Rogue Disney World
Part One
by Antigone

Wedge Antilles didn't now how he managed to get into these things. One minute, he and Tycho were in his office, berating Hobbie and Wes for yet another asinine prank, and the next he was... where was he? The four pilots were in a large lot, surrounded by archaic vehicles on wheels. There were a few humans in sight, all headed in the same direction, but Wedge couldn't find his voice to call out to them.

"Uh, Wedge?" Wedge ignored Wes' questioning voice. "Sir? Commander Antilles?"

Tycho turned around in a slow circle and let out a low whistle, then clapped Wedge on the shoulder. Wedge, startled out of his shocked stasis, gazed toward the vehicle his second in command indicated. It was battered, four-wheeled, and seemed entirely uninteresting. That is, until he looked lower, at the strip of metal stretched across its back. There, a small sticker proclaimed "Antilles/Celchu 00."

- - - -

"Hurry, Mar'E, we'll miss the tram and I am not walking all the way to the gates!" Claire hollered as she watched her friend head back towards the car.

"So," Antigone queried, "where shall we start?" She pulled out a map and a red pen, ready to circle the most important attractions.

Claire gave her and odd look. "You have to ask? Star Tours, of course."

"Oh, I thought we'd finish with that. Y'know, go out with a bang."

"We can do that, too." Elizabeth grinned. "Start with it, finish with it--heck, let's spend the whole day on it!"

Antigone laughed and drew a large red circle around the Star Tours icon, then leaned back against the minivan parked behind her. Immediately, a loud shrieking siren filled the air and both girls jumped.

"Oh, poodoo," Antigone moaned, covering her ears. "Car alarm."

"Let's catch up to Mar'E before someone comes out here." They took off at a run. Mar'E turned back at the noise of the alarm and cracked up at the sight of them weaving through the parked cars.

"Hurry up, the cops are on your tail!" she shouted, grinning. They skidded to a stop in front of her, gasping for air. Antigone reached out to rest against the nearest car and jumped when Elizabeth slapped her hand.

"That's enough trouble for one day, please."

- - - - - -

The four pilots stared intently at the bumper sticker. Wes offered an opinion. "Maybe they're just common names here. Wherever here is."

"Yeah, but 'Elect a Real Rogue?" Tycho countered. "What other Rogues do you know with our names?"

"What are they electing us for?" Wedge wondered.

"Chief nerf-herders," Hobbie smirked, then ducked as his commander swatted at him.

"I wonder who this belongs to." Tycho wandered around the car, peering in the windows.

"HEY!" The men jumped at the shout and turned to see a very unhappy young woman stalking towards them, followed closely by three others. She stood in front of the startled Rogues and crossed her arms, glaring daggers. "What are you doing to my car?"

"Uh, we're, um, we wondered about your... thing, here." Wedge pointed to the sticker. "Who's it about?"

Mar'E relaxed her pose somewhat. "Wedge Antilles and Tycho Celchu. From Star Wars."

Antigone felt a prickling sensation on the back of her neck as the men exchanged glances. The one who spoke, he looked familiar somehow. Actually, he looked like... no way. Her eyes widened as she looked more carefully. He did resemble a young Denis Lawson, only better looking, with the same floofy hair and brown eyes. The others could be...

The man who'd been looking into the car looked like Tycho in "The Phantom Affair" comics; blond hair, blue eyes, noble bearing. The other blond had his hair combed back neatly. He was slender, with a mournful expression on his handsome face. Hobbie? And that would make the other... Antigone felt her knees go weak.

Mar'E felt Antigone tugging at her sleeve and turned toward her, noticing the odd expression on the other girl's face. "What's wrong?" she whispered.

"They, they're... look at them."

The other three took a better look at the men, then turned back to Antigone. "Do you think..." Elizabeth began, when Wedge stepped forward.

"Excuse me," he said nervously, "you might not believe this, but my name is Wedge Antilles."

"I knew it!" Antigone exclaimed. Then she fainted.

Continued in Part Two