From Blastsword to Lightsaber
Part One
by Alan (A.K.A Qurinas)

Cast of Characters:

Alliance personnel:
Admiral Ackbar, Mon Calamari Male from Mon Calamari
General Wedge Antilles, Human Male from Corellia
Cheriss Ke Hanadi, Human Female from Adumar

The Rogues:
Colonel Tycho Celchu, Human Male from Alderaan, Rogue One
Lieutenant Nawara Ven, Twi'lek Male from Ryloth, Rogue Two
Major Derek "Hobbie" Klivian, Human male from Ralltiir, Rogue Four
Major Wes Janson, Human Male from Taanab, Rogue Three
Lieutenant Gavin Darklighter, Human Male from Tatooine, Rogue Six
Lieutenant Myn Donos, Human Male from Corellia, Rogue Five
Captain Corran Horn, Human Male from Corellia, Rogue Nine
Lieutenant Ooryl Qyrgg, Gand male from Gand, Rogue Ten
Lieutenant Inyri Forge, Human Female from Kessel, Rogue Eleven

The Wraiths:
Captain Garik "Face" Loran, Human Male from Pantolomin, Wraith One
Lieutenant Tyria Sarkin, Human Female from Toprawa, Wraith Two
Lieutenant Kell Tainer, Human male from Sluis Van, Wraith Three
Flight Officer Hohass "Runt" Ekwesh, Thakwaash male from Thakwaa, Wraith Six
Lieutenant Dia Pissak, Twi'lek female from Ryloth, Wraith Seven
Flight Office Voort "Piggy" saBinring, Gamorrean male from Gamorr, Wraith Eight
Lieutenant Shalla Nelprin, Human female from Ingo, Wraith Nine
Flight Office Elasarr Targon, Devorian male from Devaron, Wraith Eleven

* * * * *

General Wedge Antilles stood on the bridge of New Republic Super Star Destroyer Lusankya. The ship had arrived shortly after the battle with Imperials, which had taken place almost one month ago. The Lusankya had been sent to augment the task force already stationed there overseeing the diplomatic mission now taking place.

The New Republic Fleet now consisted of the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya, The Star Destroyer II Allegiance, and 4 Corellian Corvettes: Vigilance, Hope, Talon, and Nova.

Wedge looked out over the planet. He knew the delegates were negotiating with the Adumari Union Council as he stood there. He felt vulnerable on the bridge knowing that neither Rogue Squadron was not there to assist if the Imperials should again attempt to take the world.

Although he had faith in Highflight and Nova squadrons, they might not be enough to defeat a larger Imperial task force. Especially considering the staggering losses the Adumari forces had taken, which had been so pivotal in their first victory.

Wedge knew that negotiations were nearly at an end, with the likely result of Adumar gaining accpetance into the New Republic. He hoped that the people of Adumar had grown as much as they appeared to during the last battle.

Wedge had begun his duty shift at 0600. A shift he knew would not end until almost dinnertime, if even then. A flashing light on the comm terminal to his right caught his attention. He walked up behind his comm officer and patiently waited for the bad news his gut told him was coming. The comm officer listened for a moment and turned to speak to Wedge.

"General, incoming Priority Message for you from Admiral Ackbar," the young ensign stated.

"I'll take it in my ready room," Wedge informed the ensign, turning away. When he had distanced himself from the bridge crew he muttered under his breath, "I just hope that the Admiral has good news for once."

Wedge glanced around the room as the door closed behind him. The pretentious Imperial décor of the ship's former captain was stifling. But he has procrastinated on making any changes in the hope that he would soon be returning to Starfighter Command . Trying to ignore his surroundings, Wedge sat down at his desk. He keyed his passcode into the holocomm system and watched as Admiral Ackbar's face appeared in front of him.

"Greetings General," Admiral Ackbar said in the gravely tone of a Mon Calamari. "It is good to see you are well after your ordeal."

Wedge shrugged, "Just another day at the office, Admiral."

Ackbar smiled, "Glad to see you are enthusiastic as ever, General Antilles. However, I come bearning the promise of good news to come in the future. Sadly, I can not give it to you at this time."

Wedge raised his eyebrow. "I see..."

Ackbar leaned forward. "I know that you hate things being kept from you, but all will be revealed soon enough."

Wedge sighed. "Such is the way of the soldier"

Ackbar either didn't notice or chose to ignore the sarcasm in Wedge's comment. "Your orders are simple, for the moment, General. You will instruct Coloenl Celchu, as well as Majors Janson and Klivian to return to Rogue Squadron. They will travel to the Hoth system to rendezvous with Home One." He silenced Wedge's questions with a glare then continued.

"You will continue to wait for the delegation to coclude it's mission on Adumar. Once they have finished and returned to the Lusankya depart for Coruscant immediately. You will leave the of the task force at Adumar with the Allegiance assuming command. They will receive their orders at a later time."

Wedge had many questions, but bit them back knowing the futility of inquiring. He waited silently for the Admiral to continue.

"You will also be pleased to know that Cheriss Ke Handi has been accepted to the New Republic Starfighter Training Command and will begin pilot training," Ackbar said. "I have been asked to pass along that both Cheriss Ke Handi and Iella Wessiri will soon receive orders to depart for Coruscant for assignment details in the next few days."

Wedge spoke before he even realized what he was about to say, "And where will Iella be assigned?"

Ackbar looked a bit surprised by the question. He spoke slowly and with a questioning look, "General, Iella Wessiri is an Intelligence Agent. Even if I, a Fleet Admiral, were privy to that information, which I am not, you know I could not share it with you."

Wedge nodded begrudgingly.

Ackbar thought of inquiring further but stopped himself. "General, I look forward to the next time we speak. I am sure you will be quite happy with your next assignment. Smooth seas and warm currents to you. Ackbar out."

The holo image disappeared. Wedge sat back for a moment and contemplated what he had been told. He slammed his fist on the desk. "He had better be right," he muttered. "Politics and the military are becoming too intertwined. Maybe it is time for me to retire."

Wedge left the ready room, walking across the bridge to the lift enroute to Tycho's quarters.

* * * * *

Tycho sat in his quarters reviewing the holos taken from The Allegiance during the battle with the Imperials. There was a tone at the door signaling that he had a visitor.

"Come in," Tycho said.

The door opened to reveal General Wedge Antilles. Wedge looked unhappy as he walked in. Tycho looked up from the holo and was a bit taken aback by Wedge's expression. He flipped off the holo viewer.

"What's the matter?" Tycho asked as he stood.

Wedge shrugged, "Just the same old secrets and confusing orders." Wedge sat down and glanced around Tycho's room. It was decorated with many pieces of Rogue Squadron memorabilia. It was also fairly small, for even on a super star destroyer, space was limited. The spartan chamber appeared even smaller and less appealing after their time of being treated like royalty on Adumar.

Tycho sat back down and waited for Wedge to continue.

"You, Janson and Hobbie are to report back to Rogue Squadron. You will rejoin them aboard Home One in the Hoth system." Wedge sat back and sighed.

"The Hoth system?" Tycho asked. "Why such an out of the way system?"

Wedge shrugged. "I have no idea. Admiral Ackbar gave me the impression you should leave ASAP. Since it is pretty early in the day, you should be able to depart today."

Tycho sighed, "I guess. Not the way I was planning to spend the day. I'll let the guys know, we'll grab breakfast and head out in a couple of hours."

Wedge nodded. "OK, I'll join you for breakfast."

The two headed out in search of Janson and Hobbie, then in search of food. The meal was uneventful. The four pilots sat in the officer's mess, discussing the events of the past weeks and Cheriss' appointment to Starfighter Command. Janson pestered Wedge for more information about the upcoming trip. Unfortunately, Wedge had none to give.

The pilots got up from the table when they had finished their meals. The friends stood around and quickly exchanged hugs, back slaps and goodbyes. When they were finished, Wedge broke off from the group to go to the bridge. The three remaining pilots headed off to their quarters to pack, then on to the flight deck.

As Wedge rode the lift, he reflected on his feelings for a moment. Even though he had no idea what was going on, he did not have that feeling of dread that normally went along with the unknown. He was surprisingly hopeful.

"Maybe this won't be as bad as I thought...Now I just need to see Iella off. The worst is yet to come." Wedge muttered to himself.

Wedge entered the bridge just in time to see a Lambda-class shuttle leaving the hanger bay and begin its outbound course. Wedge's heart sank, guessing his luck had not changes as much as he had thought.

"Flight Ops, where is that shuttle going?" Wedge asked.

The Flight Ops officer turned, "That's the shuttle Pegasus. It arrived about ten minutes after you left the bridge and established a secure commlink to quarters aboard the ship. After the communication ended, it transmitted a high-level security code, so it was cleared for immediate departure."

Wedge looked down, obviously distraught. He turned to the comm station. "Which quarters did the shuttle communicate with?"

The Comm officer looked confused. "Ummm...yours, sir."

Wedge nodded and his head began to spin. `They must have been looking for Iella. How did they know she was in my quarters? Wedge thought to himself as he silently watched the shuttle fly towards the outer edge of the system. The shuttle accelerated quickly and disappeared in a flash of light into hyperspace.

Wedge flopped down into his chair and proceeded to sulk. After about half an hour of sulking, he heard the Flight Operations Officer address him.

"Sir, Rogue flight is requesting departure clearance." Although the Flight Ops Officer didn't need to clear it with General Antilles, he knew that Wedge would want to be informed.

Wedge thanked the Comm Officer before he stood and made his way to the bridge window. He saw the X-Wings come up from under the Lusankya directly off her bow. The X-Wings streaked a few meters above the deck. Their noses came up and they performed perfectly synchronized barrel rolls directly in front of the bridge as they roared past.

Wedge smirked. "Show boats..."

* * * * *

The Mon Calamari cruiser Home One orbited the frozen planet of Hoth. Home One had been on station almost a month when Tycho, Janson, and Hobbie arrived from Adumar. They were surprised to find that the Rogues and Wraiths were the only squadrons assigned to Home One.

They were even more surprised to see the Wraiths at all. Since they had become an Intellegence Unit, the Rogues had heard very little of their sister squadron and seen even less. Tycho pondered their presense on the ship for a moment before he stopped wrestling with it. He was sure he would find out why they were there soon enough.

Barely an hour after the three returning Rogues had landed, Admiral Ackbar called for a meeting of both squadrons.

Tycho, Janson and Hobbie entered the briefing room in their flight suits having barely had time to drop their bags in their quarters before the briefing. Janson however, did have time to don the ridiculous looking cape he had picked up on Adumar before joining his friends. It was obvious to the returning pilots that neither the Rogues nor the Wraiths had done anything exciting, they could see it in their eyes.

The pilots crowded around the returnees, with a few snickers and stares directed at Janson. Tycho and the others were bombarded with questions from the bored pilots who were searching for anything to break up the monotony of deep space duty with no action.

But their desires would not be sated because within a minute Admiral Ackbar entered the room. Corran Horn was the first to notice his presence.

Corran shouted out. "Pilots attention!"

The pilots scurried to their seats and came to attention in front of them. Admiral Ackbar made his way to the podium and stood for a moment looking out at the assembled pilots.

"Thank you, ladies and gentlemen. You may be seated," Ackbar stated and watched as the pilots sat down making themselves comforatble and pulling out datapads.

Admiral Ackbar cleared his throat and began. "The information I am about to pass onto you is classified. We will be on station here in the Hoth system for an undetermined amount of time. Your commanders will utilize this time to perform administrative and training functions until your mission is revealed."

Corran Horn raised his hand. Ackbar nodded in his direction. Corran rose and spoke. "Admiral, what exactly will that mission be?"

Ackbar smiled a bit. "I can not yet tell you many details about your mission. However, I can tell you that you will be moved off of Home One and be taking up residence at Hoth base."

The gathered pilots gasped before muttering could be heard throughout the briefing room. Only a few of them had been with Rogue Squadron when they had been stationed there when the New Republic was still the Rebel Alliance. However, they had all heard the horror stories.

Ackbar waited for the muttering to cease. "I will advise you when the move will be made. It will not be for another couple of weeks. I also wanted to inform you that the newer members of your squadrons will not be assigned to this mission. They are on temporary duty elsewhere."

Ackbar looked over to Colonel Celchu and Captain Loran. "Gentlemen, after completion of the general briefing you will stay to discuss a training schedule."

Both men replied in unison. "Yes sir."

"Any other questions?" Admiral Ackbar gave a quick glance around at the gathered pilots and took in their looks of horror at what they had just been told. "Dismissed." The pilots rose and made their way to the door.

After everyone else had left, Ackbar turned to Tycho and Face. "You will prepare your squadrons to defend Home One against an attack made by a numerically superior force. Simulation runs will be made beginning in a few weeks. In the mean time, you will continue with training flights to familiarize yourself with this system. Preparations will also be made to upgrade the old rebel base on Hoth for use in our current mission."

Ackbar paused for questions, when he received none he began again. "Today, feel free to take everyone out for a run around the system to get in some flight time. The simulation is Sierra-Six-Three- Delta. It is designed for one squadron at a time. The opponents are completely computer controlled, so those of you who are not part of the simulation will not be needed to assume the roles of the aggressors."

Tycho and Face sat there and took it all in. Face turned to Ackbar. "Sir, if I may inquire? The Wraiths were transferred away from Starfighter Command to Intelligence. I was under the impression that there were no plans to ever redeploy us as a fighter squadron."

Ackbar contemplated for a minute. "Your squadron's skills are going to be needed for the upcoming mission. Security is going to be of the utmost concern. So, instead of bringing in assitional personel to perform a counter-intelligence function, the Wraiths will satisfy that requirement. There will also be a need of the squadron's ground assault and infiltration capabilities"

Face and Tycho looked more confused but remained silent. Ackbar had told them their purpose, but neither could come up with any idea as to what the mysterious mission could be.

"The last thing we need to discuss is security procedures. No incoming or outgoing transmissions may be made. There will be a time in a few weeks when we will travel out of system to make both operational and personal correspondence." Ackbar looked to the two men. "If there are no other questions, you are dismissed."

Both men rose, saluted before exiting the room. They knew where the other pilots were most likely gathered, the Pilot's Galley. Tycho and Face began to make their way there. They knew their pilot's would be anxiously awaiting their commanders to arrive so they could pump them for information. Hoping it would improve morale, the two officers planned to oblige them as much as they could.

* * * * *

Corran Horn sat with Ooryl Qyrgg and Nawara Ven in the galley that the Rogues and Wraiths tended to frequent. They had just sat down with their mugs of caf.

Corran looked around at the other two men. "So, ideas?"

Nawara was the first to speak. "It is obvious that whatever this mission is, it is very important. They brought both the Wraiths and us in for it. It is also obvious that it is a high security mission, none of the new members of the squadrons are deployed with us."

Corran shrugged. "True, it just seems odd that we are out in the middle of nowhere with very little fighter cover assigned to the New Republic's Flagship."

Ooryl looked up from his mug. "Qyrgg knows not what is meant to happen. Qyrgg just hopes it happens soon."

The three men looked at each other and held up their mugs. "Hear, hear!"

Tycho and Face entered as the Rogues were drinking their toast. The pilots stood and motioned them over. Tycho smiled and took a seat. "Where is everyone?"

"No idea." Corran shrugged. "Probably either in their quarters or writing last messages to loved ones. Which, now that I am thinking about it, is probably what I should be doing for Mirax."

Face smirked. "Yes the final farewell. I had that feeling too, but it appears, for now, all the secrecy is for nothing."

The others looked dubiously towards Tycho. "It's true, at least as far as I can tell. Just training exercises for the time being. What will come later is not being told to us. My guess is, Admiral Ackbar doesn't even know the exact purpose of the mission to follow the exercises." Tycho said.

Corran turned back to Face. "What about your unit's Intelligence assignment. I thought you were no longer with Starfighter Command?"

Face stood and placed his hands on his hips in a heroic pose. "When and where the Rogues will need saving, we'll be there."

The four Rogues nearly spit out their Caf in surprise. Face smirked, but quickly changed his answer fearing the potnetial hail of caf mugs. "Actually I still have no idea why we are here. Other than what Tycho has already mentioned. I have no further information," Face confessed with a more serious tone.

Tycho stood up. "Well it appears we have work to do for now. We are scheduled to take a training flight around the system today. We start sim work in a few weeks. Until then just basic training flights and preparing our new home." Tycho turned to his Executive Officer Nawara Ven. "Lieutenant, please gather all the pilots in the briefing room in one hour."

Nawara finished off his caf and stood. "Yes, sir."

For the next three weeks the pilots of Rogue and Wraith squadrons flew, what they thought was aimlessly, around the Hoth system and prepared for a life of hell on the frozen world. Contrary to the Admiral's first instructions, they did not do any work on their new base.

* * * * *

Cheriss Ke Hanadi pitched her Incom T-65 fighter into a tight descending right turn. The `Ugly' that was on her tail was made up of a combination of a Z-95 and an Y-wing. It could not keep up with her turn and began to overshoot. She turned the X-Wing then into a tight turn left and dropped in behind the `Ugly'. When her target reticle went green, she turned her laser selector to quad-fire and squeezed the trigger. Her lasers converged on the craft and the ugly broke apart like an overripe fruit.

Cheriss flew through the cloud of debris and kicked her fighter into a victory roll. Just as she had completed her maneuver the screen in front of her went dark. She calmly took her hands from the controls and rubbed her eyes. She hit the button to her right to open the canopy to the simulator she was sitting in.

She emerged from the cockpit of the simulator. She looked around at the other students in her group and she knew by their faces that she had done it. She had broken the student record for "The Pirates of Red Fang" simulation. She also knew that she was now obligated to buy the rest of her flight drinks at the bar that night.

She smiled as her fellow students began to cheer and applaud. She trotted over to where the rest of the members of her flight had gathered, took them by the arms, and headed off in the direction of the squadron's favorite watering hole.

* * * * *

Wedge was growing impatient. A month ago it had appeared that the negotiations with the Council of Adumar were almost complete. However, he was still orbiting the world waiting.

He had been without people to talk to since Iella and the Rogues left. The following day he had seen Cheriss off to pilot training. Even though he was happy for her to get her chance at pilot training and to lessen some of the awkwardness involving them, he was unhappy that he would have basically no friends left onboard to talk with.

General Wedge Antilles now stood, as he had everyday for the last month, on the bridge of the Super Star Destroyer Lusankya. He remained there allowing his bad mood to fester.

"Sir." The Comm Officer turned to him. "The delegation has completed their negotiations. Adumar has been accepted as a probationary member of the New Republic."

Wedge smiled. "That's the best news I've heard in weeks. Comm, when should we expect them?"

The Comm officer repeated the question through his set. He listened for a moment then replied, "They will be ready to depart after tomorrow evening's banquet."

Wedge smiled, some of his dark mood evaporating in the light of the good news he had just received. "Tell them we anxiously await their arrival."

* * * * *

Tycho stood at the top of the ladder getting ready to climb into his simulator. The Rogues were ready to take their first run at simulation Sierra-Six-Three-Delta. He climbed in and closed the canopy behind him. He began to flip the necessary switches to bring the simulator to life.

When the simulator was powered up and ready, it showed the hanger of Home One directly in front of him. He spoke "Rogue Check," listening for all his pilots to check in.

"Rogue Two, go," Nawara Ven responded crisply.

"Rogue Three, ready to write another page of history," Wes Janson quipped.

"Rogue Four, four lit and green," Hobbie said.

" Rogue Five, go," Myn stated.

"Rogue Six, four green," Gavin said.

"Rogue Nine, ready," Corran stated.

"Rogue Ten, ready for flight," Ooryl responded.

"Rogue Eleven, ready to go it alone," Inyri sarcastically stated.

With the less experienced Rogues and Wraiths having been assigned elsewhere, due to the increased security surrounding this mission, the squadrons were short members. Tycho hoped that they had taken that into consideration when they wrote the simulation.

Tycho keyed his mic, "Inyri, you will fly in a flight of three with Nawara and myself."

"You got it boss," Inyri responded.

Tycho spoke again, "Home One flight control, Rogue Leader. Flight of nine x-wings ready for departure."

All the Rogues heard the controller respond. "Rogue Squadron cleared for departure. Depart by flight, assume standard defense screen."

Tycho engaged his repulsor lifts as he issued departure orders, "Flight One depart, Flight Two and Three depart, twenty second separation." Tycho eased his X-Wing towards the hanger port and engaged his main drive just as he reached the door. The three X- Wings shot into space, accelerating quickly.

The other flights departed without incident. The full squadron formed up and began its normal patrolling process. After a few minutes of quiet, it was time for the fun to start. An Imperial Victory Class Star Destroyer emerged out of hyperspace about fifty klicks off the bow of Home One.

Tie Bombers began to pour forth from the Star Destroyer. After they had all emerged, a squadron of Tie Interceptors followed. There were now twenty-four craft headed toward the Mon Calamari Cruiser.

Tycho wheeled his fighter to the left to bring him head to head with the oncoming fighters. He engaged his comm, "Flights one and two engage the squints, Flight three engage the dupes."

Corran smirked and responded as leader of three flight. "I see you guys get to be the heroes. Rogue Ten follow me in."

"Cut the chatter, Nine," Tycho barked. "Break by flight. Fire at will." He actually regretted snapping at Corran. The odds they were facing weren't that bad, but he did not want his pilots to become lackadaisical about more than two to one odds.

Tycho lead his flight of X-Wings into a head to head with the approaching squints. He watched as his target reticle went green and fired a quad laser blast into the leader. He was rewarded with the sight of the port solar panel spinning away from the ball cockpit. The crippled fighter exploded moments later. Tycho looked down at his display to see four other Interceptors wink out of existence.

Corran turned his fighter onto its starboard s-foil. He swung the fighter around to engage another flight of bombers. They had rained a barrage of fire in their first pass claiming two dupes. Corran got one and Ooryl got the other. Corran had just fallen in behind the next flight of bombers when everything fell apart.

Corran saw an Interdictor Cruiser come out of hyperspace directly behind Home One. An instant later another Imperial Star Destroyer, this one a Mark II, emerged between the Interdictor and Home One. Corran switched his lasers to single fire and began to rudder his fighter back and forth spitting bolts into the flight of bombers ahead of him. The combined fire of his flight destroyed all four bombers.

Corran keyed his mic, "Rogue Nine to Rogue Leader, we've got big problems. An Interdictor and an Impstar Deuce just came out of hyperspace practically on top of Home One."

Tycho looked down at his sensor read out and saw the awful truth. Corran was right, now they just needed a plan or more appropriately a miracle. Tycho turned his fighter hard to port firing at a damaged interceptor, destroying it as he turned to an intercept heading for the Interdictor Cruiser. He spoke into the comm to instruct the rest of the squadron. "Rogues turn to intercept that Interdictor, prepare to dual fire proton torpedoes on my mark."

The Rogues acknowledged in turn and began their run at the Interdictor. The distance indicator in Corran's fighter rolled down towards firing range. Corran switched his torpedoes to dual fire and waited. As they approached, the turbo lasers from the Deuce and Interdictor were thick. Suddenly the incoming fire stopped just as the x-wings closed to optimum firing range.

Corran heard Tycho's orders coming through the comm, "Rogues fire on my mark …three …two …one …mark!". As Corran heard the words he squeezed the trigger on his flight control stick. He saw the eighteen blue streaks of proton torpedoes heading toward the Interdictor. Whistler screamed a warning. Corran broke hard starboard and looked down at his sensors to see what Whistler was warning him about.

The space around Corran's X-Wing was filled with the red streaks of concussion missiles. Corran continued his turn and looked at the new targets on his sensors. He saw four full squadrons of Tie Defenders, or "trips" as the pilots called them.

The incoming missile warning lit up as Whistler began his high pitched tone that indicated the same. He took a snap shot at a Tie Defender that crossed his path, and cleanly missed. Corran looked up to see two incoming missiles. He waited until they were almost on him and broke down and to port. The first missile could not keep up with his turn. The second however, got close enough for the proximity fuse to go off. Corran's X-Wing bucked with the impact. Corran looked down to see his front shields had collapsed and his rear shields were at twenty-eight percent. His indicators also revealed damage to his port s-foil and both engines on that same side. Corran muttered to himself, "This is not good."

Tycho looked down at his sensors as he turned away from an incoming concussion missile. He watched as Rogue Eleven, Rogue Five and Rogue Six disappeared from his display. His heart sank for a moment, and then he remembered that it was only a simulation. He visualized their canopies opening and the three pilots climbing out, cursing and complaining.

A flash brightened the area around the Interdictor Cruiser. The proton torpedoes had struck, causing serious damage to the ship. It was now limping further away from Home One. However, the Imperial Deuce was supplying it enough cover to make an escape to a safer position.

By the time Tycho glanced at his scanners again he noticed he was one of three surviving Rogues: Rogue One, Rogue Nine and Rogue Three. However, that was soon to change. He saw that Rogue Nine's X-Wing was badly damaged and was being swarmed. The damaged X-Wing just couldn't compete with the trips, and a small explosion informed Tycho of Rogue Nine's fate.

"Rogue Three form up on me. We'll make a run to Home One and follow them out of range of the interdictor cruiser." Tycho spoke as he keyed his mic. He awaited a response but heard nothing. He looked down again to see that Rogue Three was among the lost.

The Rogues had done well, but not well enough. They had taken out almost three squadrons of Tie Defender but all but one of them had been lost and Tycho knew he wasn't far behind.

Tycho wheeled his fighter towards Home One. He saw that the Mon Calamari cruiser had taken quite a bit of damage but had returned it three fold to the Imperial Star Destroyer. Tycho got as close as he could before the remaining Tie Defenders were on him. He turned to engage.

Tycho saw a Defender off to his port side. He switched his lasers to single fire and turned head to head with the defender and fired as fast as his lasers would cycle. He saw green bolts from the Tie striking his forward shield. He feinted a turn to starboard, but quickly came back port to fire a last burst at the Tie Defender as it turned. Tycho was rewarded as he saw of one of the three solar panels come flying off the craft, which then tumbled and disintegrated.

Tycho turned to engage the next Tie Defender when he saw another ship emerge from Hyperspace. It was another Mon Calamari Cruiser, the Mon Remonda. Her escort ships appeared an instant later. Tycho heard the missile indicator alarm and reflexively broke hard to port and down towards Hoth. An instant later the simulator screen turned black and the canopy began to rise.

He looked out of his simulator to see the faces of his frustrated pilots looking back at him.

Continued in Part Two