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Part One
by Annallisa

"Finally!" Wes grumbled loudly.

With a disapproving glare directed at Wes for his outburst, Wedge dismissed the debriefing.

Wes practically bolted for the door. He had been looking forward to having a few days off for over a month, and just to spite him, time seemed to crawl by rather than fly.

The Rogue pilot had places to go. The source of his excitement and secret fascination was a club here on Coruscant in the entertainment district called CorSex. The place was advertised as a sexual playground, catering to the fantasies of humans and aliens alike.

Wes had heard of sex clubs before, he wasn't naive, but the opportunity never presented itself for him to actually visit one. This was going to be an adventure, not only for the possibility of sex, but there were rumors going around the base that the lower level, called `the dungeon' catered to wilder, more exotic tastes like sex slaves and bondage. He tried light bondage with one or two lovers. Letting the girl tie him up and have her way with him was fun, but his secret desire was to be the one to give the orders. Sithspit, Wedge would probably laugh right in his face after all the years Wes ducked and ran when anything resembling authority came in his direction.

What was wrong with wanting to be in control? Why shouldn't he be the one to bark orders for once? Isn't that what a place like CorSex was for, to be someone else for a little while? It was certainly worth looking into.

The first thing he needed was to get cleaned up, so Wes headed for the locker room and a long, hot shower. Once he was clean and dressed in civilian clothes, consisting of a pale blue dress shirt and tight fitting black slacks, he decided to try a different look. Wes studied himself in the mirror and then pulled his normally curly, dark hair straight back from his face, into a small pony-tail, and tied it off with a small piece of black leather.

As he took a second to check his reflection in the mirror, Wes had to admit that he looked pretty damned good. Pulling his hair back and wearing that particular shade of blue brought out the blue in his eyes. The eyes were his most striking feature and tonight he was planning to run all his charms at full throttle.

No telling what adventures the night might bring a horny flyboy.

"You're looking awfully pretty, Wes, got a hot date?" Tycho whispered in his ear.

Wes jumped. "Sithspit! Don't you know better than to sneak up on a guy like that!" Wes growled, glaring laser beams at Tycho's reflection. "You're lucky I didn't have my blaster."

"No place to put a blaster in pants that tight." Tycho teased him. "And, I wasn't sneaking, honest, you were just too busy admiring yourself to notice my approach."

Wes opened his mouth to tell Tycho he was not admiring himself, but so what if he liked the way he looked? Was that a crime? "No comment? No denials? Who are you, and what have you done with Wes Janson?" Tycho demanded, his tone becoming playfully suspicious.

"Funny, but I have places to go." Wes turned on his heel and slipped under the arm Tycho put up to block his way. The taller man turned and shadowed him.

"Where ya going?"

Wes's normally cheerful fašade started to slip. "I have leave time coming, Colonel, and I plan to leave..."

Tycho's jaw muscles tensed at the use of his rank, and Wes could see in Tycho's eyes that his impatient comment sent a real bubble of suspicion through the other man's brain.

"I never said you couldn't go, Wes, I was just curious about where you are going." Tycho made a show of sniffing the air around him, "I mean, you even smell nice. It must be one hell of a girl... Is this a solo outing or is Hobbie going with you?"

Wes stopped in his tracks to scowl at Tycho. He knew what Tycho was doing. He and Hobbie had done it to Wedge more than a few times when Wedge had a special evening planned. The Colonel was just paying him back.

Had Wedge put him up to it?

"What I do on leave is none of your business. And, no Hobbie isn't going, I can take care of myself." Wes snapped, immediately regretting the anger in his tone. Tycho's eyes narrowed, but he didn't say anything. He studied Wes for a heartbeat. Then, the Colonel gave Wes a little dismissing gesture and turned and walked away.

Wes stared after Tycho and wondered if he should go after him to apologize. He wasn't usually so uptight about his plans, but this tonight was different. He wanted to see CorSex without other Rogues tagging along or teasing him mercilessly.

And, there was something else, too. Since his return to the Rogues, there were times he just got the feeling Tycho was paying too much attention to him. That worried him. Actually, it infuriated him, because it made him feel like he was a child who needed a babysitter.


Tycho stopped just inside the door to his quarters and took a deep breath.

Why did every conversation with Wes, of late, seem to end with one of them angry? Typically, it was him who walked away angry, but tonight his attempt to tease Wes had backfired miserably. It was clear Wes was up to something he didn't want anyone to know about. The question was just what that something might entail. He knew Wes well enough to know that it probably wouldn't be something illegal or dangerous. Immoral, probably, but Wes wouldn't cross the line of the law. Wes was a decent sort, for a pervert.

That's when the thought occurred to him that his Rogue comrade could be planning to go to CorSex. It was perfectly legal to have sex in a public place on Coruscant as long as the place was designated for that purpose and strictly regulated.

Wes must have heard about the club somewhere and decided to try it out. It was a pervert's dream some true. The theory made perfect sense, really. Wes wouldn't want company in a place like CorSex. Everyone has secret desires and fantasies, and some things you just can't share, even with close comrades.

A trip to CorSex would certainly go a long way towards an explanation for Wes's rushing from the briefing and getting all dressed up in his most sexy clothes.

And the way he'd pulled his dark hair back...

Tycho felt something stir inside him, and he smiled. He had been to CorSex with Winter. In fact, the hostesses, cute redheaded twins, considered the couple among the CorSex regulars.

Early in their relationship, Tycho found it impossible to talk to Winter about his desires. In most ways, Winter had always been a source of strength and comfort. He knew he loved the Alderaanian woman, and trusted her with his life, but fear held him back. He was afraid she'd be shocked or horrified to find that he desired men and women equally. He couldn't help wanting more than what a single monogamous relationship could give him, no matter how wonderful that woman was.

Tycho considered calling their relationship off for good. The man was beyond miserable. As if reading his mind, the next time they were together, beloved Winter took him to CorSex for the first time. He soon learned that in addition to the things he loved and needed from her, she had a kinky side. They were more perfectly matched than he ever dreamed.

That first night, as he remembered, she convinced him to sell himself in the slave auction and then she outbid everyone and bought two hours of dungeon time with him. Dressed only in a curve hugging leather corset, with fishnet stockings and high-heeled boots, the mere sight of her made Tycho's mouth go dry. Armed with a leather strap and other instruments of bondage play, Winter was a force to be reckoned with.

Winter tied his hands above his head and put a blindfold over his eyes, and set to work on him. Long before the two hours were up, she paddled, coaxed, tickled, and teased every bit of information out of him that he had secretly been dying to tell her, but was too afraid to. She came out of the dungeon knowing more about Tycho, than Tycho knew about himself. Not the least of which was the fact that he had been planning to break off their relationship.

Winter wasn't pleased. The steely edge that crept into her voice was enough to make Tycho wish he could take it back. On thing was for sure, he would never do anything to make Winter truly angry, ever again. His NRI agent lover was a natural with a paddle and whip. The first time Winter had taken a paddle to his bare backside, he's nearly gone mad with the urge to grab her and fuck her senseless.

Tycho had done that, eventually, but not until she'd gotten her full two hours worth.

As time went on, Winter was an incredible Mistress. She pushed his limits, stunned him with her creativity, and made sure he never went unfulfilled. Even if that meant she would pick a man from the crowds at CorSex, with exactly the build and looks to drive Tycho wild, to join them for the night.

Tycho returned to Rogue headquarters renewed and relaxed, the way only mind-blowing sex could make him feel. The only problem with those nights was explaining the welts and bruises to Wedge when he would catch a glimpse of Tycho's abused body in the showers. After a few times, Wedge seemed to get used to it. He would still frown and shake his head, but he didn't comment on Tycho's choice in leisure activities.

So Wes Janson was going to discover CorSex. That was very interesting, indeed. Tycho wondered if Wes's first experience would be as liberating as Winter had made his first time.

At the mental image of a strange person buying Wes as a sex slave and having his way with him, Tycho felt the unmistakable burn of irrational jealousy hit him with the force of a tidal wave. He tried to chastise himself for feeling possessive, but it didn't help. Wes wasn't his lover, so why did he want to interfere?

Tycho knew why. Even Winter knew Tycho had always had a secret yearning for a certain fellow Rogue. Those years of silent lusting were futile, and Tycho had accepted that. Or he tried to, with much difficulty, especially since Wes had returned to his proper place in the Rogues. For all the value of the learning and command experiences Wes had gained being away, Tycho could scarcely contain how good it was to have the other man back. So good to hear his voice over the comm-net, so good to see him sprawled across a couch in the pilot's lounge... damn it all.

The Major wasn't attracted to men. How did Tycho know? If Wes Janson had shown the slightest interest in other men, Tycho would have pounced on him way back at Hoth. But, he didn't, and it was only slightly less than completely maddening.

Tycho found himself surreptitiously watching his comrade when he thought Wes wasn't looking, but he had never seen Wes try to pick up anyone but women, and the occasional Bothan. Wes didn't share Tycho's history of sexual adventures at the Imperial Academy on Carida. And, Wes had never had the chance to be corrupted by long periods of active duty as a TIE pilot with not a woman in sight. Wes was still fairly innocent about sexual matters. Or, at least, he was in Tycho's opinion.

Though he knew he might come to regret it, Tycho felt it was his duty to go to CorSex and make sure no one took advantage of his friend. Or, that was what he told himself as he finished dressing and picked up his comlink to call Winter and see if she had any plans for the night.

Part Two