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Come What May
Part Two
by Angela Jade

Part two - four months before the Battle of Hoth

The door to the outer office creaked open and closed, the servomotors long past needing replaced. Wedge Antilles groaned loudly, distracted once more from the datacard he’d been reading for the third time. Briefly he wondered if there was anywhere he could hide; behind the enormous wall of work on his desk had definite possibilities. But it was too late. The inner door cycled open at high speed, although it did have the decency to stick solidly with a quarter of the door still showing.

The orange-suited figure that stepped through the doorway brought a grin to his face and an unexpected jolt of heat to the pit of his stomach. He leaped to attention and sketched a quick salute. "Commander Skywalker, you’re back."

Luke’s hand shot out and hit the door panel. He frowned as the door stuttered closed. "This place is falling to bits, Captain Antilles." The click of the door as it finally slid home induced his own grin, and he immediately strode towards his XO’s desk.

He never made it.

Wedge was around the desk instantly, grabbing a handful of his lover’s flightsuit and pulling him in for an unabashedly passionate kiss, bruising and full of need. Clinging together like stalks of savo grass in an electrical storm, the two men held each other tightly, tasting, touching, inhaling each others’ scent, wiping from memory the long weeks they’d spent apart.

"You missed me, then?" whispered Luke when they finally separated.

"Hell, yeah!" replied Wedge, one hand waving towards the piles of datacards. "Have you seen the amount of work they dump on me when you’re away?"

"Cute," growled Luke, one hand grabbing Wedge’s ass and pulling it firmly towards him. "I missed you."

Fire raced from Wedge’s groin to his brain and back again as his hands settled on Luke’s upper arms. An unfamiliar muscle-tone met his touch. "Hey! Somebody’s been working out!"

"A little." Luke’s grin was a lot more confident than Wedge remembered it. "Room?"

"I can’t, I’ve... uh... got a stack of work to do..."

"Half of it’s mine," reasoned Luke. "I’ll ignore it if you will." His hand slid around to firmly caress Wedge’s growing erection. "Or we can just throw it all on the floor and you can take me on the desk."

A vivid image of Luke Skywalker naked and bent over his work station suddenly assaulted Wedge’s mind and his hips involuntarily thrust forward. He whimpered when the arousing hand left off stroking him, then he watched fascinated as Luke stretched his arm towards the desk, fingers tense with concentration.

After a few moments, one stack began to vibrate, then another. A solitary datacard fell noisily to the floor, then the trembling stopped.

"Dammit," muttered Luke, flexing his hand. "I’ve been practicing that for weeks."

"Looked impressive to me," said Wedge, a hint of true pride in his voice. He patted Luke’s cheek, dragging his attention away from the desk and its recalcitrant contents. "Anyway, you’re the one that made the ‘no sex in the office’ rule."

"I did?" Luke’s frown morphed back into a sexy smile. "Then it’s back to the room, I guess. We can afford an hour or so off."

"Only an hour?" One hour wasn’t nearly enough time for him to do all the things he wanted to do to his CO. Still, the ability to walk would probably be a requirement for running a squadron...

Luke nodded, pulling his lover in for another quick kiss. "Yup, one hour. Then we are going to work our asses off. I found us another base."

"We’re getting out of this dive? Great!" No more broken machinery, no more supply problems, no more power rationing... "Where is it?"

"Hoth," replied Luke. "Middle of nowhere. You’ll like it." He tugged Wedge towards the door. "Can we go have sex now?"

Continued in Part Three