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Part Five
by Aggy

If we had this night together
If we had a moment to ourselves
If we had this night together, then we'd be
"Unstoppable" The Calling

When her father’s voice did not boom across the comm system, Mirax began to relax minutely. When the Skate was not blasted into spacedust, she began to feel confident that Wedge truly had planned his theft carefully. She had never thought of Wedge as a strategist, but it seemed that perhaps he did have the gift. Not that she would ever admit that to him…

They remained silent as the Skate made a quick jump through hyperspace, each casting uncertain glances to the other. Wedge’s confidence never seemed to waver, which allowed Mirax to settle into her chair and enjoy the view, which did not include the starlines blazing past the viewport.

He was handsome, no denying that. With sharp features that were softened by his dark hair. And a confidence that, if possessed by anyone else, would have been arrogance surrounded him, illuminated him. His intensity was almost blinding and impossible to deny.

But why deny it? She was in love with him. No matter how much she denied it, that fact would not be changed. But that knowledge did not ease her doubt. Did he feel the same way about her? If he didn’t, why would he go through all of this? If he just lusted after me, why not just sneak into my room?

Their flight took them to a small planet that was tinted in shades green and tawny gold. Mirax caught a brief glimpse of windswept grasslands as the Skate’s landing lights washed over the gently rolling plain. What is he planning… But her 'abductor' remained silent, focusing on settling the ship gracefully onto the sod. As soon as Wedge finished the last of his checks, he offered her his hand.

She wanted to make some sort of comment, disguise her sudden shyness with sarcasm, but could not find the words. A blush crept over her cheeks as his fingers brushed against hers. His confidence slipped for a moment, showing her an uncertainty that matched her own. That glance steadied her, showed her that Wedge truly did care for her.

They exited the Skate in silence, pausing for a moment as Wedge picked up a box hidden behind his seat. She followed him slowly, trying to quell the sudden wave of nervousness that fluttered through her stomach. Wedge paused halfway down the ramp, the lights from the ship sliding over his dark hair, illuminating the features she had memorized what seemed like ages ago.

But somehow, he seemed different. Wedge…but not quite…Wedge. The same lines defined his face, but he seemed to be a different person. The flutter of nervousness threatened to become an entire squadron of TIE fighters. She almost bolted back into the Skate…

Then he smiled…

That smile put her completely at ease. It was such a welcome, mundane sight that Mirax knew that things would be all right. She was certain that her father would vaporize them when they returned to the Crossroads, but at least they would die together.

If Wedge noticed her moment of panic, he seemed unaffected by her uncertainty. Instead he made a grand production of inspecting the area near the Skate; looking up at the sky, carefully checking the ground, looking over his shoulder to make sure she wasn’t waiting impatiently behind him. Finally he set the box onto the sod and began unpacking.

A brightly patterned blanket was unfurled and settled onto the ground. Another blanket was placed atop the box. “In case it gets cold,” he explained as he keyed the Skate to power down.

The lights faded slowly, allowing the night to creep around them. The stars and twin moons above washed the plains with a faint silver sheen. Shadows and light mingled into a world that she rarely ever experienced. Planets, even solid ground not made of metal, was a rarity to her. As was the man standing beside her. The man who had suddenly went from best friend to…to what? Potential lover? Was that what they both wanted? If that was what was meant for them, why was this moment so confusing? Why did it feel like they had just met instead of knowing each other for a lifetime?

She shivered, trying to find words to dispel the nervous tension growing between them. Stop thinking, girl. You’re starting to scare yourself…

She ALMOST yelped when he suddenly bowed low to her, like some courtier from Coruscant. "I’d offer you a dance, Mistress Terrik, but there’s no music. And I think I’d trample your feet."

She smiled, taking his arm as he escorted her to the blanket. "So the nerfs didn’t teach you to dance?"

He gave her an innocent look that she knew he was about to con her. "Actually the nerfs did teach me to dance. Why do you think I’m so horrible at it?"

"Ugh…I stepped right into that one, didn’t I?" She settled herself onto the blanket, catching him off guard by slipping her hand around his wrist and pulling him down beside her.

He pretended to glare at her indignantly. "Are you ever going to get tired of dragging me around?"

"Nope," she grinned. "I love having you around."

Love…The word seems to linger in the air. Mirax felt Wedge grow still beside her as he slowly absorbed the word. "I…I love having you around too…" She watched him intently for a moment. He seemed almost disappointed by her words. Turning away from her, he began rummaging in the box. Guilt and worry began nibbling at the back of her mind. Maybe she should say something more…more..affectionate… Maybe you should just quit being a coward and tell him the truth!

"I…um…packed some food…Thought you might like a picnic or something…but I’m too nervous to eat."

The words jarred her out of her self-reproach. And made her realize he was just as nervous as she was. She glanced at him sidelong and smacked his arm lightly. "The great Wedge Antilles nervous? Oh please…that’s impossible."

He ran a hand through his dark hair. Mirax found herself again fantasizing about the feel of his hair against her skin. Swallowing hard, she glanced away, hoping he hadn’t noticed…and paradoxically, hoping he had noticed her excitement. A little flash of disappointment whispered through her as he spoke. "I’m not that great Mir. I’m not going to become anything important."

"Don’t be so critical of yourself, Wedge. You are destined for greatness…"

He leaned forward, brushing his fingertips across her cheek. "Sometimes, I think you’re the only one that sees that in me."

He was so close…not just physically, but mentally…spiritually. Her breath hitched for a moment before she felt herself plunging forward. Excitement bubbled through her veins, evaporating away what nervousness remained. This moment felt too good…too right…for it this to be the wrong choice. She wanted him…Wanted him so much…

His lips burned against hers, causing her to gasp. His tongue flicked against hers, teasing, tormenting…Oh Gods, he tasted so good. Her hands crept up to his hair, fingers flexing as the softness of it brushed against her skin. Vaguely, she realized his arms were around her, pulling her tight against his body….Somehow, her dazzled brain realized HE was reacting to HER just as strongly as SHE was reacting to HIM. Her courage found her, giving her the daring needed to spring forward, causing Wedge to fall backwards.

Pulling her atop him…Just as she hoped…

There was a moment of confusion, then she was settled comfortably against him. He stared up at her, hands resting on her hips as he gave her a bemused look. "You know, I had been planning on taking things slow."

Should they go slow? It would give her time to think. Time to give herself a thousand excuses why she should not love this incredible being that was such a vital part of her life. Time to say "no" when she truly wanted to say "yes." Which would lead to a lifetime of regret…A life without Wedge Antilles…

Leaning down, she kissed him softly. "Do you want to stop?"

His hands slid under her shirt, gliding over her stomach. "No…I just didn’t want you to do something you might regret later."

She stiffened, glaring down at him, then began wiggling against him. When he groaned, she gave him a wicked grin. "Will you regret it in the morning, Antilles?"

He caught hold of the waistband of her trousers and rolled her onto her back. Suddenly they were only a breath apart, their bodies molded against each other. Mirax felt herself begin to tremble…Oh Gods…

"Will you regret it, Terrik?" For a moment it seemed that the entire Galaxy centered around the man in her arms. "Would you regret loving me?" He held himself absolutely still above her. His eyes shadowed, the darkness and his mood, veiling his thoughts from her. "Do you love me?"

"Does it matter if I do?" The words spilled out of her before she had a chance to stop them.

He rolled away from her, stretching out beside her. Staring up at the sky, acting as if she didn’t exist.

"Wedge…I…" Gently, she touched his shoulder, cursing herself as he twitched away from her. "Wedge, please." He ignored her, focusing on the stars above. Anger growled through her voice. "Dammit, Wedge this isn’t easy for me. I’m scared and nervous and I…"

He turned his head, staring intently at her face. "You what, Mir? Was this all a game to you? You just wanted to see how frustrated you could make me?" He turned back to the stars. "If that was what you wanted, you did a damn good job of it."

Her fingers moved lightly over his shirt. Again his muscles twitched against that touch. "Wedge, I…I…" Admit the truth, Terrik or you really will lose him. "I’m afraid I’m going to lose your friendship."

His voice was low, masking all emotion. "Is that all we are? Friends?"

"I…I…" Why did this have to be so difficult? "I want us to be more than just friends. But I don’t want to lose you." The words jarred against the ache that was building in her throat. "I love you. I can’t stand the thought of losing you just because of a kiss that I probably shouldn’t have…"

Suddenly he sat up, pressing a finger against her lips. "Shhh…" The words stopped, as did her jumbled fear. "Whatever we do, or don’t do tonight…Whatever happens, we will still be friends. I promise."

Her lips quirked beneath the pressure of his finger. She almost…ALMOST…gave into the urge to run her tongue over his skin. Instead, she pulled away, tilting her head to one side as she studied him. "You know, women usually ask about love in this situation. Not men."

He chuckled and stretched out on the blanket; Mirax settled next to him, curling up against his side. "Most men don’t have to deal with your father. Do you REALLY think I’d risk becoming a living target for Booster if our feelings were nothing but lust?"

Mirax chuckled and snuggled closer to Wedge. "He’d only maim you…"

"Maiming…you almost make that sound fun." His fingers lightly traced a path down her back, sending pleasant tingles down her spine.

Words faded away, leaving only silence and the nerve-wracking comfort of love unspoken. No…not true silence, Mirax realized. The world around them was filled with noises. It was starling how loud silence could be. The soft sighs of the world around them. The slight hiss of the winds that occasionally whispered through the valley. The faint whooshing sound of blades of grass rasping against each other. She had been to Corellia many times, but never to its wilds. She sat up on one elbow, looking down at Wedge. "Is this what it was like? Quiet and loud at the same time?"

He gave her a lazy, wistful smile. "The best nights were like this. The air was warm and soft. The grass moving quietly in the wind. The stars seemed close enough to touch." A quiet sigh escaped him. "Out there," he gestured up to the sky. "You forget how beautiful the stars are. They become like…" He shrugged. "Walls, I guess. You just don’t pay attention to them anymore."

Mirax chuckled, trailing her fingers over his chest. "Then suddenly you realize that there’s something incredible out there but you were just too blind to notice it."

His lips twitched as he fought the urge to grin. "Something like that."

She leaned down, brushing a soft kiss against his lips. As she pulled away, he captured her face between his hands, cupping her jaw gently. "I love you, Mirax."

She thought those words would frighten her, make her want to run away from her dearest of friends. Instead they made her want to get closer to him. Made her want to never leave him. "I love you too, Wedge Antilles."

His kiss was soft and warm, far more erotic than the ones they had shared during their games. His lips glided across hers as his hands slowly began unbuttoning her shirt. She reveled in the taste of the man she now knew that she loved. She could still taste his passion in that soft kiss, but there was something richer that added a never experienced. She couldn’t name it. Couldn’t define it…But it was there, filling her senses, steadying her fluttering heart. "I need you, Mir," he murmured before he began nibbling on her throat.

The last button fell open. One eyebrow quirked upwards as he slid her shirt down her shoulders. "Plain white cotton? I thought you’d be more of a lace or silk type of girl…"

She lightly batted his hands away, working the clasp of her bra. "We were supposed to be working on the Skate. I wasn’t really planning for you to see my underwear." Mirax paused, ignoring the nervousness that whispered through her as she felt the cotton fall away. What if he doesn’t like how I look?

"Is the rest plain white cotton?"

"What?" The question shook her from her nervousness. "The rest of what?"

"Your underwear. Are your panties plain white cotton too?"

That annoying nerf! "Why don’t you look and see?" she shot back.

He grinned, sliding his hands up her sides, sliding beneath the cotton, gently easing her bra from her skin. "I plan to…" He looked up at her innocently while gently teasing her breasts. "IF you want me to show you how imaginative I can be." He watched her thoughtfully, waiting for any sign of uncertainty. "Do you want to see how imaginative I can be?"

"Yes…" She would have been annoyed by how breathless her voice sounded, but the sensation of his fingers dancing over her skin drove away any thoughts of pride. Especially since Wedge seemed to be determined to show her how imaginative he could be…

# # #

He was amazing. The words did not do him justice, but Mirax knew none that could describe him. Gentle and sure, sweet and luxurious as he slowly but steadily drove her to delicious madness. The intensity of his passion seared through her soul. Captured her heart and demanding that she love him with an intensity that matched his own.

And she did love him. If she could not deny it as they watched the stars, it was impossible to deny it as his hands and lips exquisitely memorized every detail of her body.

She could not get enough of him. Each taste, each touch, made her want him even more. Her desire for him went far beyond simple cravings, beyond the exquisite hunger that ravaged her senses.

Passion and pain blended for a moment, then the intensity of those velvety eyes ensnared her. The feel of him wound its way through her senses, eclipsing every thought, stilling every doubt. Her world coalesced into the maelstrom of fire that seemed to devour her with every touch.

She felt like she was falling, being swept into something more exquisite than she imagined possible. She had been right…She could drown in that intensity. But she didn’t…His passion carried her upward, driving her beyond her simple fears, until she was sure she touched the stars above…

# # #

"Love you." Mirax wasn’t sure who had spoken those words. She felt like she was floating above her body. Warm and safe and relaxed. She didn’t THINK it had been her. She wasn’t even sure she was able to make noise, let alone speak…

The last few minutes came rushing back. A blush crept over her cheeks. Correction, I CAN make noise. Thank the Force we weren’t at the Station!

"Love you too," a muffled voice answered. Since she felt Wedge’s lips brush against her neck, she decided she must have spoken first.

Slowly, he lifted his head a few centimeters. A concerned look crossed his features. "Did I…er…Did you…" He took a deep breath and shakily raked his hand through his hair. "Did I hurt you?"

"No, Wedge…" He gave her a doubting look, causing her to sigh and wrap her arms around him. He shifted, a bit, allowing her to breathe more freely. "Okay…It hurt a little bit, but it was worth it."

Wedge nodded, smiling almost shyly at her before reaching for the virtually ignored picnic box. He caught hold of the discarded blanket and wrapped it around them. The wind tickled their exposed skin. She shivered. Wedge pulled the fabric tighter against their skin before relaxing against her. Idly, she rubbed his shoulder, amazed by what had just happened. Wedge…me…Me and Wedge… She couldn’t help smiling at the memory. He was right…He IS imaginative…

Vaguely, Mirax wondered if her father had realized the Skate was missing…and the consequences of that theft. A huge yawn interrupted her thoughts. Later…we’ll deal with it later…Together… The thought was a comfort, as was the warmth of the man beside her, both seducing her into peaceful dreams.

# # #

From one of the maintenance corridors, Booster watched his daughter exit the Skate. She stood in the hanger, tapping her foot impatiently as she waited for Wedge. "Hurry up," she whispered.

"Or what?" he countered. She winced as his voice echoed through the space.

"Be quiet. Someone might catch us!"

Wedge gave her appraising look. "I could catch you."

"Could not," she countered, bouncing on the balls of her feet.

"Could too."

She hopped forward, giving Wedge a quick kiss. "Catch me if you can."

Booster smiled as the pilot lunged forward, pretending to chase after Mirax. They circled the Skate once before running past the corridor, never noticing the being that had been watching their game. Booster smiled at their antics, knowing that Mirax couldn’t have chosen a better protector…

Not that the girl needed someone to protect her…

She had found a rogue, but a good one. The thought was a comfort, one that would keep him alive when CorSec finally did catch him…

Of course, they wouldn’t have to know he approved of the match right away. It was best if he let them fret a little. Let them think he wouldn’t agree with their choice. If Mirax thought he actually liked the situation, the girl might be stubborn enough to end things before they even got started. But if he let them THINK that what they were doing was forbidden, then things MIGHT work out as he hoped…

After all, what is forbidden is always the most tempting.


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