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Three Day Pass
Part Seven
by Alan AKA Qurinas

Jaina Solo awoke in an awkward position. Her neck was craned hard to the right and her face was mashed against the pillow while her left leg hung over the side of the bed. She was still dressed in the same outfit she had worn the night before. Her head was filled with a dull ache and her mouth was as dry as the Dune Sea.

Her right arm reached out for something though even as she made the motion, Jaina didn't realize what exactly she was reaching for. Then it occurred to her. Anni. Memories of the previous evening came back to her. By the Force, today is going to be awkward, she immediately thought. But the more she considered it, the less she agreed with her original thought.

Nothing had happened the evening before when both ladies were under the influence of the many cocktails they had consumed. And what little that had, Jaina was pretty sure she was more than comfortable with. So, what is the problem, Jaina? she asked herself rhetorically.

She didn't even attempt to answer her mental query and, instead, simply tried to stand. A groan that seemed to start at her toes before making its way through her entire body escaped her as she did. The room seemed to spin and the light hurt her eyes. She could feel the lines on her face where the pillow had left its mark. You must be some sight right about now.

Almost as she had a premonition a moment before, Jaina heard a snicker behind her. "Well, well. It seems that you, Lieutenant Solo, are a bit of a light weight," she heard from behind her in a voice she immediately recognized as Anni's. "You do your Corellian heritage a dishonor."

Reaching for the closest soft object, Jaina grabbed a pillow from the bed and hurled it in Anni's direction. Jaina was rewarded with an "ooouff" from behind her as she made her way to the refresher.

A short time later, Jaina emerged from the refresher in a fresh flight suit and feeling much better. Anni smiled at her as Jaina entered the living room of their suite where Anni was seated on the couch. "I guess I should have slowed you down. I should have realized you probably weren't the Galaxy's heaviest drinker."

Jaina considered her friend's words for a moment. Her thoughts immediately went to her father's behavior when Chewbacca had died. For a moment Jaina was offended by Anni's comments but she quickly realized her friend was just having fun with her and meant nothing by it.

"Well, I guess I just can't keep up with the Master," Jaina replied with a sarcastic bow before flopping down on the couch and putting her hand over her eyes.

Anni chuckled at her wingmate as she moved to stand. "By the way, these were dropped off for you this morning," Anni said as she picked up a stack of datapads off a nearby table and set them on the couch beside Jaina. "So, you should take a look at those while I take care of something."

Jaina picked up the first of the datapads and began to look it over before Anni's words sunk in. She looked up to give her a raised eyebrow and a suspicious grin but all she saw was Anni's back as she walked out the door.

Deciding to let Anni go about whatever she had planned without interference from her, Jaina began to peruse the information on the datapads. It took her far longer than it should have, for her head was still not in the best of shape.

The pads contained specific information regarding the munitions they were tasked with escorting back to the Ralroost. After about an hour of going over birthing assignments, loading weight, safety procedures, loading schedules and astrogation routes, Jaina took a short break to have a couple tall glasses of water and some fruit to settle her stomach.

It took the better part of the rest of the morning to process the information and to supply more information that was requested of her. For most of it, she just went out to her X-wing and had Sparky work up the nav routes and other astrogation questions that were asked of her.

About twenty minutes after Jaina had completed everything and was convinced there was nothing left to do in preparation for the convoy's departure the following morning, Anni came back to their suite. She wore a wide, mischievous grin like she was up to something. "So, is everything set for tomorrow?" she asked.

Jaina shrugged. "Appears to be, though if it weren't for Sparky's help, I wouldn't have wanted to bet my life on those hyperspace plots."

Sitting in a plush chair near the couch, Anni asked, "So, what are we going to do with the last day of our R and R?" The grin she wore when she entered hadn't disappeared.

"Forgive my keen observation enhanced by my Jedi abilities," Jaina began with a joking smile, "But, you seem to already have a plan in mind so why are you bothering to ask me?"

Anni raised her hands in surrender. "How foolish of me to try and put one over on a Jedi." She stood and lowered her hands and held them out to help Jaina up. "If you have not already stolen the thoughts from my mind, I would prefer it be a surprise, so let's go."

Accepting her offer of help, Jaina took Anni's hand. After Anni pulled her up, it became clear that she had no intention of releasing Jaina's hand. She then led her out of the room and down the corridors leading to the lift.

Enjoying the warmth and comfort of holding Anni's hand, Jaina began to think about what others might think if they saw them together. They entered the lift and the doors closed before it began its descent. What if someone saw us? she thought. I am honestly not too sure what the rules are regarding fraternization between officers. Though, from what little I do know, I don't think we are violating any of those rules. But is it appropriate to show such casually personal behavior in public, in uniform, while on a diplomatic mission? And, as much as I hate to admit, what would be people think seeing two women holding hands?

Jaina still wasn't sure what she should say when the tone sounded indicating they had reached their floor. Before the doors opened, Anni released her hand. Jaina looked at her wondering if she had known what she was thinking but, if Anni did, her expression didn't betray it.

Soon they were in a small military ground transport on their way out of the city. If Jaina remembered correctly, they seemed to be headed in the direction of the Cartann Bladedome. But, not wanting to ruin her friend's surprise or enjoyment thereof with questions, Jaina sat quietly.

Anni offered Jaina nothing during the ride except for an occasional warm glance or smile. She kept her hands neatly folded in her lap and her mouth mute. Even as they were allowed past the gates of the Bladedome Jaina had suspected was their destination, Anni remained silent.

Only when their transport came to a halt in front of a small hanger did Anni speak. "Well, here we are." She hopped out and waited for Jaina to do the same before walking over to the structure. As they neared the door, it opened to reveal their Liaison Officer, Hassiss ji Rytt.

"Good day, Lieutenant Capstan," he said with a nod to Anni before turning to Jaina. "And to you, Lieutenant Solo." They both greeted him with smiles. "I'm sure you will find everything as you requested, Lieutenant Capstan."

"I'm sure it'll be fine. Thank you for your help, Lord ji Rytt."

"Enjoy yourselves," he said before offering them a bow and departing for the waiting transport.

Jaina considered asking Anni what exactly she had been doing and if she understood the potential problems involving a foreign officer might entail, but she stopped herself. Clearly Anni did know. Now whether she cared or not was another question entirely.

Stepping through the door, it took a moment for their eyes to adjust. When they did, they saw a lone craft sitting in the center of the spacious hanger. It bore a strong resemblance to the Blade fighters but had a few slight differences. Its wings were slightly longer as was its fuselage and instead of one seat there were two, set up in a side-by-side configuration. It was painted a striking shade of crimson, much like the color of blood.

Anni let out a soft whistle. "Amazing, isn't she? I had no idea this is what they would supply me when I asked."

"Oh?" Jaina asked innocently.

"I asked them for a two-seat fighter we could use for the day," she said, turning to face Jaina. "They said all they had was the Scythe Bomber, which was roughly equivalent to Y-wings."

Jaina cast her eyes back to the ship, it had sleek lines and didn't have the mass of a Y-wing. As if voicing her thought, Anni added, "Though it looks like this baby could fly rings around an E- wing, let alone a Wishbone." She made a mocking grimace as she mentioned the bomber by its nickname.

"Yeah, I would say so," Jaina admitted. "So, what now?"

"We hop on in and see what she can do," Anni exclaimed excitedly. "Agreed?"

Instead of answering, Jaina leapt forward and jogged toward the ship. Anni ran up beside her and nudged Jaina with her elbow. The two playfully pushed back and forth, trying to gain headway to see who would sit in the left seat. With one final big step and a drop of the shoulder, Anni edged Jaina out.

Anni quickly climbed onto the wing and reached for one of the sets of flightgear sitting in the cockpit. Jaina did the same and they each took a few minutes to acquaint themselves with and don the unfamiliar equipment. A few minutes later, the two Rogues were belted into the seats of the Scythe-Class Bomber and were leafing through the pre-flight checklist.

When they were done, the engines on the ship roared to life. Without much pretense and after a couple last-minute checks, Anni fed power to the repulsorlifts. "And away we go!" she exclaimed as she reached for a button on the commpanel. She pressed it and the doors to the hanger slid open. When there was barely enough room to allow the ship through, Anni jammed the throttles forward and they rocketed out of the hanger and into a dizzying climb.

Throwing the yoke to the left, the bomber spun around its axis for several rolls before Anni snapped the control yoke back bringing the roll to a halt as the bomber was inverted. Pulling the craft through a tight split-S, the Corellian brought the fighter back straight and level at about six thousand meters above the ground.

Jaina's eyes were wide as she looked around. "Wow, I thought this thing would perform like an E-wing."

"Yeah, not that the E-wing is bad for a bomber. In fact, it blows the Wishbone away. But, the Scythe Bomber is even better than the E- wing," Anni declared. She tapped her fingertips on the yoke before removing her hand from it. "Give it a try, Sticks."

"Yes, Ma'am," Jaina said with a smile before taking the controls. She guided the Scythe along straight and level for a few moments, trying to think back on all the years of flight training she had received and tricks she had been taught by some of the best pilots in the entire Galaxy. Memories of her Uncle Luke teaching her a few maneuvers he had picked up during the Rebellion came to her mind. Inspired by them, she whipped the agile craft through a complex and dizzying series of rolls, loops and steep turns.

Throughout, both women seemed to revert to little girls standing at the front window of a candy store. After nearly half an hour of demanding flying, with Jaina and Anni each taking turns, the banks and climbs became gentler and their attention turned from aerobatics to sightseeing.

Descending to one hundred meters above the ground, both women looked about them and enjoyed the scenery. Jaina continued to fly along and out of the corner of her eye she saw that Anni kept looking over at her. She looked away each time Jaina turned towards her, most likely to prevent Jaina from noticing her stares.

It was clear Anni wanted to say something and whatever it was weighed heavily on her mind. But I think it is probably best to let her bring it up in her own time, Jaina thought. Even though she wasn't ready to admit it to herself, Jaina wasn't sure she was ready to hear what Anni might choose to say. Though the anxious curiosity Jaina felt made it unclear to her whether she was ready or not.

Finally, even as she continued looking out the window, Anni said softly, "Sticks, I wanted to talk about last night."

A nervous tightness formed in Jaina's chest and her heart beat a little faster. "What about?" Jaina asked trying to sound nonchalant as she gently banked the fighter onto a new heading.

"Well," she began again slowly, before taking a deep breath. "I meant what I said about Casey and that not living my life to the fullest would be a disservice to not only her, but to me as well." Jaina nodded to let Anni know she was paying attention but couldn't think of any verbal reply.

Anni seemed to stop in mid-thought and began looking about the landscape out the canopy. After a few moments, she pointed off towards a sparse forest a few klicks away. "Why don't you set her down over there, Sticks." Anni smiled impishly at her.

Jaina was about to ask but then decided against it. It's supposed to be a surprise, Jaina thought. So I guess I shouldn't ask. She returned the smile, though hers was much less mischievous, and banked the bomber in the direction Anni indicated.

It only took a few minutes of flying to pick out a clearing that could accommodate the small ship. When they found one, Jaina flew the approach and landed the fighter smoothly, tucking it neatly between a few sparse trees on the bank of a small pond. As Jaina powered down the craft, Anni opened the canopy and hopped out. Jaina could tell by her speedy exit that Anni was up to something; something she wanted to finish before Jaina got out.

Slowing her pace, it took Jaina several minutes to complete her task while keeping her attention inside the cockpit. When she was finally done and giving the task any more time would have been suspicious, she climbed out of the bomber to see Anni laying out a large blanket in the shade of a large, solitary tree close to the pond. Under the tree were several containers Jaina couldn't identify.

Walking over, Jaina stopped to stand at the side of the blanket. "And what is all this?" she asked with a warm smile.

"Well," Anni began, returning the grin. "I thought that we had spent far too much time at little social occasions and all that while we were supposed to be relaxing." Anni began opening the containers before laying their contents out on the blanket. She then took out a bottle of wine and two glasses. "I thought it would be nice to have a quite, pleasant lunch out here where we are able to enjoy the Adumari countryside."

Jaina was really happy. She didn't realize how nice such a thing would be until she was actually away from all the diplomatic functions and out in the country with her friend. Stepping over the blanket, she reached and pulled Anni into a friendly embrace. "Thank you," Jaina said happily. "This was a great idea."

Anni seemed a bit surprised by Jaina's gesture but quickly recovered and wrapped her arms around Jaina's back. Anni tightened the embrace, gently pressing their bodies together. She felt the pleasant crush of Jaina's breasts against hers.

A bit surprised by the change of intent in the embrace, Jaina still did not move. Her mind began to think as furiously as it had the previous night about everything that might be involved in taking this step with her friend. Jaina also realized, due to a gross lack of experience, she couldn't even really begin to guess what might become of such a thing.

Anni was actually the one to break the hug first. Jaina was still deep in thought and absently let Anni go. Moving to sit on the blanket, Anni patted a spot right next to her. "Well, don't just stand there. Let's enjoy our picnic."

Sitting down, but in a spot a little further from Anni than she had suggested, Jaina said, "Sounds like a plan to me."

Taking a moment to look at what Anni had laid out, Jaina was surprised by just how much there was. Even Anni was quite impressed and expressed that she would need to thank Lord ji Rytt again for his help.

The two girls began to pick at the assorted food in front of them. Most of the portions were very small allowing Anni and Jaina to each take a taste before moving on to something new and different. Anni poured them each a small glass of wine to go with their lunch.

As they ate, they chatted about lighter subjects than what Jaina had expected after Anni's comment in the cockpit. Though, as they talked, Anni would often reach over for a gentle touch that brought color to Jaina's cheeks. By the time they were getting to dessert, Jaina had finished her glass of wine and poured herself a new one.

Before Jaina could raise the glass to her lips, she felt Anni's hand gently rest on her forearm. "I think you should hold off on the second glass," Anni said. "We still need to fly back when we're done." Jaina considered rebutting, for she knew a second glass of wine wouldn't impede her flying, but she saw something in Anni's eyes. Jaina wasn't sure exactly what it was but she decided to let the subject drop.

Anni smiled and reached for a large berry in one of the containers. It was about the size of the space between thumb and index finger when she touched them tip-to-tip. She handed one to Jaina before taking one for herself. Jokingly, Anni touched her berry to Jaina's in a mock toast. They smiled at each other and each took a bite.

As Jaina's teeth broke the berry's skin, a spray of juice escaped and some even dribbled down her chin. The berry was pleasantly tart as the juice ran over her lips and tongue. Quickly, Jaina took two more bites and raised her hand to wipe her chin.

Anni put her berry down and, with surprising speed, took hold of Jaina's wrist. She looked at Anni quizzically. Something in Anni's eyes smoldered as she met Jaina's gaze. "Hey, Sticks," Anni whispered huskily as she leaned closer to her. "You seem to have gotten a little on your chin. Let me get that for you."

Shocked by Anni's sudden forwardness, Jaina didn't move. Though, later, Jaina was sure she wouldn have pulled away even if she hadn't been so surprised. She wouldn't have wanted to. Anni's parted lips pressed over Jaina's chin conveying pleasantly warm moisture as she gently sucked the berry juice of Jaina's chin.

Closing her eyes, Jaina sighed enjoying the electrifying sensation. Anni pulled back slightly, her own eyes half shut, and leaned until her lips were almost touching Jaina's. "Jaina," she whispered. "I have wanted this for a while now." She licked her lips nervously. "But, if you don't, just tell me and I'll stop right now."

Thoughts swelled in Jaina's mind. By the Force, she thought. What should I do? I mean, I like Anni…but…but… "But…what?", was the question she couldn't answer. Her internal monologue continued for a few moments while both women sat, unmoving, with their eyes closed. It went on for so long that Anni had just started to pull away, a small frown coming to her lips, when Jaina forcibly dispelled the last thought with one word: Live.

Leaning forward, Jaina pressed her lips to Anni's. At first, the kiss was tight but slowly Jaina parted her lips as Anni pressed her tongue against and then slowly past them. Tasting the sweet juices of the dessert, Jaina relented to Anni allowing her to take full control of the kiss.

Feeling Anni's arms come up to clasp behind her neck, Jaina allowed Anni to guide her to lie back on the blanket. Not wanting to break the kiss, Jaina put her own hands gently on Anni cheeks to guide her down as well. In a series of motions as elaborate as any lightsaber duel, Jaina's tongue began to match moves with Anni's as she felt a pleasant warmth building between her thighs.

Jaina began to gently suck on Anni's lower lip, drawing it between hers as the passion of their kiss built. Slipping her hands from Anni's face, she felt Anni turn to lie on her side and guide Jaina to roll to mirror her position. When they had finished shifting about in search of comfortable spots, Anni's hands began to lightly rub Jaina's back and moved to her side. Enjoying the sensation Anni's caress, Jaina gently ran her fingernails through the back of Anni's hair and lightly across her neck before removing the tie that held Anni's hair in her typical "I'm flying today" ponytail.

Reluctantly, Jaina broke the kiss and pulled back to look at Anni. Both of their cheeks were flushed and their hair was starting to look more than a little wild, due not only to wearing their flight helmets but also to their current endeavors. "You look very pretty with your hair down," Jaina said softly, her blush deepening.

"Thank you, Sticks," Anni answered, as smiled genuinely at her friend. She then leaned down to kiss Jaina's neck. Anni's lips brushed against her skin and each touch seemed to send a bolt of electricity though Jaina. Each kiss became longer and harder as Jaina began to breath heavier and a moan even escaped her lips.

Jaina tried to move her head so that she could mimic Anni's attentions. But Anni clasped her lips to Jaina's neck and began to suck hungrily. Even though Jaina had lifted herself in preparation to attend to Anni, she immediately slumped back down.

A throaty moan emerged from Jaina as she urged Anni on by wrapping her hands in her friend's hair, holding her mouth in place on her neck. Anni's hands moved from Jaina's back and side to rest on her shoulders. Slowly, agonizingly so, Anni began to move her hands lightly across her chest. When her fingers neared the swell of Jaina's breasts, Anni skirted around them, teasing the tender flesh hidden beneath the flightsuit. Anni broke away from Jaina's neck and began to run her lips and tongue upward, along the soft arch of her neck to teasingly lick at an earlobe.

Jaina began to squirm under all the attention and just below her belly she felt sensations she had only felt in the dark of night when she was alone with nothing but her imagination.

Anni's hand reached for the zipper on Jaina's flightsuit. She paused, waiting to see how her friend would react. The redhead's heart pounded nervously, fearful that Jaina might reject her advances.

The young Jedi's heart pounded in her chest as well as the felt the tug on the zipper up near her neck, though her reasons were slightly different from Anni's. Jaina wanted to let her friend…. she wanted to share things with Anni she had never shared with another but she was scared. Not of Anni, but of the very idea. She dwelled on this for a moment before her body decided for her, reacting in a way that Anni found most flattering.

Slowly arching her back to apply pressure to where Anni was holding the zipper, Jaina started it moving southward. Without any need for further consent, or even coaxing, Anni slowly slid it to the stop between Jaina's thighs.

Easing her hand through the front opening, Anni ran her fingernails lightly over Jaina's left breast. The thin white tanktop offered very little resistance and Jaina thought she would leap out of her skin as Anni grazed her nipple, which stood hard and pronounced in excitement. Her back began to arch into each teasing rake of Anni's nails. But Anni was soon wise to her lover's ploy and teasingly moved her hand away just before she touched Jaina's nipple. After a few times, she heard Jaina moan, "Please…", leaving the word to hang in the air.

Answering the request, Anni took her mouth from Jaina's ear and quickly ducked to latch onto Jaina's nipple through the thin material of her undershirt. Leaning her head just slightly more forward, Anni rested her forehead on Jaina's chest and pressed against her, urging her to roll again to lie flat on her back.

The attention she was being paid had turned Jaina into jelly so she was easily coaxed to lie back. The material covering her nipple had become very damp and hot, adding to the sensation and the thin panties Jaina wore were taking on similar qualities.

Jaina let out a pleading sigh when Anni took her mouth away from her nipple. Moving to kneel between Jaina's legs, Anni lowered herself to press her body to Jaina's. Leaning slightly more on her right side, Anni's thigh pressed firmly against her lover's crotch. Lifting her knee slightly and pressing against Jaina's sex elicited a moan and a shiver from the beautiful brunette.

Intuitively, Jaina understood the idea and lifted her own leg in response. Anni smiled at her, their lips a few inches apart as she slowly began to rock back and forth. Both took quick and throaty breaths, their pace ever quickening. The gasping and moaning only seemed to add to their passions. As Jaina stared at Anni's lips, she yearned to taste them again and hungrily darted in for a kiss.

Anni yielded to her as she felt Jaina's tongue part her lips and explore frantically. Well, Anni thought. I guess I was wrong about her. Looks like she isn't the shy type after all. She just needed a little push in the right direction.

The kiss lasted minutes as their hands roamed each other backs, arms and chests. Even Jaina had shed her nervousness enough to reach up and gently roll Anni's nipple between her thumb and index finger. Jaina relished the sensation of the almost tickling that Anni's dangling hair had against her forehead.

Feeling Anni's hand slide further, Jaina felt Anni's arm gently pressing against her as she pressed her hand flat over her stomach. Slowly, but with a sure pressure, Anni ran her hand over Jaina's panty-clad mound, tracing her middle finger directly between her soft folds.

Jaina gasped, breaking the kiss, as her body shuddered. Anni's hand shot up and away from Jaina's panties as if she had been scalded. "Oough," Jaina breathed as she shook her head. Anni leaned down to rest her face in the crook of Jaina's neck, their bodies still pressed together.

"You okay, Sticks?" Anni purred. She gently reached up to trace a finger down the line of Jaina's jaw.

"Fine," Jaina responded, her speech very breathy. "More than fine. Great." Her chest rose and fell quickly against Anni's. "It's just, I have never…it feels so different when someone else does it." She immediately blushed and looked away, suddenly feeling very self-conscious of her admission - or at least her implication.

Anni chuckled softly, her breath sending another shudder through Jaina as it washed over her ear. "I just wanted to make sure you were okay. I would never do anything that you don't want me to."

Jaina ducked her head and brought her lips to Anni's again. The kiss was quick but needy and passionate. "I'll let you know the moment something changes, but right now I know one thing. I want you," Jaina admitted, her heart still hammering in her chest.

Placing her hand over the top of Anni's, Jaina gently guided it until it rested on her bellybutton, then she lifted her hand away. Anni continued to move until her hand was again feeling the very damp and warm front of Jaina's panties. Taking her hands off Anni, Jaina grabbed two fistfuls of the blanket she laid upon as Anni ran her hand again over Jaina's entrance.

Stroking forcefully, Anni motions caused the young lady beneath her to shudder and twitch. Jaina made no pretense she was still in control as she moaned and gasped. Anni scooted over to lie beside Jaina, never moving her hand from her. Anni relished the feel of the wetness against her fingers and yearned to touch beneath, with no worldly fabric to hide the sensation.

Slowly, Anni reached up and slid one finger under the waistband of Jaina's panties. As one of her fingers brushed the soft curls beneath, Jaina reached out and took Anni's hand by the wrist halting her. "Stop, stop," Jaina said breathlessly.

"Sorry," Anni began, suddenly fearing this time she had gone too far.

"No," Jaina said, a little more sternly than she had meant. "It's not that I want you to stop." Jaina began to slowly untangle herself from Anni and knelt on the blanket. Anni scurried to take a similar posture, looking Jaina squarely in the eyes. Their faces were flushed and their eyes smoldered with passion.

"As I said, it's not that I want you to stop," Jaina began to explain. "I just..." She looked at her surroundings, suddenly feeling very exposed. "Just not here." Her eyes were wide and even pleading as she looked at Anni. "I want to share this with you. But just with you."

"All right," Anni said with a nod and started to stand but Jaina stopped her with another hungry kiss.

Breaking away from Anni's lips, Jaina said, "In fact, promise me we'll begin right where we left off when we get back. Promise"?

"I promise," Anni vowed, taking her finger and crossing her heart before giving Jaina a quick peck and standing. It took Anni and Jaina far less time to pack-up their picnic than it had for Anni to set it up. One might even assume they were in some rush to leave.

After they had everything aboard the fighter, Anni climbed into the bomber taking the left seat and Jaina the right. It was only a matter of minutes before they were securely strapped in and their preflight checks complete.

Anni sent full power to the repulsorcoils sending the ship rocketing skyward. She jammed the throttles forward and the Scythe streaked away at treetop level in the direction of Cartaan City. Jaina watched her and realized the young Corellian pilot was flying like a woman possessed and doing justice to the reputation made by pilots from their homeworld like Wedge Antilles and Han Solo. Random comments popped into Jaina's head showing to her, at least, that she was her father's daughter. But she decided to keep them to herself and decided on another course of action instead.

Leaning over, she latched her lips onto Anni's neck. A loud gasp escaped Anni as she pulled back on the stick unconsciously. "What do you think you're doing?" she moaned.

"Nothing," Jaina responded innocently. "It's just you seem to like to tease. So I thought you might like it if you were teased in return." Her lips came away only long enough to speak and her hand dropped to Anni's right breast where she pressed down firmly.

"My…my…" Anni stammered before licked her lips. "My teasing wasn't going to get us both killed in a flaming wreck, however."

"I trust your piloting ability," Jaina quipped as she playfully bit down on the tender flesh at the nape of Anni's neck. The fighter lurched first to starboard, then heavily to port as Anni over- corrected. Reluctantly, Jaina pulled away.

Jaina folded her hands demurely in her lap. "I guess we'll just need to wait until we get back," she said with a slightly pouty tone in her voice. Anni smiled at her and reached to take one of Jaina's hands in hers. Slowly, Anni caressed the top of Jaina's hand and fingers.

Just as they were reaching the outskirts of the city, Anni raised Jaina's hand to her lips. She gently kissed the top of her hand before turning it over and kissing and gently nibbling on Jaina's wrist. All the passion that was simmering in Jaina since they had left the pond came instantly to boil.

As Jaina leaned towards Anni, she felt Anni release her hand and lean away. "What happened to waiting?" Anni questioned teasingly.

Jaina sighed as she folded her arms over her chest. "Okay, you win."

Shooting a sly smile to Jaina, Anni said, "I always do, Sticks. I always do."

Continued in Part Eight