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Three Day Pass
Part Eight
by Alan AKA Qurinas

It only took Anni and Jaina a few minutes to guide the fighter through the city and to navigate the twisting and narrow approach to land it on the balcony of their quarters. After powering down the fighter, they happily climbed out and sauntered towards the entrance of their suite.

"I wonder if Lord ji Rytt will mind that we didn't bring the fighter back right away?" Jaina pondered aloud.

Anni shrugged. "Well, I'll take the heat if there is any. After all, this was my idea. And, you are the diplomat."

Jaina gave her a bemused smirk as she slid the door shut and walked through their living area into her bedroom. Anni followed, unable to hide her excitement as she pulled down the zipper of her flightsuit a tiny bit before closing the door.

Taking Anni's hand, Jaina guided her toward the bed. Stopping half a meter away, she slowly reached up to finish unzipping Anni's suit. Once the zipper had come to its stop, Jaina reached for Anni's shoulders and slid it off. Following Jaina's lead, Anni did the same as they shared brief and gentle kisses.

Though her heartbeat had slowed on the flight over, it began to beat quickly in Jaina's chest. Her anxiousness was paralleled not only by her lust, but her nervousness as well. Though she had nearly no doubt that she wanted to share this with Anni, there was still a part of her that worried about the encounter.

Would she even know what to do? If so, would she be able to do it well? The lingering doubts that she should wait; to share this special experience with the one she would marry.

Jaina and Anni attempted to slide their boots off without breaking the kiss but lost their balance and tumbled to the bed. As their lips parted, they broke out laughing. "I guess that isn't going to work," Anni laughed, reluctantly releasing Jaina to take her boots off and toss them away while Jaina mirrored her actions.

Slowly the thoughts in Jaina's mind melted away. The laughing and casual affection she felt for Anni had evaporated them like a blasterbolt striking an ice cube. Now the little nervousness that had not dwindled away centered on her ability to please Anni and just what her first time would be like.

Once their boots had clattered to the floor, the two stood again and finished peeling the flightsuits off each other's shoulders. They stepped out of the garments when they pooled at their feet and collapsed onto the bed clad only in their thin panties and tanktops.

Anni climbed on top of Jaina before taking hold of her shoulders and rolling, urging Jaina to move along with her until they had swapped positions. Anni reached up to kiss her and, as their lips touched, she pulled back slightly making Jaina take control of the kiss.

Jaina did just that, leaning down and kissed Anni deeply. Thinking of Anni's movements earlier, she eased her thigh between Anni's legs and firmly pressed against her panty-covered sex. Anni moaned into the kiss and swayed her hips to rub against Jaina's thigh. Just yesterday I couldn't have even imagined this, Jaina thought. Now here I am, a day later, kissing and laying on top of another girl. When Anni broke their kiss and latched onto Jaina's neck, any further thought was cut off.

With her arm, Anni gently guided Jaina to move from above her to lie beside her and when Jaina came to rest on her side, Anni rolled. She immediately slipped her fingers under the waistband of Jaina's panties and teasingly ran her fingers through the short soft curls. Reaching a tiny bit further down, she grazed Jaina's clitoris with her fingernail.

Jaina jumped at Anni's touch and drew a sharp intake of breath. Feeling Anni reach for the side of her panties with her other hand, Jaina lifted her hips, allowing her to pull them down, and kicked them off once they were at her ankles.

Anni then grabbed the bottom of Jaina's tank top and guided it over her head. Jaina sat up a bit, and with Anni's help, pulled Anni's tanktop and slightly skimpier panties off before tossing them to floor that was already littered with the rest of their clothes.

Again Anni directed Jaina to lie back and reached between her legs. Slowly and lightly, Anni ran her middle finger between the soft folds that marked Jaina's entrance. Moaning at the sensation, Jaina stiffened as she felt Anni moving her finger inside of her as gently as she could.

Once Jaina seemed to have adjusted to the unaccustomed visitor, Anni began to slowly move in and out. Slowly at first, but as Jaina began to breathe faster, with more speed and soon her hand was met with the thrusting of Jaina's hips.

Feeling the tightness surrounding her finger, Anni did not dare a second. When she felt Jaina's hand reaching between her legs, she slid up so she was again even with Jaina's lips and kissed her as she felt her wingmate's fingers brush against her mound. After a few moments of tentative exploring, Anni felt Jaina's finger slide within her.

For the next few minutes, the two women desperately thrust their fingers in and out as they kissed hungrily. When she felt she herself getting too close, Anni moved her hips against Jaina's hand. She broke the kiss and buried her face against Jaina's shoulder as she shuddered and let out a deep moan that accompanied her climax.

For a few moments, Anni relished the sensation of Jaina's finger still exploring her. She then pulled away from Jaina's hand and moved her own away as well before leaning down to take one of Jaina's nipples into her mouth.

Slowly, she ran her tongue over the raised flesh and licked and sucked at Jaina's nipples and breasts. After spending long minutes lavishing attention on the sensitive peaks, she began to kiss down across her stomach. When Anni's nose brushed the brown curls of Jaina's mound, the brunette tensed again.

Suddenly, Jaina felt she needed desperately to explain something to Anni. She reached for her friend's arm to halt her movement downward. "Anni," she breathed desperately.

Looking up at Jaina, she stopped and Anni slid upward and brought her face even with Jaina's to meet her gaze. "Yes?" she asked softly.

Jaina kissed her softly, but needily. "There is something I need you to understand," she began cryptically. "I know you said that we need to live for today. But I know how hurt you were when…" she trailed off as the pained expression in Anni's eyes showed her Anni knew she was referring to Casey's death. "I just don't want to see you go through that again." Anni tried to speak but Jaina gently laid a finger against her lips. Anni kissed it softly, wordlessly accepting Jaina's desire to continue. "With this war and with me being who I am…a Jedi, a Rogue, the daughter of the Han and Leia Solo…it is very unlikely I will live to see its end. It isn't much more likely I will even live to see Ithor successfully defended. I just don't want you to have to go through that again."

"Jaina," Anni began slowly, the use of her name and the affection in her wingmate's voice took Jaina a bit by surprise. "What I said wasn't just pilot bravado and a cute little saying to explain the way things should be…"

"I didn't mean…"

"No," Anni said strongly but not angrily, cutting Jaina off. "And I mean this…I will take whatever time I have with you, whether it's a day or a year." Jaina nodded slowly, her eyes a bit wide and glassy. "And, if when the war is over and we're both alive to see it, we can talk more then. But until that day arrives, I am your friend and I care for you greatly. Let's not complicate it anymore than that. Okay?"

"Okay," Jaina agreed with a firm nod and a bright smile.

"Now, not another word about this until the war is over," Anni said as she reached to the floor and plucked her panties from the pile of clothes. When Jaina looked like she was going to speak again, Anni brandished the panties at Jaina and shook them playfully. "Don't make me hit you with my thong."

Jaina raised her hands in mock submission. "Alright, alright," she giggled. "I surrender."

"Good," Anni said with a devilish grin. She tossed the panties over her shoulder and leaned down to plant a wet kiss directly on Jaina's bellybutton. Sighing happily, Jaina eased her thighs apart as Anni went to lie between them. Kissing playfully up and down her lover's thighs, Anni had Jaina squirming at her attentions. As her lover made several desperate gasps, Anni decided she had been a tease long enough. Well, at least in this very spot, she thought wickedly as she lightly ran her tongue along Jaina's entrance.

Her lover's deep moans coaxed Anni on and for the next agonizing minutes she kept the brushes of her tongue light and teasing. Jaina seemed to be begging with each heavy sigh and yearning whimper, until she finally thrust her hips up to meet Anni's lips. Meeting her thrust, Anni closed her lips around Jaina's clitoris and began to suck lightly as she pressed Jaina's hips back down onto the bed.

Moving her tongue back and forth, Anni brought Jaina to the edge of climax. Her lover's stomach muscles were just starting to quiver when Anni moved her mouth away. She leaned down to plant a few long and wet kisses before withdrawing completely.

A yearning groan escaped Jaina at the absence of her lover's lips and tongue.

"Patience, young Jedi," Anni teased as she dipped her head again to flick her tongue over Jaina's clitoris. Anni repeated the motion several more times making Jaina jump at the sensation. The sighs and whimpers got louder and needier each time until Anni felt she could no longer deny her friend. Latching on with her lips once more, she sucked greedily on Jaina's swollen bump.

Clawing at the blankets, Jaina let loose a stifled scream as she felt her climax surge through her entire body. Rocking her hips, Jaina guided Anni's lips about her sex as the sensation began to dwindle.

Making sure to guide her down softly and lovingly, Anni sucked, licked and kissed until Jaina's body slackened. Slowly, she moved to lie on her back beside Jaina with a wide grin on lips glistening with the sweet nectar of her lover. She reached for the brunette's arm and pulled her to lay with her arm across her chest.

It did not take Jaina long to get the idea. She began to kiss Anni's neck gently, occasionally running her tongue up to caress an ear before giving it a teasing nibble. Slowly and even hesitantly Jaina began to kiss her way down Anni's body. Nervous anticipation filled her and she was so distracted she passed over Anni's breasts without any giving them any attention and crept down to lay between her lover's legs just as Anni had done to her.

Jaina reached up to brush at the pretty red curls in front of her. Tentatively, she leaned forward and brought her lips so close they were nearly touching Anni's sex. Not wishing to startle her, Anni lay still and allowed her friend some time. Licking her lips in anticipation, Jaina inhaled shallowly through her nose taking in Anni's scent.

Like a girl leaning in for her first kiss, Jaina hesitantly touched her lips to Anni's clitoris. Opening her mouth, Jaina's pushed out her tongue to gently lick around Anni's entrance. Quickly the sounds of pleasure echoed in the room as Anni was far less shy and inhabited about letting her lover know how good she felt. Encouraged by her fervor, Jaina began to lose herself as she worked her lips and tongue over Anni.

When she moved to run her tongue deeply between the open lips of Anni's sex, Jaina was rewarded with a yearning moan as Anni arched her back off the bed. After holding herself up for a moment, she fell back on the bed and wrapped her fingers through Jaina's hair guiding her to press her lips harder against her.

As Jaina continued to lick, Anni's breathing became short pants as she felt her orgasm begin to rise up and then finally crash over her. Letting out a last screech that she held for a few seconds, Anni clawed at the bed sheets and tossed her hair about as Jaina kept her mouth firmly against her.

Her breathing began to return to normal as the overwhelming feelings of her climax waned. Anni began to giggle as Jaina's tongue still caressed her soft folds. She squirmed away from Jaina, placing her hands on her friend's shoulders as reinforcement. "Enough," she laughed. "Too sensitive."

Smiling up at Anni wickedly, Jaina turned her expression to a playful pout. "Awww…"

Taking Jaina by the arm, Anni guided her up to meet her lips with a kiss before urging her to lie down beside her. Shifting into a loose, comfortable embrace, the two women began to kiss again. Their movements were slow, soft and deliberate. Each could taste their own juices upon the lips of her lover and they both relished the sensation.

Slowly, and as if they had read each other's minds, Anni and Jaina both reached down to stroke between the other's legs. The movements were slow and teasing as they occasionally broke the kiss to lean down to run their tongues over an erect nipple or to nibble and suck on an exposed ear or neck.

Anni was the first to feel the tingling sensation of her orgasm building as Jaina ran her fingers over her clitoris and between her slippery folds. Suddenly on the verge of climax, she latched on to suck hungrily on Jaina's neck and her own fingers began to work frantically between Jaina's thighs.

Soon Jaina was gasping and moaning just as Anni was coming down from her climax. She held Jaina tightly as the beautiful young lady shuddered in her arms and gasped with pleasure.

Lightly, they began to run their nails and fingertips over each other's naked flesh while planting soft kisses upon whatever was before their lips; eyelids, lips, breasts, bellies, shoulders.

As they gently caressed and kissed, their exertions were beginning to catch up with them, and their eyes grew heavy. Anni was the one to finally break away, leaning down to rest her head on Jaina's shoulder and draw their embrace tighter. Slowly she turned so she faced away from Jaina but encouraged her wingmate to hold tighter. The two lovers fell asleep as Jaina held Anni and all seemed right in the Galaxy.

* * * *

Jaina awoke the next morning to find Anni kneeling beside her, pushing her legs apart. Fighting to shake the sleep from her eyes and mind, she looked up at Anni questioningly. Flashing a wicked smile, Anni moved her head to rest it just below Jaina's stomach before moving to kneel over Jaina's face. Her hips bucking at the sensation of Anni's tongue caressing her soft folds, Jaina found Anni lowering her mound to meet Jaina's lips.

Releasing a loud moan, Jaina lifted her head so her lips could kiss and caress Anni in return. Though Jaina felt less inhibited this morning than last night, she was still much quieter than Anni. Someone simply hearing them would think their lovemaking passionate and frenzied. But it was quite the opposite. As they kissed and licked and nibbled, their pace was slow and deliberate. Each touch of their lips implied a gentle caring and the belief that they could enjoy each other for as long as they wished. Nothing would stop them. And, for the next hour, nothing did.

Though not able to climax together, both Jaina and Anni found themselves wrapped in the euphoria of orgasm several times before Anni fell to rest on her side. Both women were near exhaustion and they lay still for several minutes trying to regain their wits and their breath.

Jaina was the first to stir from their reverie. Slowly, she moved down to kiss Anni lovingly on her cheek. "Good morning to you too," Jaina whispered softly before getting up to walk to the refresher to begin her ritual of getting ready for the day.

Anni soon joined her in the refresher but Jaina rebutted her when she tried to climb into the shower with her. "No, no," she laughed. "We're already running late. If you come in here with me, we're never going to get to the Bladedome."

Putting her hand over her eyes, Anni pretended to weep softly though Jaina could instantly tell she was just playing. Playing along, Jaina reached out to touch her shoulder. "Aww…it's all right. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you when we get back to the `Roost."

Anni instantly looked up and smiled before giving Jaina a quick peck before prancing away. By the time Lord Hassiss ji Rytt arrived to knock on their door they were almost ready. Jaina let him in then made sure everything was packed away and was put into her X-wing. Giving their quarters a last once-over, Jaina informed Hassiss that they were ready to depart.

"Very well," he answered as he, Jaina and Anni began to walk out to the pilot's balcony. "I will fly the Scythe back over to the Bladedome. Hopefully it served your needs."

Jaina and Anni shot each other knowing grins before Anni answered, "Yes, very very much so. It's a beautiful ship."

The Cartann officer nodded, not showing any indication that he caught their exchanged glances or any other hint of what they had spent their evening doing which prevented the timely return of the ship.

They each climbed into their respective fighters and prepared them for take-off. In unison, the craft lifted off from the balcony and flew in loose formation over the city. A few short minutes later, they flew over the area being used to park the transports in their convoy. There were a few loadlifters still in place but for the most part everything was done.

As they flew the approach, it took some convincing on Jaina's part to allow them to land next to the freighters. Only after informing Cartann Control that they would be on the ground for less than one hour were they given clearance to land next to `the beasts of burden'.

A few minutes later, they had made perfect landings. After instructing their astromechs to keep the fighters in standby, Jaina and Anni climbed down. Anni set about making sure all was ready for their departure and Jaina went to speak with Lord ji Rytt.

"Thank you for all of your help," Jaina began as she stopped before him. She offered a quick bow before continuing. "Your kindness will not be forgotten by myself or Lieutenant Capstan."

"You are quite welcome," he answered, returning the bow. "I am glad I was able to be of service. Not only to my Perator and his wishes, but also to you and your wingmate. I hope that one day we will meet again. Perhaps in battle with those who bring war to our Galaxy. Or perhaps in the time of peace that will follow our victory."

"I hope that as well," Jaina said with a smile. They each offered one last bow before parting company.

Anni returned to Jaina about ten minutes later to tell her that they were ready to leave and all the cargo was in place. Anni handed her a few datapads, which Jaina quickly perused. It seemed to her all was in order so the two Rogues went back to their X-wings.

With a few quick comm calls, Jaina received clearance from Cartann Control and led the convoy into the air. Their ascent was slowed by the cumbersome transports so it was several minutes before they left Adumar's atmosphere.

"Rogue Eleven, you are cleared on course out of the system. May the Force be with you," the Cartann controller said in farewell.

"With all of us, always," Jaina replied. "Rogue Eleven out." She looked down at her communit as Anni's voice filled her headphones. She saw the communication was on their ship-to-ship frequency and it was encoded. "You there, Sticks?" came through her headset.

"Right here, Twelve," she replied on the same private frequency.

"I wanted to thank you for everything," Anni began slowly, her voice slightly distorted by the system. "First, for everything you have done to cheer me up since Casey's death. Second, for what you were willing to share with me despite all the risks."

Jaina smiled brightly. "You're welcome. And thank you. For showing me something I didn't know was there. Thank you for showing me how to share those feelings with you and how special you are to me."

"Well, Sticks," Anni responded in a mischievous tone. "I did have an ulterior motive. Now that you know how to express those feelings, I'm really hoping I'm not going to be spending any more nights alone in my bunk wishing you were there."

Jaina and Anni laughed as their X-wings escorted the convoy away from Adumar.

Continued in Part Nine