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Come What May
Part Three
by Angela Jade

Part three - four days before the Battle of Hoth

The snow-dusted figure stomped along the dimly lit hallway, his face hidden by the ice-encrusted hood of his parka. All-over body padding disguised his shape, substantial gloves encased his hands, and thick-soled boots forced him to tread heavily. Unrecognizable and anonymous, he could have been a general or a private; he was neither.

Rogue Squadron’s sleeping quarters, like the rest of Echo Base, had been carved from solid ice. Ice floors, ice ceilings, ice walls punctuated only by low-powered glow rods. The figure sighed, his breath pluming outwards in a cloud of frozen water vapor. He wondered if he would ever feel warm again.

Finally he reached his destination, one of a row of six identical doors, each as white as the surrounding ice. He grudgingly tugged one glove off and pressed his hand to the chilly door announcer. "Let me in. I’m bloody freezing out here."

The door obligingly zipped open and allowed him access, closing quickly behind him. One glove dropped to the floor, quickly followed by its twin, and at long last Wedge Antilles could push back his hood. "A little help would be good here - I can hardly move."

Luke Skywalker, pilot, commanding officer, wannabe Jedi, and damn good lay grumbled loudly as he struggled from beneath the covers he’d deliberately entangled himself in and forced himself out of bed. Wedge almost laughed out loud when he caught sight of the orange sweater and matching socks that his partner wore over a pair of baggy, gray sleep-pants. "Where the hell did you get that little ensemble?"

"Jan Usnepro down in the kitchens," answered Luke, grimacing as he helped Wedge out of his stiff parka. "And I wouldn’t laugh if I were you; she’s making a set for you, too."

"Does it help keep you warm?"

"Not a lot." Luke pursed his lips in concentration as he undid the closures of Wedge’s under-jacket. "You gonna tell me why you’re so late back? The shield doors are due to close in twenty minutes. I was getting worried."

Wedge shrugged his way out of the next layer of clothing. "Damn tauntaun kept trying to throw me. Just about took my arms out of their sockets fighting to get the Sith-spawned thing to come home.” He sat gratefully on the bed so Luke could pull his boots off. "The quicker we get those snowspeeders working, the happier I’ll be."

"I like the tauntauns," commented Luke as pulled off a frost-encrusted boot. "It’s nice to have something living carry me, for a change." The other boot landed on the floor with a dull thud and Luke quickly started on the Corellian’s socks.

"Who are you, and what have you done with Luke Skywalker?" demanded Wedge melodramatically. "Y’know... the guy who loves his X-wing so much, I get jealous."

"You do?" Luke grinned up at him. "I didn’t know that." The grin quickly changed to a frown. "Sith, your feet are frozen!"

"I told you that already! These patrols are killing me... aaah!" Circulation slowly and painfully returned to Wedge’s lower extremities as Luke rubbed them vigorously. "Ouch!"

"We’ve got to get you warm, Antilles," announced Luke as he stripped him of all but his undershorts and bundled him under the covers.

Wedge grinned as the warmth of the bedding began to penetrate his frigid skin. "I can think of a way you could warm me up." His grin widened as he watched Luke strip off his sleep-clothes before squirming in beside him, hissing in a breath every time his skin touched Wedge’s. Warm fingers carefully slipped his shorts down his legs, stroking his thighs, knees, and calves as they went.

With an immediacy that made Wedge flinch, Luke’s mouth settled on his rapidly hardening erection, surrounding him with a moist warmth that quickly heated his chilled body to the core. He groaned loudly, tugging the covers up over his exposed shoulders. "Oooh, you read my mind."

Luke mumbled something about every part of Wedge being cold.

"Don’t talk with your mouth full."

The sucking resumed, sending shivers through Wedge’s body that were nothing to do with the low air temperature. Closing his eyes, he settled his head back deeper into the pillow and allowed his lover to pull him along the familiar path that led to paradise. Icy fingers brushed coldly against his stomach as he reached for Luke, for the desperately needed point of contact. Silky hair slipped through his fingers as he barely touched Luke’s head, following the movements as he slowly slid up and down, licking and suckling as his hands kneaded Wedge’s thighs apart.

The warm mouth left him briefly, agonizingly. "Come for me." Luke’s whispered command blew a tiny breath over the inflamed organ. Then the moist heat was back, surrounding him and drawing him higher; warm fingers gently probing him, begging for entrance... slipping inside... touching... caressing...

Wedge climaxed with an open-mouthed groan, twisting and arching off the bed as his euphoria peaked and sent a rush of warmth from his head to his toes.

The covers moved smoothly as Luke kissed his way up his abdomen and chest. Finally he was nose to nose with Wedge, a smug grin plastered over his face. "Warm yet?"

"Warmer," replied Wedge. "You?"

Luke lowered his head and kissed his lover hungrily. "Kinda hot."

"You can say that again, Skywalker." Gazing into darkened blue eyes, Wedge slowly and deliberately pulled his knees to his chest in a familiar mute invitation.

A nod, followed by the hasty application of some lube. Then another kiss, gentle at first then more aggressive as Luke pushed carefully into his lover’s body. A pause as their gazes locked once more. "Do you have any idea what you do to me?" growled Luke.

The Corellian’s only answer was to grab the back of Luke’s neck and pull him down for another passionate kiss, capturing his rapturous moan as they joined completely.

Pulling, pushing, slowly, gently, each thrust drives us toward an ecstasy beyond that created by any intoxicant. Lips touching, tongues entwining - separated only by a film of sweat on over-sensitive skin. Faster and harder; hips tilting; give me... more.

Moaning... begging... cursing... pleading...

The look of intense pleasure on Luke’s face as he came was enough to set off Wedge’s second orgasm, and the two men held each other tightly as the delightful waves that washed through their bodies slowly ebbed away.

Finally, after bestowing one last, tender kiss, Luke disentangled himself from his lover and spooned in behind him, pulling Wedge’s back firmly against his chest. "You must be warm by now."

"Yeah. A bit sticky, though."

"Oops." Luke stretched an arm out of the bed and snagged some discarded clothing to clean them up. "Better?"

"Mmm..." Wedge sighed contentedly as he settled down to sleep, Luke’s hand grasped firmly in his own. If only life could stay this way, warm and happy and safe. All it would take would be for the Empire to crumble sooner rather than later, then he and Luke could move somewhere warmer and just be together...

"I had another dream." Luke’s murmur was so quiet it was almost inaudible.

Wedge fought the sudden tension that threatened to take over his muscles. Luke’s dreams were becoming more and more frequent; occasionally they even appeared to be prophetic. They frightened Luke, and that was enough to engender fear in Wedge. Neither had told anyone else of their existence. "What kind of dream?"

"I don’t know." The words whispered against Wedge’s neck and Luke’s fingers tightened. "There were shadows everywhere so I couldn’t see clearly. But I could hear shouting and laser blasts, and I could smell burning..."

"It’s just a dream, Luke. A nightmare." His words sounded hollow, but he had to say them anyway.

"I know. I just wish I understood what they meant."

"They probably mean you’re working too hard."

"Maybe." Luke sighed and snuggled in closer. “I feel like I have all this power inside me, Wedge. And I can’t even control it, let alone use it. Sometimes I think it’s just going to burst out of me, like some huge explosion, and everyone I care about will be hurt or killed, and I could have stopped it, if only I’d known how..." His words stumbled to a halt. "I wish I could talk to Ben about it."

"You’re not going to hurt anyone, Luke."

"Not deliberately, no..."

"There you are, then." Wedge ran a hand soothingly up and down Luke’s arm. "It was a bad dream, that’s all. We’re safe - you’re safe."

Luke kissed his lover’s neck. "I guess you’re right."

"Of course I am."

Another kiss and a heavy sigh. "We’d better get some sleep. I’m on patrol tomorrow, and I’ll need you well rested so you can warm me up when I get back."

Wedge grinned. "Yes, sir!"

To be Continued...

Continued in Part Four