Rogue Disney World
by Antigone

"You're staying indefinitely?" Antigone looked at Wes as they sat on the deck of the rented cabin, nearly a week later.

"Yeah. It seems that General Madine told the Provisional Council that you look like possible allies. They're sending a contact group out, and we're to stay here until they arrive."

Antigone snickered. "Take me to your leaders. I come in peace."

Wes looked at her curiously and shook his head. He watched the silver moonlight spill over her face, making her seem ethereal and otherworldy. He stood and took her hand. "Dance with me?"

"I don't think we should try another polka."

He laughed quietly, then said, "Why don't you pick a song and teach me to dance to it?"

She disappeared inside for a moment to retrieve the CD player. What to play? Nothing too overt; no Nine Inch Nails. No Zeppelin, either, there was only one was to dance to that--too close. She cursed her lack of modern pop music. Aha! Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

"Show a problem that a perfect soundtrack can't solve," she muttered.

The first song was slow and lazy, like a perfect southern night. Wes' arm encircled her waist loosely, their right hands clasped together as they spun around the deck. Johnny Mercer's music hung in the air, breeding romance. They bounced through the next, quick, song; when Wes dipped her at the end, they heard applause coming from inside the cabin.

"Very nice, guys," Wedge commented.

"Thank you, thank you; we've been practicing." Wes laughed.

Elizabeth yawned. "G'night Wes, night, Antigone."

"Night." They watched the couple retreat into the cabin, then Wes turned back to Antigone.

"I suppose I should let you get some sleep."

She shrugged. "I'm not really tired. I'll stay out here for a while."

"OK," he said agreeably, and drew her back to him. She swayed closer as another song played. Her hands rested against his chest as she gazed up at his handsome face. He caressed her back and stepped into her, so that they rocked together in a suggestive manner.

Antigone felt his hips grind against hers and closed her eyes, letting the sensation wash over her. Her hands moved around his waist and she laid her head on his chest, inhaling his strong, masculine scent, for the moment unaware of the effect she was having on the Rogue. His heart beat steadily against her cheek as he gently stroked her hair. He'd come to mean so much to her. Could she ever find another man like him; charming and sincere, playful and serious, strong and gentle? And if she did, could she want that other man so badly? Maybe he wouldn't be there forever, but wasn't it better to have one perfect night than a thousand nights of waiting?

Wes tried to think about slingball. He was as close as he could get to her with his clothes on, and she was driving him wild. He knew he ought to stop, send her on to bed, and take a cold shower while he still could, but the couldn't find the will to move. He kissed the top of her head and she looked up, searching his eyes.

He'll be gone in a few days... he can't give me forever.

Then her lips found his, hot and wanting, and she gave herself over to the feel of this man in her arms.

Her tongue traced his lips, parting them, and he let her lead. Her tongue shyly touched his, then retreated and let him do the same to her. He felt her heart pounding wildly against his chest and groaned when her hands moved hesitantly under his shirt to stroke his skin.

He reluctantly broke the kiss, then pressed his lips to her forehead. "Antigone..." he whispered, searching for the words to say he wanted her.

"Wes, I..." her voice trailed off and she looked down shyly. No, it might not be forever. But it would be worth it. Stepping back, she took his hand and pulled him back toward the cabin. He paused to retrieve the CD player, using the short distraction to calm himself.

Antigone tried to quell the fear that rose in reaction to this overwhelming desire. She knew there was no reason to fear Wes; he'd stop if she asked him to. She shut the bedroom door behind them and drank in his short, muscular frame. The need to feel him over her, inside her, took her breath, and her skin grew warm thinking about it.

He watched the color rise on her cheeks and neck, and closed the distance between them, enfolding her in a comforting hug. "I want to be with you," she whispered against his neck. "But I... I'm afraid..."

He caressed her cheek and raised her face to his. "This is a big step for you to take." His blue eyes softened. "But if you're certain, I promise you I'll be careful."

"It isn't that, not really." She looked down, then back up at him, and the depth of her eyes took his breath away. "I just..." her voice trailed off and she leaned against him, seeming to fight with herself.

"It doesn't matter," she whispered. "It only matters that you're here, now." Her mind made up, she kissed him deeply.

"I want to make love with you, Wes."

Her voice turned his name into something musical, and he kissed her again, loving the way she melted into his arms. He burned a trail down her neck, gently sucking the flesh into his mouth while one hand slid under her shirt to cup her breast. She shivered when his thumb teased the nipple through its lace covering, then she pulled away from him.

He looked up, startled. "I'm sorry, I..." She silenced him with a brief kiss, then tugged at his shirt.

"I want to see you," she murmured, lifting the garment over his head and tossing it to the floor. She ran her hands down his arms, over a tattoo of a strange creature that banded his right bicep. Smiling, Antigone brushed her fingers over the design.

"What's this?"

"It's a sav'r, a nasty lizard." His heart raced as her fingers traced the image, from it's spiked cranium to the scaled tail that wrapped around his arm and flicked up against the creature's snout. "I got it right after I joined the rebellion."

"It's very manly," she assured him, her lips twitching. He grinned and flexed his arms as she laughed. The mood was light, then, when she resumed her exploration, sliding her hands down his toned chest and following with her lips, tasting every inch of his skin. Wes sighed her name, surprised and pleased at her enthusiasm. She savored the salty, musky taste of his flesh and thrilled to hear the little sounds of pleasure he made when she found a sensitive spot.

Wes jumped when he felt her hand against his straining erection. Opening his eyes, he watched Antigone sink to her knees and deftly undo the closure of his trousers. It took all his will to stop her and pull her back up.

"What's wrong?" she asked anxiously.

"Nothing," he answered huskily. "Now it's my turn." He lifted her arms above her head and removed her T-shirt, dropping it to the floor. Antigone reached behind her and unhooked her undergarment, nervously sliding the straps down her arms, then letting it fall. Wes lowered his head, suckling the erect nipples, kneading the surrounding flesh until the girl whimpered and he felt her knees weaken. Recapturing her mouth, his hands slid inside her shorts, squeezing her backside. One forceful push sent the rest of her clothing to pool around her ankles.

Antigone stepped away, kicking the clothes to one side, and started to back toward the bed. Wes stood where he was, gazing hungrily at her. Suddenly she felt exposed, embarrassed, and she started to cover herself.

"Don't." He crossed the floor and held her arms away from her body. "You're beautiful." He stepped back and admired her soft, ample curves, then swept her into his arms and carried her to the bed. Laying her gently atop the sheets, he looked into her eyes and said seriously, "If you change your mind, tell me to stop."

She nodded and held out her arms. Reclining beside her, he kissed her tenderly while he began to explore her body. Her skin ignited wherever he touched her. His mouth left hers and followed the path of his hands, turning her gasps to moans.

One hand massaged her breast while his tongue tasted the other, teasing her nipple until her back arched and she cried out with need. He gave the second the same treatment, then raised up to watch her face when his hand first slipped between her legs.

Antigone felt his mouth leave her and started to open her eyes when she felt his fingers brush her curls. Instinctively, she thrust upward and parted her legs, allowing him to stroke her already glistening folds. She moaned when he kissed just under the curve of her stomach, then moved lower, his broad shoulders spreading her thighs farther apart.

Her hips bucked at the first taste of his mouth. His tongue delved between her nether lips, tasting her juices, breathing in her scent. His hands slid under her, kneading her buttocks and lifting her pelvis to his face. She writhed as his tongue probed deeper into her core, her breath coming in hitching gasps as she gave herself over to the pleasure coursing through her veins.

A scream tore from her throat when his lips brushed her nub. Wes flicked his tongue against it, drawing another strangled cry, then paused.

"Wes... please..."

He repeated the movement.

"Oh god... please don't stop..."

Once more.

She was in agony, squirming against him, begging him to continue the torture. Her hands clenched the sheet, twisting the fabric as she pleaded breathlessly. Wes chuckled, then his lips fastened on her and he began to suck, gently at first, then harder while his tongue brushed the tip every time she thrust upward.

She'd lost all capacity for coherent thought. She'd didn't care that there were people around who could undoubtedly hear her pleasured cries. She didn't know what Wes was doing to her, she only knew that he could keep doing it for a hundred years if he wanted, and she'd die if he stopped. There was no shame, only this unending pleasure that started at her core and radiated out to the tips of her fingers and toes and gods... even her eyelashes were on fire! Her eyes squeezed shut as she abandoned herself to it, sinking into the depths of ecstasy.

Wes felt her stiffen, then shudder and let out a long, low moan. He couldn't believe how she'd responded to him, turning into a lust-soaked wanton before his eyes. Rising, he kissed his way back up her body, then flopped down beside her, pulling her against him.

"Are you alright?" he asked, well knowing the answer.

"That was... unghhhhhhmmmm .... I had no idea." She shifted in his arms and felt his erection pressing into her stomach. Her hand brushed across it, eliciting a gasp from the aroused Rogue as she kissed his chest. She finished unhooking the closure and slipped her hand inside. He tensed and moaned into her hair. Gently, she freed his throbbing manhood, wrapping her hand around him and stroking slowly. His hips undulated as his breathing became labored.

Wes stood and removed his pants, then turned back to the girl sprawled on the bed. She didn't look away, but admired every inch of his body, from his sweet face and sculpted frame to the evidence of his arousal. She didn't know if it would be considered big, or small, or just average, she simply thought it looked very amusing and wondered how it could bring her the pleasure she'd so often read (and written) about.

Somehow, expressing that sentiment seemed inappropriate, so she sat up and took his hand, drawing him back onto the bed. He knelt in front of her and nuzzled her neck, nibbling the sensitive flesh while her hands ran through his unruly dark hair. He pressed her backward until she lay against the pillows with him propped over her, her eyes closed.

Wes gently stroked her hair. "Antigone, look at me." She obeyed and he saw the fear that still lingered in her eyes, but she trembled with desire when he touched her cheek. "Is this what you want?"

"Yes." No hesitation. She drew her knees up around his hips and kissed his throat. "I want you, Wes. Make love to me."

He kissed her tenderly and reached between them to position himself at her opening. She felt him enter her slowly. His mouth moved against hers, sucking at her lower lip. Something inside her tore, and she hissed as her eyes filled with tears. He paused and murmured against her lips, "Relax, sweetheart; just relax."

Atigone willed her muscles to ease and whispered "Don't stop, please. I'm alright." As she concentrated on the unique feeling of him inside her, the pain began to fade.

Wes stroked her clit, causing her to thrust upward and bury him deeper. She moaned quietly as the friction sent fresh waves of lust though her limbs. He moved slowly, fighting the urge to bury himself in her tight, wet cavern. She clutched his shoulders, then ran her hands down his back, raising her hips to meet his.

Her fingers brushed his face as she whispered his name, thrilling at the pleasure growing inside her. He was murmuring to her, sweet words that made her giddy and warm. She pressed down on his shoulders, trying to draw him closer, pleading with her eyes until her lay atop her, crushing her breasts between them. His pace quickened and she wrapped her legs around his waist, rocking with him as he plunged deeper.

His hands were everywhere, and his mouth was hot against her skin, driving her mad. She pressed her fingers into his back and cried out as he gave her pleasure she'd never imagined. Her thighs tightened around him and she threw her head back, moaning raggedly. Wes felt the pressure in his groin building. He buried his hands in her hair and covered her mouth with his, thrusting harder.

His cock tapped against her cervix, filling her completely, rubbing a spot deep inside that made her tense in anticipation. She rose higher, digging her fingernails into his back, then felt a liquid fire consume her, driving all thought from her head. Wes felt her sheath contract and spasm around him, and he spilled into her with an agonized moan.

Antigone lay limp and senseless for several long minutes, enjoying the weight of the collapsed Rogue covering her. Her breath caressed his neck, soft like the rest of her. Slowly, his body re-formed itself, yet still he felt weak in every limb. His brain instructed him to roll over, claim his side of the bed, and feign sleep. His body was content to lie melted over her, breathing in her scent, feeling her soft cheek against his. Wes nuzzled her neck, enjoying her quiet sigh, then noticed the semi-circle of marks on her shoulder.

His lips brushed over the blossoming bruise. "I'm sorry," he whispered.

"Mmm." She tightened her arms around him. "For what?"

"I bit you." What had he been thinking? He never lost control like that, never marked his partners.

"'Salright. I scratched your back to ribbons."

"Yeah. I felt that, you little vixen."

Chuckling, she drew her hands across his shoulders, feeling the strength of his muscles and wondering at the tenderness he showed her. His heart beat against her skin, its tempo matching that of her own as they slowed together. How could she feel so safe, so close to a man she hardly knew? It couldn't be love-- that took years to develop, didn't it? Surely it couldn't build in only a few days. And yet...

And yet she'd never felt so strongly for anyone.

Maybe it was a false emotion brought on by this new experience. Maybe it was natural to feel close to someone she'd been so intimate with. Maybe she was just lonely.

Or maybe she loved him, just a little.

Banishing that thought to the back of her mind, Antigone ran her fingers through his thick, dark hair and kissed his forehead. "Thank you for this," she murmured. "Thank you for making it beautiful for me."

Wes propped himself up on his elbows and looked down at her flushed face. "It's supposed to be," he muttered, and knew he was lying. It ran the gamut from pleasant distraction to mind-blowing sensation, but he would never have called it beautiful. He'd never known it to be until now.

Frowning, Wes stared into her smiling eyes and berated himself. Dangerous space, Janson. You're flying awfully close to the emotional sector, and you know how many mines are waiting there.

Cool air hit her skin as Wes rolled onto his back beside her. Bereft of his comforting warmth, Antigone shivered and reached for the covers, wondering what she'd done wrong. His eyes had gone so dark suddenly... Clutching the blanket to her chest as an embarassed flush warmed her skin, she glanced sideways to see him watching her with that strange, detached expression.

"Did I do something wrong?" she asked quietly.

Wes blinked. She looked wary, almost frightened. "No... why?"

"Because you... because...7quot; she gestured helplessly, then looked away. "Never mind."

Instantly contrite-- and not sure why-- Wes reached toward her and brushed her hair away from her face. "I thought I was crushing you."

Her shy smile made his chest tighten. He had no business being with her; he'd hurt her without meaning to. This was proof, wasn't it? He didn't want to completely disillusion her.. better to leave her for somone else, someone who could stay.

But the thought of another man touching her made him ill.

To banish the image, Wes pulled her toward him and kissed her forehead. She cuddled against him without hesitation, resting her head on his shoulder as she ran her fingers through the dark hair on his chest. What a puzzle he was, warm and gentle, then closed off. And now he was Wes again, stroking her hair, kissing her as he stirred again.

"Again?!" Blushing, Antigone realized that she'd spoken out loud.

Wes laughed and cuddled her close, running his fingers through her hair. "Again. And again, and again, and..."


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