and gaze away from Wes, she focused on Kilvian.

Erin had never thought of Hobbie as being attractive. The books gave little description of him and he always seemed so dour. But his features were almost aristocratic. His pale hair was slicked back a bit too severely for her taste, but the idea of mussing it was very, very tempting. There were no visible reminders of his many crash landings except for his skin--Maybe they SHOULD market bacta as a beauty aid. Women would pay a fortune for their skin to look that smooth.

The Rogues seemed just as fascinated by her as she was with them. Actually the word ogling came to Erin's mind. She had never thought herself the type of woman men would stare at, but Janson and Hobs seemed to think she was absolutely fascinating. Or at least certain areas of her anatomy were absolutely fascinating. She crossed her arms over the specific area and both of the Rogues seemed disappointed.

Janson gave Erin one more appraising look before dropping to his knees before Lisa. "Oh thank you, evil overlord, Ma'am," Janson groveled. He almost kissed her shoes before Lisa jumped away. "Thank you for gracing us with this beautiful creation."

"Cut the chatter, Flyboy." Erin couldn't help giggling as Lisa said the famous phrase from the Rogue comic books. "Your mission is to keep Ms. Erin Hart from wasting her vacation in Las Vegas in her hotel room.." Lisa could sense that Janson was about to make some innuendo what would probably make Erin blush as red as her hair and hurriedly added. "In her hotel room brooding."

"But the hotel is not off limits for…other uses?" Hobbie drawled. Erin's eyes widened, knowing what the Rogue was implying and was shocked that HOBBIE was implying it. He's the boring one! Almost as if he could read her thoughts, Kilvian turned his attention back to Erin.

Her breath seemed to leave her chest violently as she tried not to squirm under his scrutiny. At least she told herself that her discomfort was from the intensity of his stare and not the erotic thoughts running rampant through her mind. I'm going to be stuck in Las Vegas with this pair? Should I thank Lisa or hit her? Then Wes gave her a grin that promised that this vacation would make her erotic thoughts seem chaste compared to what he had planned. Thank Lisa. Definitely thank her.

Lisa smirked at Erin, knowing what her friend was thinking. "Have fun, dear. And do everything I would do."

Continued in Part Three