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Downtime in Las Vegas
Part Twenty: Potential
by Aggy

Erin was not going to consider how much she enjoyed spending the evening watching the sunset. She just would not consider it. She had enough on her mind, enough confusion in her already out of control life without considering how amazing it had felt to have Ton’s arm around her shoulders. To allow herself to imagine what it would be like for that level of happiness to enter her life on a regular basis.

Instead she let herself become lost in the feel of the Firebird, luxuriating in the simplicity of machine and road. She let herself fall into the rhythm of metal, letting all other worries slip way. Is this what happens when Ton and Face fly their x-wings? Do they let themselves become a part of the ship or it is just a tool? She knew Ton was watching her, studying how she controlled the car. But he didn’t seem nervous so she ignored him, letting the road and Firebird steal away her fears.

# # #

It was fascinating watching Erin drive the angry little car. How smoothly she anticipated the needs of the machine and the road, until they were almost one entity. And what astounded him was how effortlessly she worked with the vehicle. As if it truly brought her joy.

She coaxed speeds out of the automobile that he knew were illegal, but she didn’t seem to care, her concentration never wavering, her enjoyment only growing as the speedometer crept higher and higher.

It was interesting to think that the meek redhead could enjoy something that was both illegal and dangerous. It gave him a new insight to her personality that he had only glimpsed the night before when she had kissed him.

He filed the information away; knowing it was important to understanding Erin and perhaps vital to showing her what her true potential could be.

# # #

Erin felt a wave of disappointment echo through her when she finally pulled into the casino parking lot. As she pulled into a vacant space, loneliness began worrying at her heart. The enchantment of the sunset was over, now they had to return to reality.

Too bad I don’t want to return to reality… Sighing, she unbuckled her seat belt, pausing when she realized Ton was staring at her again. Maybe her driving had bothered him. Though that’d be silly. He flies at light speed after all. "Um…something wrong."

"No…" Ton said slowly. Why was he staring at her like that? Like he wanted to…Suddenly he swooped forward, kissing her quickly and giving her the smile that was almost a grin. "Just wanted to thank you for showing me the desert."

She blinked then returned his smile, for once not feeling ashamed or frightened by the sign of affection. "No problem," she giggled noticing that his lips had picked up an interesting tint. Grabbing her purse, Erin pulled a tissue from its depths. "But you might want to clean up a bit before we go inside. Cherry Crush definitely isn’t your color."

To be Continued...

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