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Come What May
Part Seven
by Angela Jade

Part seven - some months after the Battle of Hoth

He moved with the grace of a feline, his actions fluid yet tightly controlled as he used a length of narrow metal pipe to deflect bolts flung at him by not one, but four training remotes. Rivulets of perspiration ran down his bare back, following the curve of muscles and spine before disappearing into the fabric wraparound belt that cinched his leggings to his waist. Each sudden movement of his head caused a spray of sweat drops from damp-darkened hair and from the ends of the blindfold tied over his eyes.

Wedge watched his lover silently from the door, his pupils dilated, his breathing barely perceptible. One hand slowly rose to wipe away the moisture that had gathered at the corner of his mouth.

"I know you’re there, Antilles." A sudden flurry of bolts induced a grunt of effort, followed by a yelp of pain as one managed to get through the young Jedi’s lightening-fast reflexes. "Off!"

The four remotes drifted to the floor of the training room, their standby lights blinking an off-beat rhythm.

"Gods, Luke, that was amazing! How do you do it?"

"It wasn’t amazing, it was a pain in the rear." Luke yanked off his blindfold and rubbed his stinging rump. "Literally." The pipe clattered noisily to the floor. "I miss my lightsaber."

"I hope I didn’t put you off."

"I’m supposed to be able to split my concentration," Luke replied with a sardonic grin. "But I guess you’re a bit more distracting than I’m used to."

Wedge managed to refrain from wrestling Luke to the floor and taking him then and there. But only just. "How’s the hand?"

"Not bad, actually." Luke peered first at the palm, then the back of his right hand. "Two-Onebee said it would take a couple of weeks for my body to adjust, and lo and behold..." He held up his hand in Wedge’s direction. "It works."

"It was certainly working a moment ago." He folded his arms tightly across his t-shirted chest, as if he could physically hold in the emotions that threatened to burst out. "I know you said you were training while you were gone, but I don’t think I realized how much you’ve changed until now..."

Bare feet padding quietly on the floor, Luke walked towards him, stopping when they were an arm’s length apart. "I’m still me, Wedge. Still Luke."

His scent was in Wedge’s nostrils now, doing crazy things to his mind. And to his body. He swallowed the lump that had formed in his throat. "I know you are."

"So when are you going to stop treating me like some delicate crystal ornament that’s going to shatter at any moment?"

"I... I don’t know what you mean..."

"Yes, you do," whispered Luke, his head tilting to one side. "I know I’ve not been easy to live with since I returned. And the nightmares... well, I guess they’ll never go away. They’re a part of me now, like this hand." He reached out and ran a finger down the length of Wedge’s arm, his eyes following its path as it trailed across rigid muscles. "Do you know what I missed most while I was away?"

Lungs burning, Wedge had to force air inwards before he could manage to speak. "No."

Luke’s finger crept up Wedge’s other arm and across his chest, taut shirt material barely dragging. "I missed the anticipation, the hope that you’d be at home when I got back from a mission." The finger lingered on a shoulder, tracing tiny circles. "I missed waking up with you, too. I know we didn’t get the chance as often as we would have liked, but I don’t think I told you how much it meant to me. You’re so beautiful when you’re asleep." Shoulder... neck... jawline... "I missed the sex, of course, although probably not as much as I thought I would. Swimming in cold water teeming with carnivorous wildlife is pretty good at killing the sex drive. Well, it worked most of the time."

Wedge couldn’t take his eyes off him, off the intensity of his expression as he watched his own finger tracing a path over Wedge’s skin.

Blue eyes finally flicked up and met Wedge’s gaze, and the air between them seemed to condense as the rest of the galaxy drifted into the ether... "But most of all, I missed being inside you. And even though we’ve been sleeping together since I got back, we haven’t... you haven’t..."

Oh, sweet Goddess!

Your mouth on my mouth, your body pressed tightly to mine - I don’t even remember taking you in my arms. I want to posses you, to absorb you, to make you a part of me forever. I slip my tongue into your mouth and coax yours into mine, my hand clamped to the back of your neck, unwilling and unable to allow you to even consider escape.

I want you.

Their lips barely apart, they inhaled each other’s breath.

"I could really use a shower," murmured Luke.


Warm and soft, the water trickled over Wedge’s skin as he braced his arms against the shower wall, Luke Skywalker pounding into him from behind. Steam filled his lungs as he sucked in deep breaths and lost himself in the steady, gratifying rhythm. He shivered when he felt Luke’s tongue slide up his spine.

"You’re gorgeous when you’re wet, Antilles."

An involuntary moan rumbled up from his chest and he squeezed his eyes closed, trying to delay the climax that threatened to overwhelm him.

Instantly Luke stilled, his hands gripping Wedge’s hips with bruising firmness. "Sith, I’m not going to last long."

Luke’s harsh breathing filled Wedge’s ears, a counterpoint to his own gasps for air. He twisted his head to one side, his wet hair plastering itself to his cheek. "Me neither. Just do it."

Luke growled, a low, animalistic noise that was almost enough to send Wedge over the edge by itself. One of the bruising hands relinquished its hold on Wedge’s hip and settled instead on his erection, an unsteady pressure that rose and fell with each subsequent thrust. Once, twice, three times...

Wedge’s climactic yell echoed off the shower walls, then found a different echo in Luke’s shout of release before the two men slid clumsily to the floor. Dragging himself over to the nearest wall, Wedge pulled Luke towards him, settling him between his legs, and caressing his back and neck. "Better?"

"Oh, yeah." Luke nodded wearily, then turned his head to accept a brief kiss. "I really, really needed that."

"Me, too, I guess."

The two sat in companionable silence listening to the water as it rained on the floor and gurgled down the drainage holes. Eventually, Luke heaved a sigh. "We’re wasting water. Better turn it off."

"One day, I am going to take you somewhere where it rains all the time, where there are no water shortages and the local population are glad to get rid of the stuff," announced Wedge, stretching up to the controls on the wall, turning the water off, and replacing it with a hot-air dry cycle. "We have to cure you of this desert-dweller mentality."

Luke leaned back into his lover’s embrace, his eyes drifting shut. "When the war’s over, you can take me anywhere you want."

Smiling, Wedge kissed the nearest available piece of skin, then pillowed his head against Luke’s shoulder. The hot-air blowers around the room continued to pump out a heated, soporific breeze and Wedge could feel himself settling into semi-consciousness, his body warm inside and out...

"Force, I’m going to miss you."

Eyes shut tight, Wedge strengthened his grip around Luke’s chest. "You’re leaving again?"

Luke’s arm rose and wrapped itself around Wedge’s neck, his fingers stroking the nape. "I told you I’d have to go some time. We have to rescue Han..."

I just didn’t think it would be so soon," said Wedge, trying not to snap. "I thought you were going to wait until Chewbacca and this Calrissian character sent word from Tatooine - that is where they’re headed, isn’t it?"

"Yes, but I’d rather attempt a rescue before Fett gets to Jabba’s." Luke’s fingers continued their soothing caress. "And I have other things to do..."

Wedge rubbed his lips gently up and down Luke’s shoulder, acceptance seeping into his brain. "Don’t tell me - Jedi things."

"Yes." He twisted slightly and claimed a wet, open-mouthed kiss. "I’m sorry. I don’t know why you put up with me."

Because I love you. "'No, I guess I don’t know, either."

Luke pulled away slightly, his expression intense. "You don’t have to wait for me, Wedge," he whispered. "I mean, I’m away for months on end, then right after I show up, I’m off again for who knows how long. I’m sure you get plenty of offers..."


"What - you don’t get offers or you don’t take them up?"

Wedge’s hand drifted over Luke’s jawline, but he was unable to meet his gaze, his eyes riveted on the soft, pale skin of a shoulder. "Did we just have a goodbye fuck? Are you telling me that you want to end... us?"

Luke leaned in and brushed his cheek against Wedge’s. "No," he whispered. "I always want you here, waiting for me, ready to pull me together when I fall apart." He pressed a kiss to Wedge’s ear. "But it wouldn’t be fair of me to ask that of you..."

"Is there someone else? You can tell me, Luke - we never said we’d be exclusive."

A short laugh. "I don’t have time for anyone else, Antilles."

"I’m not good enough for you, then. Has someone said something? You should be mixing with royalty and diplomats, not some orphaned Corellian pilot with the ambition of a Gamorrian tree-snail..."

"Wedge." Luke’s hand took a firm grip of Wedge’s chin and forced him to look up. "I don’t give a womprat’s ass what other people think. You took in a naive, mixed-up farm kid from a backwater planet and made him believe he could be someone, could do something useful. Bad times, good times, boring times - you’ve always been there for me, right by my side. Some people are frightened of me - I know it, I can sense it - but not you. I’m different..." His hand dropped from Wedge’s chin. "If anything, I’m not good enough for you."

Pulling him back into his arms, Wedge buried his face in Luke’s neck. "Go rescue your friend, Jedi. I wish I could come with you."

"Me, too." He sighed and then smiled reassuringly. "I’ll be back before you know it. It’s a simple rescue mission, no Imperial involvement. What could possibly go wrong?"

Continued in Part Eight