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Part Two
by Annallisa

Wes nearly turned away when he saw the huge group of people in line at the entrance to CorSex. He almost lost his nerve again when the burly man at the entrance asked to check Wes's identification.

When the man waved him through, Wes let out the breath he didn't realize he'd been holding. Moving along in the press of bodies, he found himself in a dark foyer area almost as packed with people as the entrance he just left.

From where he stood, front and center in the cavernous establishment, Wes could see two bars lined with people, one to the right tucked into the corner and a twin to the left. Glowing signs hung from the beams in the high ceiling. They directed patrons to all the different areas of CorSex. Neon cables wrapped the railings of staircases that rose in six different places up to the second, third and fourth levels. He could also see two huge signs that said "Dungeon of Delights", but he couldn't see where they led. A large, curtained stage dominated the back wall, with a huge dance floor sprawling before the stage.

From Wes's vantage point the dance floor was little more than a sea of flesh moving to the hypnotic drumbeat of the music. Lining the edges of the dance floor were rows of booths, much the same set-up you would find at an old fashioned carnival on almost any world in the New Republic.

The sight of the little, open-faced tents had him flashing back to the excitement of the carnivals that were a yearly tradition growing up on the laid back, agricultural planet of Tanaab. Wes rarely thought of those days long, boring days now that he lived in the center of galactic excitement, the capital world of Coruscant.0

The Major wandered up to the bar and ordered a brandy. While he waited for the serving droid to fill his order, he turned his back to the bar and surveyed the action closest to him. Directly in front of him a pair young women, dressed only in what appeared to be some kind of paint, and their job was painting other patrons with eye-catching colors from little pots.

It looked like great fun, but Wes wasn't exactly comfortable getting naked where so many eyes could see him. It was bad enough that his bare backside had made the rounds at Starfighter Command. He still had to deal with jokes about his ass-etts. On his left, a pair of redheads, obviously identical twins, smiled sweetly at Wes and waved. He smiled, and waved back. It never hurt to be friendly.

He turned back to the bar as the droid took his credit chit and handed over his drink. He had only managed a small sip when someone touched his arm. He looked over his shoulder and was surprise to find one of the lovely, if scantily clad, twins.

"Would you like to join us for some fun?"

Of course he wanted to join them, he wasn't completely crazy, yet. "Well, the body paints look like fun, but I don't know about getting naked in front of all these people. I'm... shy."

Her smile never faded as she produced a small bundle of black cloth, like magic, from seemingly out of nowhere. "Here, why don't you be a good boy and try that on for size." She pointed off to his left. "The changing rooms and refresher are over there."

Wes looked dubiously at the thin strips of cloth and discovered it was like a bathing suit only much, much smaller. It certainly beat other coverings, like stuffed Ewoks, so he decided to do what the nice lady said.

Wes managed to rescue his drink from the bar on his way back from the 'fresher, and he let the twins usher him into the body painting booth. The brandy went down in a single gulp. As one of the twins took the empty glass from his hand, Wes noted that several of the patrons at the bar were watching him intently. He looked down at himself and frowned, "What?" The man closest to him smirked. "Nice outfit. Not many men could wear one of those and look damn good in it." There was something close to lust on the man's face and Wes was too stunned to manage a witty retort.

That couldn't be right, he was a guy.

Why would a guy be looking at him like that?

Wes frowned, feeling his face getting red.

"See you downstairs, I hope." With that, the man turned and walked away, throwing one last admiring smirk over his shoulder.

"Sithspit." Wes mumbled. This place was wilder than he thought.

What next? Would there be an invitation to an orgy with a dozen Twi'lek dancing girls?

A pair of lips pressed his and stopped the flow of his thoughts. Reluctantly, he pulled back and found a pair of hazel eyes staring into his.

"Don't be shy. You look wonderful." The twin put her arms around his neck and pressed the full length of her painted body to his.

"Thank you, but I don't think we've been introduced, I'm Wes Janson."

The redhead grinned at him, "I know exactly who you are. You're a Rogue... in more ways than one, I hope." She bent forward to kiss his lips, again.

"My name is Nova, and that is my sister, Nola. We're very happy you decided to visit our establishment. It's always a pleasure when we get Rogues in here to play with."

"I'm glad to meet you, too." Wes knew it was lame, but with that much of her bare skin in contact with that much of his, it was a miracle he could speak at all. "So what should I get for the design?"

Nova and Nola looked at each other, then, as if by some sort of twin telepathy. They both said, "The Rogue Squadron Crest, of course."

Wes blinked. "You can draw that with body paint?"

It was Nola who spoke this time. "Of course. We're artists. Besides, we've done the Rogue Crest a few times before. Just not in a place where most people would get to see it unless they were wear a little black thong." To illustrate her point, Nola gave Wes a playful slap on his left buttock.

Wes gasped and the girls giggled. It took his ears time to convey information to his brain, but once it got there, Janson found he wondering which Rogues had come in for a paint job. He certainly hadn't heard about anything like that from any Rogues he knew. Wes shrugged it off. It didn't really matter if other Rogues came here. The important thing was the lovely lady who wanted to use his body for their canvas.

Nova led him to a small stool and sat him down, a bit forcefully. "Now you sit real still or I'll have to spank you."

The naughty part of Wes's brain suggested squirming just to see if the threat was for real, but the other half of his brain rejected the suggestion because his backside was almost totally bare and defenseless. He decided to behave himself, at least for the moment. The twins seemed to feel Wes was such a great canvas that he needed something big and showy, so they painted the Rogue crest design on his back, with a smaller one to match on his right bicep.


Tycho watched Wes enter Corsex and smiled to himself. Somehow, he had managed to beat Wes by a good twenty minutes. Tycho found Wes's delay fortuitous, using the head start to set some plans into motion.

First, he commed Winter and asked if she would meet him for a night of Corsex play. It had been months since they had been there, and it was a good way to have an excuse for being there if he ran into Wes. She had no meetings or other obligations scheduled for that night, thankfully. So she agreed to meet him, but she wanted to clean up after her long day and that meant she would be in a bit later than he had hoped for.

Then, he spoke to the lovely CorSex hostesses, Nova and Nola, and told them a new Rogue pilot might be in and asked them if they might help him get into the mood and show him around his first time. They were delighted to help out a Hero of the New Republic, and it didn't hurt that Tycho gave them a pile of credits to put in Wes's account. He wanted Wes to have the full experience, even if it cost a small fortune.

The twins were delighted to hear that Tycho suspected Wes Janson was headed their direction. To be honest, Tycho didn't blame them. He entertained lustful fantasies about Wes Janson himself for far too many years, especially after Wedge showed him the holo-recordings of Wes wearing nothing but a stuffed Ewok doll as a part of Wedge's revenge for all Janson's practical jokes when they were building Wraith Squadron.

It had taken Tycho weeks to get those images out of his dreams. The last part of the plan involved Tycho reserving a room in the "Dungeon' area for later with Winter. Once that was accomplished, he took up a seat at the bar on the opposite side of the building from Wes, to keep watch and wait for Winter.

From his place at the bar, he made surreptitious glances over to where Wes as now talking to one of the twins. Before long, Wes returned from the `fresher in a tiny bathing suit, a match to the one Tycho was wearing under his jumpsuit at Winter's insistence.

Tycho felt lust stirring in the back of his thoughts, not to mention his loins. He had a feeling it was going to be a long and interesting night.


Once the body painting was done, Nova took Wes on a private tour of CorSex. He hadn't asked for a tour, exactly, but she seemed more than happy to take time to show him around.

They strolled through the rows of booths, occasionally stopping to watch, or play a game. Nova pointed out different people, and told Wes about their jobs, or gave him a story about something outrageous the person had done. It put Wes at ease without being too obvious that she was trying to put him at ease.

They stopped at one of the last booths where a group of attractive young women getting their bottoms or breasts soaked by customers armed with small paint dipped sponges. The game was not as easy as it looked, even handcuffed to a post and moving on some kind of conveyor system, the girls could move enough to dodge a shot. At the next booth, it was the same game with young men as the targets.

Wes hurriedly moved on to the next booth, but this was much worse, and he felt himself getting embarrassed for the first time. The young men were aroused and the object of the game was to toss a soft foam ring around the target's erect manhood, to get the cheers of the crowd and a small, sex oriented prize.

Nova was watching him, and smiling. "Don't worry, Major, it doesn't hurt them. They volunteer."

"Are you kidding?" Wes gaped.

"Nope. It's also helps that they get a cut of the night's profits."

A thought occurred to Wes. "How long do they have to... Uhm, I mean how do they... Oh, never mind."

"It's ok. You can ask me anything. Nothing shocks me, and I promise not to make fun of you. Questions are a good thing here." Wes wasn't so sure. "They have to stay... excited... for a long time, don't they? How do they do it?"

Nova gave him a sweet smile, "That is a good question, but I can't tell you. Professional secret."

"Professional secret?!"

Nova's smile became almost motherly, "We have only one rule at Corsex, Major, and it is that whatever happens at Corsex, stays at CorSex. Let me give you an example. If I tell you how the young men do what they do, you would go back to your girlfriend and use it and she'd be so amazed that she'd tell all her friends in the morning and they would tell their men, and I would lose clients because they wouldn't be awed and amazed any longer. The mystery would be gone."

Wes gave Nova his best pout. "No girlfriend. No time for one." "Well, we'll have to see about that. Won't we?" She winked at him.

"What if I just come back later and ask one of the guys?"

"They won't tell you a thing. They know Nola and I will take them to the Dungeon and spank them until they beg for forgiveness. The same "don't tell' rule applies to the people you see here." Nova continued, "The employees and guests go through a very thorough screening process before they are allowed in." Wes opened his mouth to say that he didn't see a screening process, but Nova covered his mouth with her hand. "It may not appear that way to you, but be assured that we are very 'particular' about who gets in to play here."

When she took her hand away, Wes asked her why. She led them to a small alcove off the main room and they were suddenly alone. The noise level dropped to something bearable.

"When we started Corsex, after the Empire was driven off Coruscant, we found that a large number of our first guests had high positions in the government, New Republic Intel, and the military. They were looking for a place to blow off steam, according to each person's individual tastes and desires. As a thank you, for liberating Coruscant, we made Corsex a place where things could happen that aren't normally acceptable for our guests in their real lives. There are a variety of reasons they can't act on their fantasies and desires, but we could help them by creating a 'safe' zone here. Our policy is in place to protect the reputations, and the careers, of our guests. Do you understand, now?"

"I think so. I understand why you do it, but how can you screen all those people?"

"Well, we get most new guests as referrals from other guests, like you."

"No one knew I was coming here."

Nova laughed. "We have Rogues who come in from time to time, honey. Someone vouched for you. Or else you wouldn't have been waved in so easily. You would have gone to an 'orientation' and someone with clothes on would have explained the rules and made you sign off on them."

Wes sighed; he didn't want to think about who might have guessed he was coming here. He just wanted to have a good time. "I, uh... I like this better."

"So do I." Nova slid over until she was sitting almost on top of Wes on the bench and she gave him a long deep kiss. "I should get back to work. Think you can find your way around from here?" Wes smiled. "Could you point me to the Dungeon?"

"Oh, you're a naughty boy! I should have known. I can do better than that; I'll take you there. I have to run the slave auction in about half an hour. You shouldn't miss it. It's one of the things every new guest should see."


"Come with me, slave." The voice whispered in his ear, and Wes could feel a light tug on the collar around his neck. He wanted to kick himself. What was he doing? What had he been thinking when he let those sweet, sexy twins talk him into joining the Dungeon's slave auction? Here he was, blindfolded and being led away by some strange man.


And this person, his "Master" could now spend the next hour doing Force knew what to Wes, and if Wes didn't like it... he was completely powerless to stop him.

How could he have been so stupid? Oh no, he wasn't dumb, he knew exactly what he HOPED would happen and it had to do with lots of kissing, and hot sex, and spanking, and more hot sex.

In addition, there was the feeling he'd discovered after the Ewok incident when all eyes had been on his naked backside. It was all heat and adrenaline, making his heart pound wildly. He'd been lucky he had that cape to cover up the truth, while his brain was objecting to being the object of everyone's amusement; his body found the attention arousing.

Parading around with nothing but a leather thong for covering was infinitely better than hiding behind an Ewok doll. It felt good to have hordes of beautiful women caress him, kiss him and tell him how beautiful he was, but he never expected to be sold to a mysterious man.

Wes could feel a knot of real fear form in the pit of his stomach. He'd never messed around with another guy. OK, there was the one time encounter with Wedge in the shower, but that didn't count because it was Wedge. He trusted Wedge with his life on a daily basis, and Wedge rarely let him down.

This was a total stranger and Wes didn't have any idea, beyond the wild rumors he heard in the locker room, of what men did together for pleasure. On top of that, he didn't have any experience in a serious bondage setting with men or women. He didn't think he could get himself into a more dangerous situation if he tried.

Continued in Part Three

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