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by Aggy

Friday night on Coruscant. Was I dressed in some outrageous outfit, dancing in some exclusive club? Was I out carousing with the Rogues? Was I having a wildly wicked time with my favorite pilot?

Nope. I was dressed in one of Wes’ old tunics staring at my data pad, talking to my boyfriend via the messenger program Risha had installed a few weeks ago.

Sometimes life can be so boring….

Wes and I were supposed to be spending the evening together, but a certain distasteful Bothan that remains unnamed in the Moonfire household had buried Wedge in paperwork. Even with Nawara’s help, there was no way the General could finish all the reports in time. Wedge had been desperate. And why wouldn’t Antilles be desperate for help with the evil Bothan breathing down his neck? Well figuratively breathing down his neck, not literally. If Borsk were literally breathing down Wedge’s neck, Risha would be sporting a new fur coat.

Sometimes I really wish the Bothan would flirt with Wedge…

So, Wes had been recruited to help finish the evil paperwork. I had offered to help since none of the men could actually type, but my offer had been refused. Confidential information. "Need to know" status. Yeah, see how confidential it’ll be at three a.m. and only half of the reports are typed…

Since Wes was helping our CO, our date was postponed and the only way we could talk to each other was through the messenger program on my data pad. Usually I would have just let Wes work and not bothered him, but Rish was gone and the apartment seemed especially lonely. So I kept him company while he worked, and Wes kept me company in my boredom.

My ever increasing boredom…

Sighing and wishing there were more noise in the apartment than the faint music coming from the entertainment system and the clicking of keys as I typed, I sent Wes another message.


SEXY_EWOK: Why don’t you go to bed?

COMSEX_KITTEN: Alone? And at this hour?

SEXY_EWOK: You know most people are in bed sleeping at this hour.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Come on, Flyboy. You know what I used to do for a living. Up all night. Sleep all day.

SEXY_EWOK: I thought I was the one that was supposed to be up all night….

COMSEX_KITTEN: Keep teasing me like that and I’ll pay you a little visit…

SEXY_EWOK: Promise or threat?

COMSEX_KITTEN: You just want me to visit so I can do your typing!

SEXY_EWOK: Is that what they’re calling it these days?

COMSEX_KITTEN: Don’t try that innocent routine with me! I know what sort of thoughts run through your dirty little mind :oP

The messenger went silent; the little icon at the bottom of the window saying that Wes was busy with his report again. UGH! I waited awhile, played a few rounds of solitaire, then sent another message.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Almost done?


COMSEX_KITTEN: Why don’t you take a break? You could come over here and keep me company.

SEXY_EWOK: ‘Cause I have work to finish.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Spoilsport :oP


Hmmm…Teasing. What a wonderful idea…

COMSEX_KITTEN: Come on Wes. It’d be fun. It’d only take half an hour…

SEXY_EWOK: //pouts// You underestimate me.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Ok…an hour. Then go back to your evil reports.

SEXY_EWOK: You know I have to finish this.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Well if one of you nerfs invested in a typing class maybe you’d be finished. And I really don’t see why I couldn’t type the damn things. If I wanted I could slice them in the morning and no one would know.

SEXY_EWOK: Remember, Borsk is involved.



More time away from the pager. I waited patiently, then impatiently, then began typing.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Come on Wes, you know you need a break.

SEXY_EWOK: I’m busy.

COMSEX_KITTEN: When did that ever stop you from…

SEXY_EWOK: From what?

Ohhh…this could be interesting. The perfect opening.

COMSEX_KITTEN: From nothing.

SEXY_EWOK: From what?

Oh good, he’s suspicious. That always made him forget my more sneaky talents.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Nothing really. From seeing me model my latest outfit.

SEXY_EWOK: Uh huh. I just love watching you try on boots. //Gags//

COMSEX_KITTEN: Actually I didn’t buy shoes.

SEXY_EWOK: Then what did you buy?



I looked down at the faded tunic I wore. The cuffs covered my knuckles and were frayed along the stitching. I THINK it had been white at one time but had faded to a dull gray.

COMSEX_KITTEN: Yeah. The usual. Silk. Satin. Velvet. Lace. Leather.


COMSEX_KITTEN: I got this absolutely gorgeous negligee. It barely brushes my thighs. Ribbons at the neck and down my bare arms. Looks like you’ve already tied me up!


COMSEX_KITTEN: Did I mention it was sheer?

Long pause. So long I thought one of us had been disconnected, then a hurried answer.

SEXY_EWOK: I’ll be there in ten minutes.

Sometimes I love technology. ;o)


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