Downtime in Las Vegas
by Aggy

She was going to kill them. Simple as that. She was going to annihilate them. It didn't matter if they were two of her favorite pilots from Rogue Squadron. This morning, they had crossed the line.

They had seemed so gentlemanly at dinner. Dressed in the hated, but stunning, dress uniforms. Impeccable manners. Beautiful compliments, flirting that was sensual but not lewd. One of the best dates she had ever had. But this morning….

She didn't know how they did it. Neither one of them had a key to her suite and neither one of the handsome Rogues had spent the night. But somehow they had…


The two straggled into the sitting room, and Kelly tried to resist the urge to kill. When they saw the rage in her gray eyes, they straightened up, saluting her as if she were Wedge Antilles himself. Despite the moment of seriousness, Wes reverted back to his prankster self. "Who gets to be front and who gets to be…


They looked down at the floor as if waiting for her to slaughter them with the force of her temper. How she felt, she could easily destroy them with merely a look.

Then Wes seemed to gather a measure of his usual over confidence. "What did we do, oh Angry One?"

"What did you do?" Erin hissed. She held up one of Victoria's Secrets. A life-like plastic spider clung to the lace. If she had been wearing the bra it would have looked like the spider was dangling from her….

Erin was sure Wes knew where exactly the spider would have been positioned because his eyes suddenly glazed over.


Hobbie cringed and Wes snapped out of his fantasies. "But they were fakes," Kilvian protested.

She ground her teeth, fighting to urge to tear them into itty-bitty pieces. "If the HAD been real, you'd both be dead men already." The mere thought of the plastic ones were enough to make her skin crawl, real ones would have set her into fits of uncontrollable screaming. Nothing like reaching into your panty drawer and finding it infested with arachnids. If I didn't have to change my underwear before I reached into the drawer, I DEFINITELY had to afterward.

The Rogues had seen danger enough times to know that death was becoming a definite possibility. "I…I…I'm sure we can discuss this rationally," Hobbie offered lamely, trying to placate the raging woman.

"I'm sure we can," Erin smiled sweetly. "We can discuss this with Lisa."

The pilots exchanged pained looks. "Lisa's going to KILL us."

# # #

Klivian buried his face in his hands. "Wedge is going to KILL us."

"If I don't kill you first," Lisa snapped. After coolly telling Lisa about the Rogues' prank, Erin had announced her resignation as tour guide and stormed out of the office, leaving Lisa and the pilots in her wake. Lisa knew no amount of cajoling or begging could sway Erin until her temper cooled. If it cooled. All because of two Rogues couldn't stop pulling practical jokes for even a week.

"Do you fools realize that the woman you offended SINGLE-HANDEDLY found ALL the guides for the squadrons? Because of her hard work her, you all got this vacation. "And do you realize that meeting the Rogues and Wraiths was her dream come true. She hasn't had much to look forward to lately except this time with her heroes." She gestured at the pilots. "And thanks to you two clowns, her dream is ruined."

Wes groaned. "Wedge isn't going to kill us. He's going to torture us slowly until we wished he'd killed us. He'll…"

"Unless," Lisa interrupted. I should let the General deal with these jokers but, Gods, Erin needs something in her life right now. I can't let her go home with her illusions destroyed. "You make it up to her."

Her eyes narrowed as she studied the pair. "It was an innocent prank. Problem was you two triggered her phobia and that fire temper of hers. It isn't," she paused, hating to admit it, even if it was the truth, "exactly your fault. Most people would have laughed it off."

"Except Erin," Hobbie groaned, looking even more dejected than usual. "We didn't mean any harm, Lisa. Honestly we didn't." He looked at Wes. "We have to fix this mess."

They really mean it, Lisa realized. Maybe we can fix things before Erin flies back home.

"I know, I know," Wes muttered, sinking deeper into his chair.

Silence filled the office. Hobbie squirmed under Lisa's almost unblinking brown eyes. Wes seemed to be trying to be swallowed up by his chair. Lisa was bout to return to her paperwork when Janson bolted upright, grinning the "demented ewok" grin. "I have an idea!"

Hobbie glared at his partner in crime. "Your idea was what got us into this mess."

"No. No. No. This is a GREAT idea."

Lisa and Kilvan exchanged pained looks.

"I hate it when he says that," Hobbie whimpered.


Continued in Part Five