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Part Two
by Aggy

Baby did a bad, bad thing…
"Baby Did a Bad, Bad thing" Chris Isaak

What was she doing? It was insane. It was stupid. It was insane….

She had promised herself that the kiss would be the only one she and Wedge shared. But in the light of a new day….Gods, she wanted to kiss him again. Do more than just kiss him. During that late night of self-reproach she realized Wedge was no longer brother to her. That bond had faded the night he had told her of the sacrifice his parents had made to save the lives of others.

He had visited her room late at night, eyes swollen from tears he would not shed in her presence. His voice was low, hitching occasionally as he described his parents last words to him, while telling her of the blinding fireball that had engulfed the only family he had had left. Tentatively, she had wrapped her arm around him, almost fearing the coldness that crept through him as he described flying her father’s starfighter against the beings responsible for the tragedy that now shadowed Wedge’s life. His arms had crept around her waist as she buried her face against his shoulder, knowing that he would not want a witness to his sorrow.

They had spent the rest of the night like that, wrapped in each other’s arms. Neither one speaking after Wedge forced the last few words describing his loss past the lump in his throat. While she had held him, she had not thought of him as anything but a being in pain, but since then…

Since then, she had been noticing little details about him, a sure sign that she was indeed infatuated with her dearest friend. Little details that made Wedge…well, Wedge. The little scars on his hands from working on the ships…She’d spent far too much time thinking about those hands and what they could do…The constant shift of colors that illuminated his dark eyes. That dumb smirk that made her want to slap him whenever he said, "I told you so." The way his black hair curled around his collar when it managed to escape the tail he attempted to keep it in.

Gods, she wanted to rip his hair free of its tie and tangle her fingers in the silken strands. Feel it slide between her fingers as she pulled him to her so that she could drown herself in the taste of him. She knew that it would be all too easy to lose herself in that experience. That was part of the reason why that first kiss had been so brief. She was afraid of losing his friendship, terrified of losing part of herself.

Maybe she would lose herself in him. She didn’t really care anymore. She wanted him more than she wanted anything, anyone, she had ever encountered. Her desire for him would probably ruin their friendship. That truly worried her. Wedge had been such welcomed presence in her life; she couldn’t picture life without him being near.

She should go back to her room and forget this insane idea. But even as she considered skulking away, she knew she would stay where she was. It went against her nature to not see where this led. And even without that stubborn tenacity, her hunger for him was steadily overriding her willpower.

She HAD to kiss him again.

Easier said, or thought, than done.

Ever since that first kiss, Wedge had been avoiding her. Which meant her goal would be more difficult. Mirax smiled to herself, not that being more difficult was bad…a challenge would make her prize that much sweeter when she tasted it.

Thanks to her father’s more…unusual…business deals she knew corridors of space stations like Heaven’s Crossroads one as well as she knew the insides of the Pulsar Skate. And THAT would be to her advantage while she was trying to find her elusive target.

Target? Sithspawn, I must be obsessed. I’m even thinking like a pilot now!

Her thoughts were stilled as she heard a familiar set of footsteps. Wedge traveled this corridor every 'morning' to go to the hangar where his freighter and the Skate were docked. It was part of his daily routine, on safe ground so he usually let memory guide him to the hangar while he was busy figuring the various details of running a ship.

But despite his inattention, she knew he was still a warrior. The blaster on his hip worried her. He’ll probably vape me before he realizes who grabbed him. He might vape me even if he knows who grabbed him. He might not WANT me grabbing him…Okay, no more thoughts like that. Just focus on your target…

Click. Click. Click. The crisp, precise sound of his boot heels on the durasteel floor. She risked a glance at him, then ducked back into her hiding place. Just like she expected. Wedge was focused on the calculations he was working on his datapad, not the world around him. Datapad in his right hand. He can’t draw his blaster. Perfect.

Click. Click. Click. Almost in range…His shadow fell over her. NOW!

Wedge let out a startled yelp as she caught hold of his arm, spinning him around so that her momentum would propel him into the access space. She bounced forward, pressing her body against his. The data pad clattered to the floor. As she expected, he reached for the blaster at his hip, but her hand around his wrist stilled the motion.

His deep brown eyes widened in recognition, causing him to relax slightly against her. "Mirax, what are you doing?"

She answered him by pressing her mouth against his, flicking the tip of her tongue across his lips until they parted, allowing her to get a true taste of the forbidden. Oh, Gods he tastes so good. So much better than she expected, the sweet wildness almost overloading her senses. She felt like she was drinking in his passion, tasting that fire that was seducing her into falling in lov…All thought shattered as one strong hand cupped her neck, drawing her closer so he could suck her tongue deeper into his mouth.

She melted against him as his arm slid ‘round her waist. Mirax knew she was losing herself, but she didn’t care. The world narrowed to the press of her body against his. To the warmth of his mouth and the sensuous rhythm of his tongue sliding against hers. She felt his desire, could feel it singing through the air. She felt it matched by the warm tension coiling through her. Gods, she wanted him. Wanted him to touch her. Wanted him to make love to her.


The thought forced her to stumble away from him. Her back contacted the wall and she was suddenly grateful for how narrow her hiding place was as she fell against it for support. One ragged breath barely settled her nerves enough so that she could look at him.

And it took all of her self-control not to throw herself onto him again. Can’t do it. Can’t do it. Can’t do it. A small spark of pride managed to find its way into her thoughts. The seemingly unshakable Antilles composure was shattered. He was leaning heavily against the wall, his dark hair falling across his face. His soft brown eyes were unfocused as he gasped for breath. The rise and fall of his chest guided her eyes lower…She smirked when she saw how obvious it was that Wedge desired her as much as she wanted him.

Then suddenly he was moving. Gods, if he touches me, I’m lost. I won’t be able to say no. I’ll fall… He took a step forward, causing her to panic at his proximity. He reached out for her, "Mira…" His fingertips barely brushed the sleeve of her jumpsuit before she all but vanished from the access passageway.

Continued in Part Three